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Traveling notes of the useless young lady. Part I

Egypt, Hurghada (on December 24 - on January 7, 2006)

Actually the prospect was foggy, and idea almost utopian. With small (1 year 10 months) the child in two-star hotel - not everyone will be solved. What there numbers? What food? Service?

Besides after four stars (in Hurghada we several times were) morally it is difficult to p to fall. But New year - a high season, it is necessary to endow something... I in a year was so tired of monotony, so wanted to change scenery that cleaned all the pretentiousness deeply in a case. An alignment on a positive, a spirit - “everything will be normal“. Actually, so it also left.

the Carriage with ourselves we do not take

, instead of it a pot - this time it is more necessary. At the airport and the plane it to anything, and on the place very much was even useful.

Priorities - weather, the sun, air, the sea and proximity to it. It is possible to live in five stars or to buy a last-minute tour for $300, but if there is no good weather, rest will hardly work well.

of Fears reasonable and not really. First of all, category of hotel (legally at present it 2 * - it I specified on the place in the hotel) though on the Internet and even in our contract it went as three, and when obtaining the voucher, less than per day, it was called a two-room flat. The mood from it did not improve, and it was impossible to change something already...

to me it was deep all the same whether to plank beds towels will be given, whether there is in hotel a pool (to bathe the child in bleaching powder and nobody gathered in the company and it did not include in our plans). I will afford small retreat on a subject. In due time life brought together us with the professional swimmer. Then she in detail told, as well as than blueness what and how many is added to pools is reached. And we - that thought that we for small blisters appeared at the husband after stay in the pool?

the Airport in Hurghada

Russian - angry. It is noticed not by me. You that, a goat, well and that that you have on hands a child, stand and wait for the brands, you not dairy kitchen here. In a reptile, arrived for a week, and a show off on all three. Darkened in 15 minutes, in 17. 30 - evening completely took away the power at day.

we at once decided not to contact a transfer. In a network read that in Geisum deliver the last. Did not begin to tempt destiny why to torment small. $5 or F25 (as to whom it is convenient), and approximately in 15 minutes we on the place. As then showed poll “russo the tourist“ - indeed, all were delivered the last. Who in the bus had few people - it was lucky and who has a big bus - fasten - it is possible and to turn 2 hours on the city. The meeting plate, more precisely the girl with the plate, was warned, this standard gesture.


About food we did not worry, the benefit of restaurants fully, however, the prices in comparison with last year very strongly grew - on average, percent on 30. Local speak - it is a temporary phenomenon, after New Year`s holidays will settle down. We at all not supporters of system “all inclusive“ - it is not favorable. In practice there was all super - a puper. Fed densely, the choice, of course, not rich. A breakfast with 7 to 10, a dinner with 18 to 21. In the morning 3 types of pastries, cheese, a sausage - are tolerable, omelets, sweet vermicelli soup, a yogurt. Vegetables. If to water tomatoes of a yogurt and to salt, it will turn out salatik. Tea tasty, coffee - rubbish. I think, couple of packings of instant mashed potatoes left by someone will be a good indicator. Who got hungry, I report, stand in the right case near number 330, want to eat - take away, an expiration date 6. 9. 2006.

the Course to dollar - 5. 75, ruble exchange rate to pound - 5.

the Christmas dinner

U us the dinner entered a package of services - as tried, it was not succeeded to get rid. (The price for a dinner for the person) entered $30: holiday table - food, (in hotels where we were earlier - it is only a usual dinner). Show - the program - a standard set of numbers - belly dance, musicians and so forth. The prices of drinks during festive dinners were the following (specially praysik took) - tea, coffee - 1,5 euros, wine - 15. 5 euros, champagne - 25 euros, beer - 2,5 euros, a bottle (whisky, gin, vodka) - 29 euros, brandy and rum - 22 euros. Cocktail - 4 euros.

