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of the China, probably, will never get out of fashion. All this is classics, and the classics is eternal. Therefore if you choose porcelain for laying of a holiday table, you will not be mistaken.

should give Preference to white color: now it is favourite color of interior designers. Besides, the white ware is universal and approaches practically any cloth.“ “ Derogation from ideally white color the blue or gold border can be classical. The most important that your cups and plateaus were combined with other devices and among themselves: if the ware is decorated with gold, then on a table there have to be still some gilded objects.

the Real porcelain has to be thin and transparent on light. Quality porcelain usually happens faultlessly white color, and coloring is sometimes used to hide defects of ware.


faience was called Earlier just opaque porcelain: it thicker also does not pass light. But faience is stronger than fragile porcelain. Therefore it is better to choose faience ware as daily option, and porcelain will approach a holiday table more nevertheless.


Favourite is no time

all crystal quickly is forced out by more democratic and universal glass. Already, unfortunately, the massive crystal glasses and decanters decorated with relief drawing finally got out of fashion. It, of course, does not mean that it is necessary to rush to a sideboard and to take out all crystal acquired for many years. Just move away him till the best times - the fashion is changeable.

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If you want to show the distinguished aristocratic taste, put big glass glasses on a table. On them there should be no jewelry, and glass has to be completely transparent and not color. The matter is that the glass should not hide the contents, let will be visible color of wine and the fact that in wine there is no deposit. There is a legend that color glasses were invented by the unlucky French wine maker at whom muddy wine with a deposit turned out.

Of glass are done not only by glasses. It is quite suitable material and for plates. But with glass plates it is necessary to be careful and to carefully select a cloth so that it was combined not only with tableware, but also with contents of plates. For example, the ham which is spread out on a transparent plate will just merge with a cloth of pink color.

some designers suggest to give to

A tea in a transparent teapot.

Color glass is allowed by

for various ice-cream parlors, vases and konfetnitsa. And, of course, if you organize just friendly party, but not a solemn lunch, then color glass will be quite pertinent.


of the Fork, a spoon and knives have to be

completely metal. Handles from a tree and plastic consigned to the past. It is more preferable that devices had smooth handles, without any carving and convex patterns. In - the first, it is functional, it is easier to wash such devices, and in - the second, they are perfectly combined with any ware. The attention of designers is riveted on a form of devices. Spoons of strictly oval form and a fork with the shortened handles become fashionable.

A here plates and shot glasses from metal are rather just decorative objects. It is not recommended to put them on a table as ware.

Should make a reservation that all these recommendations concern the usual, not stylized table. Of course, if you decided to lay a “semi-antique“ table, you will suit massive carved candlesticks and silver forks with a convex ornament or even with incrustation. And you can serve drinks in the metal glasses similar to ancient cups.


the Plastic ware is very convenient to

of Plasticity. But it does not suit for solemn occasions. But it quite is suitable for youth parties and a children`s table. Children will like multi-colored plates and cups, besides the plastic ware does not fight.

Besides, plastic ware - remarkable option for giving and picnics.