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Books for the smallest

Children grow very quickly. And once young mother faces a problem of the choice of the most interesting, most fascinating book for the kid. Such that served not one month and pleased with the fairy tales, verses, stories for many years.

So what to choose?

the First time I faced such task slightly more than 2 years ago when chose to the daughter something more interesting. In bookstore my eyes “ran up“, and I seized everything the most motley and bright in rigid cover.

Having come home and already on the sober head having estimated the purchases, I was very disappointed. My six-month-old daughter almost instantly rejected everything that was the size more, than a usual notebook. It is complicated to small handles to hold clumsy books.

pictures went Further, well? According to pictures - that I also chose, actually. They - that to the daughter will attract precisely. But... Again but...

Beavers and otters, and also a lynx, caress and hamsters were not really uttered and seldom used by

. The grandmother`s book with chickens, doggies and cats enjoyed bigger popularity since we in life face these animals more often. Not really beautiful “hectares are hectare - hectare“, according to mother, and not really fluffy “meow - meow“ induce to communication much stronger, than a slozhnovygovarivayemy otter.

Cardboard books are very popular

now. Kids do not tear them and very quietly overturn leaflets the small fingers. But children very quickly grow, and further is absolutely uninteresting to go in for them with such books. Therefore it seems to me that it is possible many and not to have cardboard books. Especially, children will always find a way out - it is impossible to tear, it is so possible to suck and gnaw. I do not think that it is better. Such, half eaten, books at me accumulated much, and it is a pity to throw out.

Me it seems to

that it is inexpedient to buy expensive cardboard books with jingles, soft and rubber inserts - toys. At least, my daughter pulled out all these gadgets on a root literally in a week.

By the way, the producers issuing absolutely inexpensive cardboard books so think are, solve, the main thing that dityo I was glad.

Further I paid attention to the text. The text threw me in shock. All right, the short rhymes which are badly rhymed and badly memorable even mother. And here fairy tales... About fairy tales separate conversation. I never thought that in the fairy tale “Wolf and Seven Kids“ the goat, having condoled about the eaten children, goes to rip up to a wolf a belly to get from there the nenaglyadnenky. Then absolutely blasphemy - the goat fills a belly to a wolf stones and sews up with threads. I heard it for the first time.

Just now understood

that a little just to check pictures - it is necessary to read still the fairy tale, well, or a rhyme.

A here the tale of the Boy - with - a finger. Somebody knows about what the speech? In my book strange parents are monsters while they finished money, took away children in the wood and threw there. But when repaid them a debt... nourishingly ate and remembered the poor thrown children. The end of the fairy tale is really surprising. The boy - with - a finger stole a bag with money and brought it to parents. More mother with the father had not to take away children on eating up to wolves since it was not necessary to work any more. Super! I bought this book quite recently, but already now it is clear that I will not read IT to two daughters!

the situation with verses is Easier. Just now I was convinced that should be bought the famous authors and popular in kindergartens (it can be found out from tutors). My daughter learned Korney Chukovsky almost by heart and now shines with the knowledge in a garden where they very often re-read its works.


Personally to me very much likes a series of books of publishing house of Eksmo for 2004. The books of the small size sated according to contents colourful. For example, in Chukovsky`s book there are all his works (at least, known to me). It is very convenient and inexpensive since it is not necessary to buy several books of one author with the repeating works.

enter this series: Zinaida Alexandrova, Agniya Bartho, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Eduard Uspensky, Sergey Mikhalkov and many others.

In each concrete book my daughter loves something certain. For example, at Alexandrova it likes “My bear“, “Rabbits“, “Ball“ at Bartho - “Rubber Zina“, “We with Tamara“ at Uspensky - “A multi-colored family“, at Mikhalkov - “About a mimosa“, “The girl who badly ate“.

Now I try to buy by

books from this series - and on a book shelf beautifully looks (identical by the size and growth), and it is pleasant to children.

And fairy tales... What fairy tales? In shop you will not re-read everything. I buy Suteeva. We have already several books. Very long looked for “100 pictures“ - found. The Planet of the Childhood publishing house published its book by century of the writer and artist. There are all its works. “100 fairy tales“ are called. Daughters from the book not to tear off.


I in general, books which were illustrated by Suteev very much please my children. Among them it is possible to note E. Blayton “The well-known duckling Tim“, L. Muur “the Crumb the Raccoon“.

Grigory Oster “A kitten by the name of Gav“ and Mikhail Plyatskovsky with a lot of the most interesting fairy tales Is delightful

, by the way.

So, dear parents, do not quail, in boundless open spaces of bookstores be not lost, and the main thing, acquire books which surely will be pleasant to your child.

Victoria Mishurova