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Suit or How to grow thin to the feeding mother - 3

Part I,
Can tell Part II to

that I achieved the treasured objectives - returned to the former sizes. Now I was able to afford to wear the blue fitting jeans without any complexes. Could put on any of my lethal skirts. Even the small black dress sat on me almost ideally. But getting on in the world in trousers with the underestimated waist with coquettishly sticking out thongs or to go to the beach in fashionable bikini, there could not be also a speech. And even not because swear at families so to look somehow unpresentably. Just suspending tummy, ispolosovanny up and down deep striya, would enter a good few of the population into esthetic shock.


Ya much that it is almost impossible to cope with the appeared extensions in house conditions. The beauty shop offered me a number of procedures (a mesotherapy, a deep peeling etc.) in the total cost not less than one and a half thousand dollars. I considered that my life all the same cardinally will not change to pay such money. Besides, nobody gave an absolute guarantee. Well, probably, my extensions will remain with me forever as memory of fine nine months. Fine, without looking neither at early toxicosis, nor at a late gestoz.

in the Summer I relaxed. Ate that wanted and when wanted, without having gained at the same time any kilogram. Exercises and massage to me replaced long walks with the child.

in the Fall I decided to become reasonable. In total - to me was where to be improved. Though I did not feel special complexes of physical inferiority and accepted myself such what is. Just in me thirst of activity woke up.

Ya decided to register in anti-cellulite massage to the familiar masseur. She long dissuaded me:“ Yes, why to you to suffer from such pain? You and so in a good form, you and that nothing to correct -“. I continued to insist. She nevertheless agreed: “All right, come next week. I will look at you then we will decide what to do“.

Came. Undressed. I wait for a verdict. At heart, of course, it is pleasant to me that she does not want to undertake me. “Best is oftentimes the enemy of the good“, - I mentally smile. And suddenly I hear the return:“ It is good that all - insisted on massage. I thought, everything is much better. And in clothes also you will not tell. All right, you do not worry. Women - beings plastic, they are capable and to rise from the ashes“.

I Feel

how down for years the built self-assessment foully creeps. In a throat a lump. I lay down on a couch, ready to suffer the torment of Tantalus. I will not tell, however, what was too sick. Quite tolerantly in comparison with massage by banks. This - yes! Each microsession one can is equal to fight of average intensity. And such microsessions of pieces twenty for one session. After that on skin there are a terrible look bruises with a diameter of ten centimeters. Before the following time I accepted anesthetic. Tempalgin smoothed unpleasant feelings a little.

Banks to me were done by only two times and eight sessions by hands. I prepared for massage as follows: in 40 minutes applied thermogel and it was wound with food wrap, previously having washed up the necessary sites an anti-cellulite srub. After time carefully washed away and went for massage, having taken with itself anti-cellulite massage cream of the same brand.

to Tell

that there was a result - it is nothing to tell. Even my masseur did not expect such effect: “Absolutely, absolutely other look! Even extensions became much less noticeable“.

Ya could not but agree with it. I do not know whether my internal spirit or such magic hands of my magician affected. Only washing the priest all was poured as a juicy peach. However, such dramatic change did not happen to a stomach. Though extensions, really, were leveled and from grooves turned into white stripes. Hips - above any praises. The husband estimated:“ You have rather good figure“. And if he noticed...

However, in volume I did not lose also centimeter, in weight and hundred grams. In youth it seemed, that the arrow of scales should approach treasured figure, there will come paradise on the earth. Then it became clear that the main thing is forms and a proportion. And now suddenly it became clear that the tone of skin plays in this orchestra nearly the first violin.

Along with massage I registered in group of the Indian and oriental dances. Occupations took place twice a week on an hour. After the first I hardly got up the next morning. In the Indian dance the main pose, ardkhamandal, apparently, is called, - on halfbent legs with the emphasis on little fingers of the developed legs. So what body weight is held by an intense fifth point. During the whole hour. By the end of occupation flesh is turned to stone. Load and of muscles of a neck and shoulders is unusual. The back - perfectly equal, so that was visible a backbone depression in the ground. In east dances muscles of a stomach and hips strenuously work. And, above all, from the process you derive such pleasure. The body gradually begins to obey, the movements become more accurate, a bearing of more graceful. Professional dancers have, as a rule, excellent figures. I suspect that put just in a bearing. It is worth experimenting once in a naked look at a mirror that to understand it. Let`s try to stoop. What do we see? The breast fell down by several centimeters, the stomach sticks out, the line of a shoulder - in general we will keep silent, a look even some extinct. And we will become straight? A breast forward, the stomach is intense, a bottom slightly back. Quite another matter! By the way, in catalogs of clothes of the girl always give a bottom slightly - slightly back. So best of all clothes, especially trousers sit. It should be noted.

Having waited for

month after massage, I bought cream from extensions with effect of lifting. Skin has quite a rest from procedures, came it it is time to work still. Along with it I was engaged in a breast - a contrast shower, cream, several simple exercises daily. I still have milk, but during the day the breast especially is not filled. The kid is put at night and few times in the afternoon for a while. Chose cream non-hormonal and resolved for nursing mothers.

In a month appearance of extensions as if improved. On light, of course, them still it is fine visible. But at electric lighting it is necessary to get accustomed. Eh, it is a pity that at the sea the real sun shines! The breast needed two monthly courses with an interval in one and a half months that appeared how many - nibud noticeable result. But it all - was, so, is not still lost. After I will stop feeding, I will try something become serious. But I will hardly ever decide on plasticity.

I want to complete one more course of professional massage in the Spring. Speak, the effect just lasts for half a year. At me so far the result still keeps though it is difficult to trace such things. Still the husband bought rackets for table tennis and there is a chance that weekly poker will be replaced by more mobile game. So by summer I hope to obtain even more figuristy figure.