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Unforgettable birthday. The holiday in kindergarten of

As quickly flies time... Here and your kid became year more adult. Its birthday, the touching and concerning holiday for any mother approaches. There is a wish to please the baby, to present it the most desired gift, to arrange the most cheerful holiday. But how to be to parents of the little fidget if he does not want to be limited to several guests? If he by all means wants to see all group of kindergarten because all children without exception are his best friends on the holiday?

to you it is difficult to em to present to

that your not really big apartment will accomodate in itself twenty little robbers, for a holiday outdoors not a season, and to hold event in children`s club there is no opportunity? An exit is! Organize birthday of the baby in kindergarten. Such type of holidays becomes more and more popular now. It and is clear. In - the first, in a garden there is a mass of opportunities and space for children`s fun - is where to clear up.

In - the second, does not have need to conduct negotiations with parents of guests: the holiday will take place during stay of kids in a garden, and parents will take away them in usual time. And if such option seems to you the most acceptable, our councils will help to avoid possible mistakes and to make birthday of the baby rather cheerful and memorable.

With what to begin


Preparation of a children`s holiday begin

with conversation with the teacher. In each kindergarten the traditions of celebration of birthday are started. In one gardens he is marked out rather modestly, being limited to distribution of candies and tea drinking, in others - solemnly, with assignment to the birthday man of a title of the hero of the day. If you decided to arrange for the kid and his friends the real holiday by own efforts, discuss highlights of its carrying out with the teacher, discuss that can be done and what is impossible. It is better to make it for few weeks to the outlined celebration. Then you will have enough time that introduce necessary amendments in the plans Well to get the help and support of the teacher, one that will be not so simple to cope with twenty cheered-up peanuts to you.

decide by

on date and time of carrying out a holiday In advance. If birthday of the kid fell on day off it is possible to celebrate it on Monday. Most often in gardens it is accepted “to be treated“ after a breakfast or a lunch. But if we speak about a full-fledged holiday, it is better to carry out it after a day dream. You will have a couple of hours. Just it is enough for t go that the children have perfectly fun was not too tired. And then kids and the birthday man full of impressions will send home.

Gifts and presents

Birthday gifts in each garden have the features too. Most often, the parental committee raises money and buys to children identical gifts which are handed “from a garden“. It can be toys (different for boys and girls), sets for creativity (a hand-made article from plaster, a mosaic, stained glass paints, an embroidery, etc.) various puzzles, board games, puzzles, etc. It is undesirable to give to preschool children of the book. Children are still too small to appreciate such gift. And here even the simplest toy will be by all means desired. Happens that parents buy a gift for the stipulated sum, and the teacher hands it from all group.

It is remarkable if gifts to birthday men in group can be done by the hands. If is not present, talk about it to the teacher. On one of occupations that kid who will have a birthday soon can suggest to draw drawings as a gift. Let it will be the most beautiful flowers, either sweet candies, or unusual animals, or the very best cherished dreams. And it is possible to give also a collective gift: one big picture, application or a collage with photos of all kids of group. And, maybe, with your light touch such tradition will get accustomed in kindergarten. It not only creative work for kids, but also a lesson of kindness and generosity. It is pleasant to receive gifts, but it is not less pleasant to create them and to give.

do not forget to prepare for

presents and for all little guests. Of course, kids understand that today the birthday man receives gifts. But children are children. And that the holiday was successful wonderfully well, please all present kids with surprises. It can be small toys, sets of pencils or pieces of chalk, notebooks, stickers, whistles, various knickknacks, paper “uvulas“, etc. They can be put in bright bags, having added some candy and to hand to kids at the end of a holiday. And it is possible to use as prizes in games and competitions. In this case you watch that prizes were won by all means by all children. Well and, of course, give to each kid on a balloon as keepsake of a holiday. It is possible with the autograph of the birthday man.

we Decorate with


to create the atmosphere of the real holiday, think of decoration of group. Be not frightened, from you abilities of the set dresser will not be required. Even ten balloons can provide high spirits. And what children`s holiday without balloons? Balls - surprisingly joyful thing for kids. Especially now, when they can be found any flowers, the sizes and forms. Stock up with this inflatable miracle and, having agreed with the tutor, hang out balls in group. It is good to take someone from friends or relatives to itself in assistants. It is possible to decorate group in day of a holiday during a day dream of kids. It will be for them a surprise. And it is possible to hang out balls the night before when children leave on walk and any more will not come back to group. Then the holiday for your kid and his friends will begin directly since morning.