the Daughter in festive, sewed by mother, a dress. And made a crown - in a pot carried not to break. Local it, without ceasing, click. To them it is good, some even very much. What it at you in a hookah? We here guests. Well and in Italy also - local hang out, and tourists on a side. You have fun if you will be able. And we also can. Yes we do not become angry that Pugachyova was not written out. That the man you invite, no, thanks, me with the daughter and with the husband well. Well and why to the dancing aunt of money gave that pulled out me, a nikhachukh I. I will go to number, I will give to the daughter of milk also I will drink something.

the New Year`s dinner

Children, it is dishonest. Full repetition of the Christmas program. In the afternoon musicians on the beach beg, and here dresses pure put on. Both in a feast, and to the world, and in kind people.

Fruit sorted

in 10 minutes. It was necessary not to remove, and to gather food. French, Czechs. We with pleasure communicate with all, we have something to talk about. We are citizens of the world. Time 22. 50 - Russians run up according to numbers. Instead of the presidential speech the daughter monotonously sings “Kalinka“.


We were afraid that arrived end-to-end for Christmas dinner will try to flog number worse (who will arrange dismantling during a holiday?) . In advance it was decided not to give in without a fight - we wait below, and the husband goes, looks and if that he, changes at once. We even prepared just in case $10 if something happens to use as heavy artillery. Especially as, having arrived separately from group to taxi, we it seems as arise upon “additional milking“.

we Come - greeted, smiled, our daughter shows knowledge of Arab in number of two in advance learned words, apparently, we at the purpose. Yes, so it also is - the husband gives a green light after survey, “tyrant“ brings our baggage what receives the put tip for.

U us third floor. For the daughter it is useful, let once again and resembles, and will count steps. View of the sea. The linen in number was changed every day. The room was cleaned well. The refrigerator does not cool, and at once freezes. The conditioner works. All the rest is irrelevant. Cockroaches as on the second line (for example, in Sea View chosen by Lithuanians) was not.

the First week we left every day

on pound, day four to us regularly twisted swans and other figures of which for some reason the daughter very much was afraid. But every day of a figure became simpler. And then disappeared at all. (Surprisingly, the child noticed this fact, lack of figures afflicted her too. “Where?“ - asked the daughter, showing on accurately put towel.)

In couple of days when cold weather (+18 - 20 °C and wind) was replaced by heat +24 - 26 - 28 °C and above, to us mosquitoes flied. It is a pity that I remembered liquid “asterisk“ late. I smeared it according to all number. From muravyyov I got rid an aerosol. With all necessary cleaners leave a bucket on ladder top (I the lover to remove views from roofs). Why someone to ask, to me it is not difficult. Took with itself a children`s thermometer - to measure water and air. Water first days of 22 °C, then 24 - 26 °C.

the Story of the local resident

the Local Russian-speaking girl with the child (I manage every year to encounter the Russians living there and, naturally, I do not miss an opportunity to chat about life) told that cockroaches are not a limit, on the second line enormous rats run, and in capacities for storage of water there live tritons. She carries out every day disinfection of the room of the kid and the apartment, in particular.

are not celebrated Here by Christmas and New Year. This the most difficult for Russians. Poor people die here - medicine in Hurghada bad and paid. All diseases treat antibiotics, people often just do not leave an anesthesia... In Cairo and Alexandria experts it is better. Now Hurghada stays in decline, in comparison with last years - empty. It is not enough tourists - money a little. Local degrade - play about hashish, drink strange tablets. Obdolbannye, they are even more evil usual - in her opinion, locals very evil people, in Cairo people are much kinder. It found our promenade on the low-lit back streets risky.

the Beach

the Beach small, but had enough places to all. Boats were not, black oil spots too. I did not need to worry for the husband (in many hotels at the mooring full of vessels, and all the time the movement). The beach was cleaned several times a day. If to rise early in the morning, you will find a stork who catches a small fish in the sea. It arrived at 7 - 20 in the morning. He does not eat bread. Close to itself does not admit.

the Breakfast in the fresh air - rolls, cheese and a little mother`s milk - what can be better? The daughter cleans eggs - a useful occupation to her for hands, to us for fishing.

