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Traveling notes of the useless young lady. Part II

Part I

Women`s council “4 tangerines“

Well, tell in what four or the five it is possible to form so easily tusnyak? All have show off, ambitions, usually difficult people in communication. Here, in a two-room flat, the people turned out simple. Sometimes, even too. Our company was formed for several reasons - we came around in at one time and were carriers of one language and a floor. (I thought up the name when in one of dinners each lady, without arranging, brought 4 tangerines on a plate. And the name of the company was fixed.) Communicated usually in the afternoon on the beach and evenings at supper. Men did not take in the collective - even my husband. Exchanged impressions, gossiped - it was cheerful.

In passports we will not look, our youth is not the end

to Hypocrites not the place in Hurghada. Where there to Kutuzov with the strategy and tactics. Yes he is a child in comparison with some singles. Girls, having armed with cards, combed densely standing five-stars hotels in search of adventures on the fifth point. Who to earn additionally who at least to beat off permits. (Last year with us there - the young man living in one of Hiltonov back flew and told how mothers came with children, children at the sea, and - to work). The main thing for them not to run into “colleagues“ of an opposite sex. This good is enough as the there, and imported. According to stories of one aunt from women`s council - the personnel with unambiguous offers repeatedly taxied up to her.

In our hotel lonely men were, but interest, according to women`s council, did not represent. The man of years of fifty was the brightest representative. We nicknamed him “Macho“. Publicly he repeated the main credo of life - I will not spend for women kopeks. But there is no harm in trying - every day he tried to pick up young people and not really women (only I with it saw more than 20 - ti women). It taxied up to one and all, both to the guide, and to the young lady, and already to not the so young woman. You would see how ours “the little giant of big sex“ conducts conversation as it is gallant as he watches with what interest he listens to the interlocutor, - not the man, but the walking master - a class on charm of aunts. But on a sausage piece - it was its main bait, for some reason very few people agreed. Efficiency was nizkovaty, but once the miracle all - happened (we lived with it in the next rooms).

Here “Mashenka“ misses. Hi - hi, well, my coeval - let`s pass time on “you“. A figure - dream of the poet. The rest - on the fan. Her resort gentleman left. He was generous - left all money, presented a sweater. Well married tyotochka when it near their husbands topless span were also angry. But the daughter rejoiced, having seen additional capacities for milk. Mashenka loves good things, wants to buy a lodge. You look, “Macho“ taxis up to it. It seems, there will be a fight of titans. The darling, whether you wish to try “two kusochek of a sausage“? Yes, the road, but in the beginning let`s wander on shops. And give in the morning when we wake up - we descend. Did not agree... What there is not clear in the ticket? - departure time? - well give bear, I will look. Opanki and judging by date of birth, you are, to put it mildly, not my coeval, well it is fine, do not long, I will not tell anybody (kept the word).

the Second time I am crossed by

with the Petersburg teacher. They have even something the general is. One (about five years ago in Cyprus) waited when the traffic light is approached by more cars, and pressed for herself green light. Slowly as the queen, crossed the road... This time the teacher admitted to herself Arab a peahen, and only that approached her - it to it “to svidaniyets“. It is a pity, the beautiful novel was...

Here all 17 years, and all beauties. Arabs do not stint compliments, but by default consider all aunts dissolute. I sit in the lane, I nurse the daughter. Nearby children walk, see me, begin to play pranks, someone begins pulyatsya with small pebbles. The husband stands nearby, but I ask it not to interfere. At passing by local I ask protection - she talks to them, the situation is settled. And I know from where legs grow - six-year-old children hear talk of fathers, see their attitude towards women and already from the cradle belong also, hardly they can be blamed...

At me two very young Lithuanians communicated with the seller. Cheerfully, laughing, communicated. As soon as they for a threshold, it in English about them incurred it. Well, directly the fairy tale about a soroka - everything gave, and to it hapless - no. Did not agree - rubbish, agreed - too rubbish. It seems, understand these men.

And yes B sat on a pipe

Shopkeepers as if spiders they get out of the webs to entice production. Come, only look, quickly. Oh, and eyes that at you stryomnenky, you is similar, the brother, that, - in the other world you.

are simple and artless

of their trick. “I studied in Moscow (the cities can change), I have a wife from St. Petersburg, help to translate“. However, this time there was a svezhachok. “You will guess a riddle - a prize. What between heaven and earth?“ The husband told Egypt, I told the plane. Correct answer “and“. Uti our competent. But do not give my God to you to them to come. At them, you see it is accepted, time has come, means has to buy. And I - that think that it at it intonation changes with “be are kind“ on “you have to, you are obliged“. One clever man in general began to imitate me. Yes, roughly so, aggressively. But the open conflicts everything is better to avoid. It is possible to tell them bad words in its language (“emsh“ - “leave“ or “hara“ - “shit“), but in case of a fight in a police station you will appear, correctly, YOU, but not it.

