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The culinary navigator for the manager of

During the working day it is possible to keep working capacity and not to gather extra kilos. To keep a precise mind and a slim figure, carrying out the working day at office, it is necessary to eat properly. Having dinner at small restaurant in the neighbourhood with firm or ordering food by phone, choose useful dishes, being verified with the culinary navigator.

At the Italian restaurant , ordering pizza, it is better to stop on its simple option (so, less fat and high-calorie) - “margarita“, “Neapolitan“, “four seasons“. Refuse a basis from puff pastry, smoked sausage with pepper, spicy sausages, fat and macaroni as a stuffing, a hot spice from vegetable oil with ground pepper. If in pizza there are not enough vegetables, order fried eggplants, salad from a bittercress or tomatoes (without mozzarella) in sauce vinaigrette.“ Paste carbonara“ and a lasagna with smetanny sauce are rather heavy for a stomach. Ask “paste on - Bologna“ or spaghetti with vegetables, having seasoned all with parmesan. For a dessert - fruit salad or ice cream. Disregard company Italian pastries - a magnificent rich roll which at the request of the client is filled with cottage cheese, chocolate or vanilla cream - too kaloriyno.

At the French restaurant are traditionally offered by many vegetables and stewed greens. The business card of French cuisine - the onions soup filled with cheese or leek potatoes cream soup. It is considered that both dishes aggravate mind and kindle sexual appetite, disposing to office romances. And here and to it a beefsteak with blood you should not order fried potatoes in hot fan - hard for a stomach! You will be sleepy then at office, damning nourishing food. Order ratatouille (vegetable stew with vegetable marrows, eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper), bouillabaisse or fish who is presented in the menu of the French restaurants in a big variety.

At east restaurant pass snack - here they are very fat. An exception - the couscous containing necessary amount of proteins, vegetables and starch. Order chicken, small sausages on a skewer or a shish kebab from mutton more vegetables. It is less than sauce (it for certain will be too sharp and fat) and east sweets. The reasonable choice - oranges salad, a ball of fruit ice cream, a cup of tea with mint.

At the Japanese restaurant are given a lot of proteinaceous food (pieces of meat or fish, sushi), but it is few vegetables. Soup or salad from sea cabbage - a maximum on which vegetarians can count. Choosing sushi, consider that this dish is brought with rice - it is not necessary to order a garnish separately. Behind a dessert it is easy to avoid temptations: everything that here will offer, are fresh fruit and fruit ice cream.

should give preference In the Chinese restaurant to the food steamed or on a grill. The excellent choice - chicken with pineapple, beef with ginger, combs in batter, shrimps or fish with a garnish from white rice and vegetables. It is possible to order salad from cabbage, soy and black champignons with boiled meat. For a dessert - exotic fruit. It is good to be verified with a calendar. The card of dishes of classical Chinese cuisine depends on a season. In Beijing each cook will tell that the food which is good for summer categorically is not suitable for winter, the spring menu helps to clear an organism, and autumn - to postpone stocks for winter.

In Russian restaurant e be limited to one sweet pancake and one - with caviar, meat or cottage cheese without sugar. Avoid the mixed proteinaceous stuffings (ham with mushrooms, fish or a liver with eggs). Ask to put inside a few vegetables or order a light salad. The sweet pancake can be sugared, sprinkled a lemon, to water with honey or fruit syrup, but only not hot chocolate is too kaloriyno. Mushrooms with potato in a pot in smetanny sauce can be ordered for lunch, but at supper it is not the best choice - the heavy food will not allow to close an eye. Ask a fish dish, for example, to potassium or fish solyanka. Kalya is a dense spicy fish soup from noble grades of fish on a cucumber brine. Solyanka prepares from several species of fish and a large number of vegetables and spices. Both dishes - literally a health concentrate.

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Avoid alcoholic aperitifs. Waiting for the order ask to bring still mineral water, tomato juice or lemonade.


only on one dish from each section of the menu (salad, more hotly, a dessert). Eat only until are really hungry.

Greasy and sweet food it makes to p sense prefer dishes, protein-rich (meat, fish, eggs). Instead of sausage order a piece of a smoked salmon (it is desirable without smetanny sauce) or an oyster. Seafood salad and small tartlets from a fu - a gra - the best choice, than couple of sandwiches.

Lean on vegetables - they are low-calorie. You can combine them with starch-containing products, but keep in mind: boiled potatoes are more preferable fried, the basil is more useful than some smetanny sauce as seasoning to macaroni.

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of cheese, it is quite enough several pieces with a green salad. For a dessert order something one - fruit salad, cottage cheese with raspberry, strawberry pie or at all refuse sweet, having limited to a small chocolate which you will be given to coffee.