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How to manage to make everything and in time to finish the working day of

not to appear in captivity at own carelessness, it is more expedient to finish work in the same hour and in parallel to finish the working schedule so that to increase productivity of the activity. We offer seven simple changes.

Organization of the worker is always shown by

in how it finishes the working day. It is just amazing as sometimes people save the time - arrive on time for work, manage to be prepared perfectly for a planning meeting in 10. 15, know when where and with whom they should have dinner why they need to be at conference in 14. 45 what to wait from conversation with the client in 16 for. 30.

the whole working day accurately is divided

At such workers into components, however, there is no exact instruction when to leave a workplace. If you do not trust me, then glance in the daily log and look for the Home! point there .

U me complaints to hours-long work and lack of balance between private life and professional duties were always surprising.

Undoubtedly, for this problem very simple decision is: to define hour of going away from work and it is strict it to adhere. However, it will create new problems rather, than will solve old, - especially if you leave work, without having finished important issues. Eventually you will appear in captivity at own carelessness. It is much more expedient to p to finish with

work in the same hour, but in parallel to improve the working schedule to increase productivity of own activity. I offer seven enough simple changes.

  1. you Come a bit earlier

Everything very simply. Time you wish to go home in time, come to work beforehand. Why nobody thinks of it? Before arrival of the others it is possible to make very much. A situation for work ideal. Nobody distracts your attention - silence, any phone calls, any morning tea drinking and talk on a yesterday`s match.

If the similar commotion begins

about 10 hours, then you should come in 8. 30 - then these will be an hour and a half as fruitful as three - four hours at the height of the working day. Only present when it is possible to leave home at such productivity.

  1. Densely close a door

the Closed door not a sign of offishness or hostility at all. More likely, this certain obstacle which will force your colleagues to think twice before intruding upon your leisure. For sociable people densely covered door separates effective work from empty turmoil.

  1. Avoid excess movements

Some cannot give also ten minutes to the colleague, but will readily depart on the one and a half hour meeting promising the favorable order or the client. I guess about the reasons of such behavior. Possibly, such people just want to change scenery. Or it seems to them that daily flights to and fro increase importance of the questions discussed at a meeting.

What, actually only some situations demand an urgent departure - as a rule, the issue can always be resolved by phone.

Ya I do not want to belittle value of personal contact at all. Nevertheless situations of desperate haste when terms rigid and it is necessary to work immediately, are familiar to everyone. But also in such cases everything follows - properly to think before buying the ticket for the next flight. For certain something can be settled, being on a habitual workplace. Having refused two - three trips, you with advantage for business will win twenty five - thirty hours.

  1. to yourself the deputy

Often people spend unfairly a lot of time only because they have no reliable assistant who would share working burden with them and in case of need rose at a wheel. Many consider themselves irreplaceable, all do personally, without trusting anybody. Preparing for two-week holiday, work nearly till midnight and without days off if only to finish everything before departure. It is familiar to you?

Such approach is inefficient

and causes in me only a smile. Irreplaceable people are not, and there will always be a person to which to perform work on forces for you. Meanwhile many just do not realize the need for the deputy or do not try to find that. Speaking about the deputy, I mean not the so personal assistant or the subordinate to whose shoulders it is possible to shift freight of routine and burdensome duties. The companion capable during the most intense periods of work to lend a shoulder or to replace you during absence (to such colleague you is necessary more likely and would pay back the same).

it is much more difficult to p to Find the corresponding candidate, than just to transfer part of the duties to another. However, and such method helps to save time considerably. In many respects he reminds creation of partnership in collective from which benefit is estimated free time.

  1. that you can cope better with the duties

Very often people do not understand that became more skilled and do the work much better, than earlier. Nevertheless they still spend a lot of time for those tasks which can be executed much quicker now.

In comparison with the recent past now I without special work contact the necessary people, I hold meetings twice quicker, I manage to dictate more letters and to hold more negotiations on phone. And when at me near at hand all modern means of communication, bargains are concluded literally instantly. Increase of productivity is a consequence of the saved-up experience.

It is amazing, but many do not realize the advantages got thanks to age and experience. Rates of work of such employees remain at the level of five - or ten-year prescription. As though time stopped and years did not bring anything new.

such simply I do not accept

Ya. If you time from time perform work better, it is necessary to do it in more short time. It is necessary to adhere to this principle and when carrying out meetings and negotiations, and when writing letters. If you still spend for it as much time how many a few years ago, you just deceive yourself, and the similar delusion for certain will prolong your working day.

should work as
  1. At work

Among my acquaintances there is a contributing editor of one nu - the York magazine. It has to keep a certain section and time a month to write article of one thousand words. Whatever day off I called it, he always sits at office at this article. For many years there was no exception. I somehow took an interest whether it grieves it to lose days off from - for some article.

- Oh, I hate all this! - the answer followed.
- So why you will not write the material within working week? - I asked.
- At me all the time leaves on meetings, business lunch, telephone negotiations and work with authors.

On my supervision, most of office workers differ in not concentration. On a workplace there are a lot of distracting factors that for real affairs just there is no time - from work there is one name.

be not exchanged by
  1. for trifles

For certain there were cases when you proposed efficient, in your opinion, and the management forced you to check their expediency. The chief wanted to know about project dates of performance, about the number of the attracted partners and, of course, about the forthcoming profit. Answering the questions posed, you gradually arrived at idea of too big expenses and insignificant profit.

