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The fairy tale in a consolation of

I Want to continue a subject of an excommunication from a breast (“NANOMETER“ No. 10, 2000) and to tell the story. About one year my sonny did not eat any food except breast milk at all. To one and a half - it was put several times in a night. And in year and 10 months withdrawal to a dream for it was inconceivable without habitual sucking. It was especially heavy during a day dream: as soon as I tried to rise and go about the own business, he woke up and started over again demanding a breast. I began to think how to be. Also thought up... fairy tale.

I declared

After the next day dream during which I had to lie permanently about the son to it that the milk came to an end and there are nothing to suck more. In a consolation promised it to tell the interesting fairy tale in the evening.

I here evening came. We settled in a bed, and I began the narration.

the Tale of how the Pink hare grew up

In one wood once upon a time there was a Doe hare. At it was four leverets. Three from them were gray, and one - pink. The pink hare was the cleverest and kind, but the smallest. And he did not want to become is more senior. It to undertake and sisters already gnawed bark of trees, very much loved carrot and cabbage, and he only sucked a mother`s milk.

A at this time the terrible blood-thirsty Dragon began to visit the wood. He devoured both animals, and birds moreover broke trees and trod herbs and flowers. Animals were already afraid to leave the holes and dens.

But once they gathered all on a big glade together to decide how to be farther. The old Owl was the wisest in that wood. It stored the ancient magic book in the hollow. Having glanced in this book, the Owl told:“ Only the Pink Hare will be able to relieve our wood of an evil Dragon“.

Animals with astonishment exchanged glances with

. They knew that hares are gray, and in the winter - white, but here pink nobody saw something.

Only the Doe hare, mother of the Pink leveret, was not surprised. She ran to herself home and took to the Owl of the pink sonny. She told: “There is a Pink hare. But it still absolutely small how he can win a huge dragon?“ .

“It will make by

it, - the Owl with confidence told. - I will give it good assistants also I will teach what needs to be done. But only it has to go hiking to a cave of the Dragon absolutely one, without mother. He needs to cease to suck a mother`s milk. Then he will become an adult and at it everything will turn out“.

the Pink Hare very much was frightened of

. He did not want to leave mother. But all animals and birds began to ask it that it went to the Dragon - otherwise that will ruin all wood. And the hare agreed.

A the wise Owl gave it six bugs, six spiders and six bloodsuckers and whispered something on an ear. Mother Zaychika supplied the sonny with carrot, and he went hiking.

Long the Pink Hare went. And though he missed mother, every day he became more adult, stronger and stronger, more and more self-assured. When it, at last, reached a cave and met the Dragon, he at once as the Owl taught, threw to it into a muzzle six bugs. They crept to it in a nose, began to tickle, and the Dragon began to sneeze.

he did not manage to stop sneezing as the Hare threw spiders. They quickly braided a web of an eye of the Dragon, and he ceased to see. After that the Hare threw bloodsuckers, and they stuck and began to bite the sneezing and unseeing Dragon.

of Snakes terribly got a fright and escaped far - far. And the Pink Hare came back home with a victory and since then ate carrot and cabbage as all adult hares.

the Fairy tale to my sonny very much was pleasant to

. He, of course, complained from a little - for the fact that he did not receive habitual “sleeping pill“, but tender embraces, kisses and references to an example of the Pink Hare made the business, and he fell asleep. Accompanied with Hnykanye withdrawal to a dream within only three days. And here the love to fairy tales remained for a long time.