Over an entrance to group can hang up the bright poster with an inscription “Happy birthday! “. And if there is time and desire, in advance make with the baby of a garland of color paper: bright stars on long threads, paper tags, figures of animals and little men. They will perfectly add jewelry from spheres. It is very important that the birthday man felt this day the importance that he also is the hero of the occasion. Attach the most beautiful ball to its locker, and in “the birthday man`s corner“ hang up the photo of the baby. If there is no such corner in a garden, it is simple to make it most, having ornamented a clean sheet of a Whatman paper drawings and congratulations and having done cuts where the photo is inserted. It is very probable that from this day in this corner will appear the photo and other birthday men. Friends of the kid for certain will like the newspaper devoted to the hero of the occasion. In it there can be interesting and ridiculous photos of the baby, collages of your kid together with heroes of favourite animated films and free space where everyone will be able to leave to the birthday man a mark for memory: to draw drawing, to lead round a palm, to put a fingerprint, previously having coated it, to write the name.

Eight pies and one candle

Conversation on an entertainment special. It is no secret that kids spend at the holiday table at least of time, preferring to a feast outdoor games. But from the concerning moment of a zaduvaniye of candles, nobody will refuse. And here the hitch also turns out. In many kindergartens it is forbidden to bring cakes on birthday. If this ban extends only to house pastries, the problem is solved by purchase of cake. Only give preference biskvitno - to fruit cakes and avoid pastries with oil cream. If cake cannot be brought in general, talk to the teacher, than parents of other birthday men usually treat children. Various cupcakes, rolls, biskvitik, cakes, wafers in individual packing are convenient, i.e. those which do not need to be cut and can just be distributed to kids. Usually it is not forbidden to bring cookies and candies. Only do not buy chocolates. And in general it is better to exclude chocolate in any its kinds. Someone from children can have on it an allergy. It is better to buy qualitative caramels, fruit jelly, a zephyr.

“neutral“ fruit Will have by the way: apples, bananas, grapes. They can be laid out on a big dish, previously having cut on pieces and segments. Do not forget about drinks. Better if it is not aerated water, but natural juice in packages. It is possible to treat each child with a small bag of juice of a straw. But it will be not enough of it. All the same it is necessary to have for emergency additional drink. For a children`s holiday, especially when it takes place outdoors, it is convenient to use disposable tableware. It will facilitate life and to you, and the nurse. Stock up with color paper plates, glasses, spoons and napkins.

A as all - to be with a zaduvaniye of candles? It is possible to leave, of course, this action for a house holiday with relatives. But why not to please the baby twice? If cake understandably on a sadikovsky holiday is absent, it is possible to lay out the cakes or cakes made for an entertainment on a dish, to decorate them with necessary quantity of candles and to present to the happy birthday man, without having forgotten to count previously candles together with kids. And if cake for a holiday everything is is allowed, decorate it also special pass - fireworks. Here pleasures - that will be at children!

In some kindergartens celebration of birthdays has the rituals and traditions. For example, the birthday man is seated in the special “birthday“ chair stylized under a throne. This day he is congratulated and not only companions on group, but also children, and tutors from other groups celebrate. Each group comes with the performance, singing the song or dance for the birthday man. But whether also we can use this experience? I think, quite. What prevents us to drape one of chairs in group with the bright fabric embroidered by paper stars, to decorate it with balls and tinsel? But your kid will sit at a holiday table as the real king. It is possible to build a crown also. Or to hang up an honourable medal on a brilliant ribbon. And if the teacher warns kids about the preparing holiday in advance, then everyone will be able to prepare the performance in honor of the birthday man: to tell for it a rhyme, to sing a song or even to dance.

the Help of professionals

Now more and more popular becomes to invite to children`s birthday of professionals - animators who, on the one hand, will amuse children with another - will give the chance to mother a little to have a rest and participate in a holiday as the viewer. In kindergarten such option is very convenient for carrying out birthday of the kid. In - the first to entertain not 5 - 6 kids, but the whole group to one mother it will be difficult. And, in - the second, in a garden, unlike the apartment, there is a lot of free space. And, so is where to be developed and arrange various outdoor games, relays and competitions.

But that the invited actors did not disappoint you and the kid, it should be taken into account some moments. The agencies and the companies arranging various holidays, great variety. But it is always better to address to the checked firms, than to work at random and to run into nonprofessionals. Talk over with friends, acquaintances, fellow workers. For certain among them there will be those mothers or fathers who already organized for the remains festive show with animators and were satisfied. Use their experience. It is better to order the festive program in advance, weeks for two, and even a month before birthday. Be not too lazy to meet actors, to watch photos (and it is even better than video) their performances. Discuss the program and duration of a holiday, the general scenario, the number of children. Do not hesitate to introduce the amendments and offers, considering wishes of the little birthday man. If you in a stock have interesting games and ideas, share them with actors. And by all means phone on the eve of a holiday once again to specify time, the place and other technical details.