Us all - was pinned

Restaurant the Gold dragon - the good place. (Except for acute angles at tables, the daughter ran). There even the cook from the Province of Sichuan (if to chat with him on - Chinese, will bring hot tasty sauce). But waiters there Arabs. With the daughter we study an interior, the waiter approaches me (not to the husband, I is far from it, it is an important detail).“ I correctly understood, you ordered it?“ - also shows me on my ice cream. “Yes“, - I say, still thought, the good fellow that specified. Brings frozen and another, next in the menu, a dish. I did not begin to make scandal, but next time we did not leave tip too.

They know Russian, well almost, well very much try. Here the guy trades in suitcases. He loudly shouts: “Approach, everywhere is cheaper“ - darling, well it is the reservation according to Freud.

“How much melon?“ - “4 pounds“. The careful head leans out of the next bench:“ I can agree for 5“. Well you are a hero... At them is not present, as at us, the concept “the regular customer-means, a discount“. On the contrary, you will come repeatedly, will wind even more. If you measure a thing - be sure, you will be tried to be oblapat, and, for your money (you pay money, and you are touched still, concern).

We made experiment here. Solved to the daughter a hat from beads to buy, with midgets - pendants. Walked on the next benches, asked: “How much?“ . In one place of 20 pounds, in another 50. Took with themselves 7 pounds. Came to the neighboring street, let`s come into benches that how many. It to us approximately these prices, and we to it, well, all right not on the cards, at us only 7 - and to us sold for 7.

to the Woman ice cream, to children flowers

Nearby Canaria cafe. There the daughter made friends with the boy Vadi. To climb together the improvised roof much more cheerfully. And all anything, but the father Vadi, the barker - the waiter, pathological the numskull. It will sometime ruin this institution. Likely, he is not dismissed from - for Vadi. It always confuses everything. I asked a grill, but not in batter (it is good that the price one). Yes, it is tasty, but I ordered another.

I go to the cook Next time at once. Here so at once. At the next table the unfortunate grandmother. Indeed - she asked dietary, not sharp, and you what brought, a block? To us potato, and it rice. You missed again. Squids a grill are good (here 20 pounds, at us on the beach 22. 5, but portions proportional).

Nearby old market - so to walk, and the prices are uninteresting. We visited a wedding and even found “A green door“ (the game room for children).

the Way home

we Fly back to Moscow. The delay - a strip is occupied hour, it is a lot of flights. For a charter it on - acceptable. Full plane of children. Behind the daughter`s coeval with not cured cold - yes, it will be sick it to fly up - ears will be strongly hurt... classics of a genre. By phone the father of family told someone that have a rest badly. Still - not every day the pleasure craft turns over. Well, children were not taken with themselves, and got off with a weak fright.

was lucky

With the neigbour, the young girl, loves children and the pleasant interlocutor - what else is necessary in flight? Reads the book. Out of the corner of the eye I see a library stamp and familiar figures. Well, it is necessary, - that took the book obviously in our area. Indeed. No, the world is not close, it - a day Moscow traffic jam. The population of Moscow + transit, and on one row...

we Gain height, turbulence - it is not strong, but to whom for the first time, it is quite enough... It is let twice out and we let in the chassis, and turbulence was not cancelled yet. The plane smoothly turns on the left. Well, I think, came in an emergency landing. The stewardess Tanya turns away from my look. There is one of crew members and with a small lamp goes on salon. I have a correction of the gained excess weight. I understood at once that to what - all - it wash 20 - y flight over the last 5 years. From fatality badly. Carried by, the sensor did not work, the team was reinsured.

of the Conductor - super. I always admired their endurance. They are fastened to manage to help if that... At them everything is always good. They do not need words, they communicate views. Tanya approaches neighbors ahead - you something wanted? Will bring me a blanket? There are no blankets, but I can clean garbage. The daughter looks in a window - as it is interesting - in the beginning we under clouds, then “in“, and then “over“.

we Sit down. All clap, I am stronger than usual.

We go home to a taxi. In total - 4 and a half hours are not enough to believe in reality of the events. Yes, it is not Hurghada any more though in the car warmly, and behind windows multi-colored fires. It seems that behind them the sea, that whose noise of a surf caressed two weeks ears. But it is Moscow - here slush and clouds behind which neither stars, nor planes are visible. Tomorrow I will be an alien - all such white and tired of holidays around, but it will be tomorrow.

I Dare to hope that lirichesko - satirical retreats I did not offend the heroes.

If questions are - set, I will answer. How I traveled with small when she was 9 months old, it is possible to read here (/pub/article. aspx? id=3893). There it is detailed about the first-aid kit, acclimatization, etc.

the Special request to journalists - the text without my consent not to use.