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Recipes from the Snow Maiden. How to look after skin in the winter?

In our climatic zone winter - time of serious tests, first of all for skin: continuous differences of temperatures, alternation of dry air in rooms and cold wind on the street - all this conducts to a peresushivaniye and according to skin dehydration. Besides, the metabolism worsens, food of skin is broken, its elasticity is lost; pregnancy quite often leads to what is temporary, in connection with hormonal changes, the skin type changes (usually it becomes to the land). Often in the winter skin becomes unnaturally pale, sluggish, the peeling or irritation appears. Therefore it needs especially careful and sparing leaving.

Clarification of skin

All rules of traditional clarification of skin twice a day remain in force, only consider that it is necessary to wash not later than for an hour to an exit to the street in the morning. And when there come hard frosts (temperature lower - 15 °C), replace washing with wiping of the person the cotton wool moistened in a cosmetic milk.

Mechanical cleaning by means of a srub or a gommage 1 is recommended to do

to time not thicket in a week, and for dry skin - time in ten days as skin at the same time receives strong influence and can answer with red spots and burning.

Food of skin

Day nutritious creams put

on a face (including under powder) as protection in 30 - 40 minutes prior to an exit to the street. It is better to give preference to the creams containing such fats as lanolin protecting skin, sirens, glycerin, vitamins C, E and A in the winter.

skin and lips is Especially vulnerable a century

in a frost. On centuries it very thin, in this area withering processes therefore a century food and toning are constantly necessary for skin begin quicker. The following actions are effective.

  • in the Morning and wipe skin around eyes with ice pieces from the milk half divorced water in the evening.
  • Impose contrast lotions on the covered eyelids: warm - from milk, and cold - from a sage (1 h to fill in a spoon of leaves 1/2 glass of boiled water, to insist 2 - 3 hours, to filter).
  • Begin
  • with warm lotions, finish cold. In total it is necessary to make 5 - 6 alternations every other day before going to bed within a month. And for the night you apply on eyelids cream with addition of camphor oil.
  • with
  • to slow down emergence of “goose pads“ about eyes, drive in a small amount of almond or olive oil into skin around eyes before going to bed. In 15 minutes blot skin with a napkin.
  • Simple means against bags under eyes: drench two single bags of tea with boiled water, cool a little, and then for 10 minutes put on eyes.

of the Lip in the winter often are weather-beaten: there are cracks, inflammations. Therefore do not forget about special nutritious creams - contours and lechebno - preventive balms for sensitive zones. In winter time it is better to use fat lipsticks or gloss.

Moistening of skin

Still a popular belief that it is impossible to apply the moistening means from in the winter - for the fact that the water which is contained in cream freezes and the formed microsmall pieces of ice can injure skin. Modern cosmetologists claim that in the winter face skin it is possible and it is necessary to humidify, especially in connection with its drying under the influence of weather. Skin cannot “ice over“ because the latest moistening means contain not water in pure form, and means which repair and strengthen a fatty barrier of skin, - as a result the effect of moistening goes due to internal intake of moisture and its preservation in the connected look on average a skin layer, and also interfere with evaporation of liquid from a skin surface. These are creams which part are 2 ceramides which transport in a substance term, connecting moisture (hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, series).

Any means containing water (the moisturizing creams, voice-frequency means and so forth) it is necessary to apply on skin not later than for an hour to an exit from the house!

Protection of skin

If is necessary to

long walk, and on the street a hard frost and wind, then face skin needs to be protected from an obvetrivaniye and frostbite by means of special creams from bad weather and sports creams - they are on sale in drugstores. Cream for protection against cold possesses the heat-insulating properties. There are also creams protecting from wind and bad weather which are put over cosmetics. Besides, being in the winter in the country, you remember that when sunshine are reflected by snow as magnifying glass, it is impossible to do without light-protective cream (with a factor of protection at least 15).

Additional care of skin

In winter time should be found for

more attention to masks - nutritious and vitaminized which apply 2 - 3 times a week.

the Cottage cheese mask


2 spoons of fresh cottage cheese, pound with a crude yolk and several drops of peroxide of hydrogen. Weight has to turn out without lumps and not too dense. Put it on a face and a neck. In 10 - 15 minutes wash away a mask cold water. Such mask recovers skin, does it is lighter a little.

Well moisten with

mask skin from juice of vegetables and fruit, for example apple (gruel from polished apple) or potato (gruel from polished crude potatoes).

here recipes of masks which moisten skin and at the same time feed with

A it.


- an oil mask for dry skin

Fruit juice (apple, a lemon, grapefruit) - 2 h a spoon;
1/2 of a crude egg yolk;
fat cottage cheese - 2 h a spoon;
vegetable oil - 1 h a spoon.

having Carefully pounded

, mix the ingredients given above and put the received gruel on a face. You hold a mask of 20 minutes, then wash away and apply nutritious cream.


- an oil mask for normal skin

the Egg yolk (crude) - 1 piece; glycerin - 1 h a spoon; apple (polished) - 1 piece

the Kefiric mask for normal skin

Kefir - 1 tablespoon; oat flour - 1 tablespoon.

the Kefiric mask for fat skin

Kefir - 1 tablespoon; cottage cheese - 1 tablespoon.

Apple - a proteinaceous mask for fat skin

the Wiped apple - 1 piece; (crude) - 1 piece

Ingredients of masks mix egg white and put on a face. All masks hold 15 minutes, then wash away cool water.

the Winter is time when it is possible to carry out with the greatest advantage improvement of skin with use of various cosmetic vitaminized serums. At the expense of the content of active agents in big concentration and ability of serums to get into deeper layers of skin these preparations strengthen action of the applied masks and creams. Several drops of serum are applied on the cleared skin under a mask or under cream in the morning or in the evening.

Emergency measures

If nevertheless skin reddened and inflamed, she will be calmed by such compresses.

At first prepare for

of the Cone of hop by

broth: 3 - 4 tablespoons of small cut cones fill in with water, bring to boiling, insist 20 - 30 minutes and filter. The hot compress from broth is held on carefully cleaned face of 5 - 7 minutes every evening.


Broth: 2 tablespoons fill in with boiled water, insist 20 minutes and filter. Contrast compresses from broth change 3 - 4 times: hot hold 2 minutes (they should not be burning) cold - 1 minute (should not be ice).

Sea-buckthorn oil


Oil is applied on the skin sites damaged by a frost, surplus is removed a napkin. Procedure is carried out in the evening. It is possible to use pharmaceutical oil, it is possible house.

Oat flakes

If skin began to be shelled by

strongly, 2 - 3 tablespoons of the warmed-up vegetable oil mix with small ground oat-flakes, apply on skin and roundabouts mass within 2 - 3 minutes, then wash away warm water. It at the same time peels and nourishes skin.

Winter to you beauty and good health!