Remember that when the number of kids passes for ten, animators there have to be at least two. Programs where one actor conducts a holiday are interesting, and the second - therein changes clothes in different suits. Ordering the program, consider age of the birthday man and his guests. Cases when three-year-old kids are frightened clowns are frequent. Result - the spoiled holiday with tears. Therefore it is one third anniversary better to invite not too noisy leader who will play with kids. And it is even better - to organize a doll performance. It is a sure bet which equally will be pleasant to children of any age. If to yours to the baby four, five and more years are executed, then both cheerful clowns, and life-size puppets will already be to the taste to it. Life-size puppets are the actors disguised as suits of various characters (heroes of fairy tales and animated films, cheerful animals, etc.) and similar to huge soft toys. Together with them it is cheerful to play, and then it is possible to be photographed for memory.


In some gardens it is got instead of birthday of each kid to arrange once a month days of the birthday man and to celebrate at once several kids. In this case ask phones of mothers of future birthday men for the teacher, phone to them and try to organize a holiday together. To invite actors by sharing the cost will be much cheaper, the holiday of birthday men will turn out remarkable, and for some working and loaded mothers your offer can become just rescue.

Mother is an animator

But the invitation of professional actors to birthday in kindergarten for one reason or another can be difficult. Then a role of the animator - mother can undertake the inventor. In it there is a mass of the positive moments too. The kid by all means will estimate such attention and will be grateful to you for a holiday. And you, in turn, receive a charge of good mood from communication with little cheerful men.

So what it is important to remember to mother who decided to arrange entertainment program for the little birthday man and his friends? Kids cannot keep too long attention on any one action. Therefore games should not be too long and monotonous. If you noticed that to children it is uninteresting, do not seek to finish game by all means. Interrupt it and pass to another. Actually it is not important at all, how precisely you execute the prepared scenario. It is far more important that everything it was cheerful. Alternate games quiet to outdoor games. It is not necessary to load children intellectual tasks. Even kids of one age have a level of development very much and very different. For someone your tasks will be too easy, will seem to someone too heavy. As a result both that and others will start missing. It is better to replace intellectual tasks with various riddles: rhymings, blendes, etc. Or competition “Who Will Quicker Repeat a Tongue Twister“. It is possible to hold a competition of compliments and wishes. All kids become in a circle, the birthday man - in the center. The small ball is passed round, music sounds. As soon as music becomes silent, the child who in hands had a ball pays to the birthday man compliments, or a wish. Previously explain to kids what is a compliment and give an example. Very ridiculously it turns out if kids think out cheerful rhymes with a name of the birthday man: Dashutka - minute, a forget-me-not, a joke, etc. Only by all means warn that rhymes - obzyvalochka should not be offensive. Always have in a stock several cheerful games over planned.

do not forget

about dances! To diversify a little this process, suggest kids to dance as cheerful animals: clumsy bear, careful cat, fast deer, brisk mouse, amusing puppy. “And let`s play interesting game! In the train!“ This simple game as well as possible is suitable for a large number of children. All kids are built the friend behind a druzhka and take for elbows of vperedistoyashchy. The first child plays a role of the driver. One beep - the train starts, two - stops. The driver decides in what party to turn to the train and how to move: at a slow pace, run, jumps on one and two legs. Can be the driver all in turn. And it is possible to organize two trains at once.

Invariable atspekhy at a malyshna various round dances and dances in which it is necessary to repeat for conducting some actions use: “dance of ducklings“, “If is pleasant to you, then do so“, “There was a king on the wood“ and others. And of course, invariable loaf. And after words:“ Loaf - a loaf, all friends at a table put“, it is possible to start sweet part of your holiday. I think, you should not remind that all action is good to photograph on video. As the operator the father or someone from friends can act. Not only to you, but also the kid it will be interesting to plunge more and more time into memories of a cheerful holiday. And still. Try to pay an attention maximum to the little birthday man, but at the same time not to forget also about other children. To observe the necessary balance not always happens easily, but it is necessary to aspire to it not to cause tears and offenses. Generally, difficult and troublesome this business - children`s “birthday“. But it is worth it...

And if houses or in children`s club?

also such option Is possible

. But here it is necessary to be defined whether you will be able to place at home or to invite in club the whole kindergarten group. At such succession of events it is worth preparing invitation for kids in advance. They can be drawn on the computer and to unpack or make cards of sheets of color paper or a cardboard. In the invitation, besides the usual text, specify exact date, time and the address of a holiday, and also the phone with a request to parents to contact you. It is possible to leave cards in children`s lockers in a locker room. But it will be better if you ask the teacher to distribute them directly to parents. With the permission of the teacher, it is possible to hang up in group the poster the announcement.

If all group does not manage to invite, discuss with the little birthday man of the candidate of guests. In this case it is better not to distribute invitation cards of part of kids not to offend the others. Explain a situation to the teacher and ask for it phones of the “necessary“ parents. Phone to them, report about the outlined holiday and discuss details: by what time and where to bring the child and in which hour to take away. And still you remember one important thing: if you decided to celebrate birthday in children`s club, attend to it not later than a month. In good clubs there is a big waiting list for similar actions.

of good mood and cheerful holiday to your kid and you!