Mattresses was brought by beach personnel - for it we did not give money. The pool was in the next hotel, but, on my supervision, in it nobody swam. Seldom boys plaid about. This Sand Beach - three stars. Speak, the food and drinks from the street cannot be carried by, and it is possible for us.

the Moon, a cactus, the plane

the Daughter made the official statement - “the sea floats“. And nobody argues.

Oh, and cactuses, they than I am more than

, you are absent, more, than and even the father. Uu - yes, the plane flies, beautiful, the truth. Tangerines, here paradise grow in the yard. And it does not matter that a swing needs painting, from it they do not cease to swing you. In the evening in the sky the moon smiles and many stars are visible. Here streets clean the vacuum cleaner, and gasoline costs 3,5 rubles for liter. Here even crows croak with the Arab accent.

the Dream

Came. From an overeating (and at the same time) dreams both izvrashchyonno - a gastronomic dream. There was a wish for human flesh. I for some reason together with a baba-yaga got to a bicycle stopper. Some man gives me a lot of grandmas and tickets (type, to Canary Islands). The husband carefully reminds: “Wedding rings will be necessary for you“. - “Yes it went“, - I say, - “I love you. Let`s give it everything with the world“. - “Yes it will not get rid of you, you, probably, with it already that...“ - “Nothing not that, I got stuck in a traffic jam, I have a witness, a baba-yaga“.

did not begin to wait for

of Dismantling - woke up. Embraced the husband, kissed. My God, it is good - that as.

the Sea

so big Sea, mother, you will emerge soon? And, I see, I see. No, thanks, to you there is no wish yet, here the father of a crab found. What corals beautiful, no, with ourselves we will not take them, let the sea be decorated. Only our people can guess to take something similar to a plant and to sell on the Birdie to aquarians as a rare species for a fantastic sum. What there in networks? A squid - hey, do not splash. Interestingly, it washes off? And how many in you it? Already I press the tenth time you, and you not pros in any way... - you will not come to an end, generally. And it who, really fish - a sphere? Around such mares float, and a tuna, and I do not know this how many them! In vain I took so many eggs.

our father is a hunter, catches fish in the morning. Instead of a rod a small piece of the broken wooden ruler, a sinker, hooks. It catches it under water with a mask and a tube. Some were not too lazy, brought with themselves our Russian worms. We did not become. Caught on bread, egg, sometimes on a piece of an octopus - at restaurant will give. I caught too. You drag it and you think - will break or not, try, prove that at you on a hook was in - from such fish.

Happened, you will freeze already, all you shiver, the hook shakes, the small fish also is glad to peck, but does not get. And so I liked this occupation, I solved the test for fishing to get. I approach the man, already famous on alcohol, and I ask it, so, from far away: “You do pastries or imported?“ . The answer was given minutes through five. He approaches our women`s council with cake and speaks to me - only for you, I can cheap sell. It was necessary to open cards and to tell why was interested.

Once the husband flew into a rage. Some old geezer who on all signs obviously drove out of mind, but in flippers (appearance of a baba-yaga, but not ironed carnival costume hides an underwater suit and flippers) approached a package of a catch, opened it and let out small fishes. It was a pity for a birdie. And we - that thought that it is necessary to be afraid only of Arabs. I did not begin to touch a suit and flippers - suddenly she hired them. But for attempt at a private property of Yaga it was punished (a secret as).

we gave

In a voluntary order for preparation in restaurant funtik, and even took sometimes beer for 10 pounds, but soon appetites at restaurant grew. In the beginning they tried to inspire in us that the fish caught by us is inedible, and soon just brought the receipt. The first point - service, 8 pounds + 12% a tax for service. Then the husband tried to agree personally with the cook for a half of this sum, and the cook agreed, but he was quickly got to the core by the administration. Tomorrow, speak, pay all sum.