Heads for this purpose also exist to decide destiny of projects. At the same time they help subordinates to understand that the spent time, efforts and material resources have to pay off. Each idea demanding considerable expenses, especially temporary has to make at realization and notable profit.


the similar law works for your personal time. People who manage to do everything including to leave in time work, never grab each new idea, the contract or the client. They are very picky and can refuse “a favorable opportunity“ in case the game is not worth the candle. Fear of difficulties here at anything. Such people recede, expecting unproductive expenditure of forces.

In business needs to recognize deadlock projects and to be able to refuse them. Only having gained this skill, you will finish the working day in time.

of the Trifle too require attention

So, we live during an era of huge speeds. Everything changes incredibly quickly around. We, naturally, have to in accelerated to carry out daily tasks too. We need to keep up to date. There are eleven councils which will help you to quicken the pace.

At once answer with
  1. questions by phone

Many do not hurry with the answer when address them by phone. Such manner always caused bewilderment in me. In the world of prompt changes it is impossible to allow any hitches. It is impossible to leave phoned without answer while you resolve other issues. Only the correct answer is an immediate answer. Nobody, of course, is necessary near a stop watch, but you have to understand that everything changes immediately. Until you deign to answer, your information can already lose value. Then you not only will pass irresponsible, but also will lose value.

Call back to
  1. on the same day

In any business, especially in work with clients, such behavior is very important. It not only shows all your efficiency, but also signals other person that you appreciate it and show care of it. The timely reciprocal call will relieve you of need to think constantly about same and will allow to direct energy to the solution of other questions.

you do not tell
  1. by phone long

This council is connected with previous. Limiting telephone conversation by five (or less) minutes, you not only you win time for other calls. It is accelerated your work. And people around begin to work more actively, trying not to lag behind you.

Some are proud of the fact that they personally answer by phone and always are on the place. It in itself, of course, is laudable. However time you are ready to answer each call, your schedule will depend on any who has your number.

Davny - long ago when I not so strictly monitored the schedule, I decided that it is better to call most, than to answer others calls. Eventually in that my duty also consisted. But it was more expedient to be ahead of them and to make a call most. As a result my working day became more ordered.

Learn to refuse to
  1. and be not confused

there are people just incapable to refuse any request. They are always ready to help, without hesitation to render service. Certainly, in it there is nothing bad. Any firm needs sympathetic workers.

Nevertheless such complaisance can do much harm. As a rule, ready to help workers - the most not collected. They just do not know, their powers how far stretch and in what their duties consist. As though on a back they pasted an inscription:“ You can break my schedule how many to you will take in head“. And it is no wonder that colleagues with hunting load them with work. So whom you will choose? The one who always agrees, or the one who is capable to tell “no“?

do not delay
  1. apologies

Sometimes people need too much time to recognize own mistake. For beginners in general it is characteristic not to doubt the actions. When they suddenly realize that they are guilty, and then do not hurry to correct errors. Pull to the last (the thought causes to ask forgiveness for many horror). Wait for a right moment that all procedure was for them as less as possible painful. And all this time of people whom they offended remains in private with the hurt pride. And all this time business stands still. The longer you delay apologies, the it is more at others than offense and negative emotions.


Always recognize own wrongfulness. If you offended someone, ask forgiveness. Rather you will make it, the quicker it will be possible to move further.

  1. Have dinner quicker

to me, as well as everything, the quiet, slow, magnificent three-hour meal is pleasant. However today most of business people appreciate not the so gastronomic, but social party of lunch or a lunch. The warm atmosphere of good restaurant, friendly tone of conversation, and also an opportunity to continue acquaintance and to develop business relations is pleasant to them. And here the food irritates them. They order salad or not to lag behind hungry partners, two portions of some snack. They bypass and a dessert.


to you council: have dinner quicker. Why to spend two hours for business which can be solved for an hour with small?

  1. Make meetings shorter

Meeting, as well as any other action, demands time. If it is possible to reduce telephone conversation or a lunch, then and quite really to hold meeting quicker. Also do not forget: nobody for it will blame you.

Begin to work with
  1. immediately

Between decision-making and its embodiment in life there is a gap in time. I constantly see to that proofs. People meet that to solve something. The decision is made, but there pass three or four weeks before someone undertakes its realization. Why does that happen, I do not know. The same delay is observed at the answer to a question. If you want to make good impression on the administration, carry out its decisions immediately. I believe, heads will be pleasantly surprised by such sense of duty.

  1. you Hurry with gratitude

the Simple rule: impression of your gratitude in inverse proportion to time for which expression of gratitude was postponed. The longer you postpone appreciation expression, the smaller impression will be made by your words. In certain cases, when passed already a lot of time, it is better not to send thanks at all. So, do not pull. Thank as soon as possible.

  1. that 90 percent - are enough

If on performance of a task two days instead of one leave, for certain excess day is required on bringing result to perfection. People try to carry out a task for all 100 percent whereas actually it is enough also 90 percent.

Somehow the familiar music lover showed me a stereosystem worth 100 thousand dollars. Sound, of course, tremendous, but whether it was necessary to spend such money? Really the qualitative stereosystem for the smaller sum strongly differs?

- All ask me this question, - my acquaintance answered. - The ten-thousand equipment would sound ten percent worse, but the few would catch a difference. The commitment to excellence increases cost. Each percent of quality costs about 10 thousand dollars.


In business the similar rule works. The aspiration to an ideal in work turns in what you spend days, and even weeks of precious time. I decided for a long time that I will sort 100 letters and to give all the best for 90 percent, than for 100 percent to sort 90 letters. It is better to answer one hundred people, than to pass ten questions. To Otshlifovyvat the report to gloss of diamond hardly it makes sense.

  1. Reports have to be short

Laconic reports - the benefit for all. And the one who writes them and the one who reads save time.