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All family to Abkhazia of

we Went to Abkhazia absolutely unexpectedly. We are my parents, the husband, actually I and the small being having already the name (Fedor), the eighth month successfully living in my stomach. Thanks for Abkhazia needs to be told owners of a camp site in the Tver region who, having raised the prices twice, fought any our desire off them to have a rest.

When my mother lamented

, sadly inclining over simple calculations of cost of long-awaited rest, I to console her, began to touch all possible ways to spend the money which is saved up for rest with advantage. I began with Turkey (there it was cheaper, than in our Tver region), and finished with Gagra where my uncle (the father`s brother) bought the house and made hotel.

Absolutely unexpectedly for me mother not only was consoled in

at the mention of Gagra, but also actively began to count this option on paper. Left economically. Business remained for our men. They gave in to the incontestable arguments which are thought up by us for the whole day.

was decided to Drive the car - pass - Mercedes`s veins of Vito. The ideal car for distant travel: near driver`s one more chair and three seats in one row in the tail, between forward and back ranks impressive free space where it is possible to establish one more row of seats. We laid this space foam rubber and sleeping bags and in turn there rolled on the way.

Should tell

that 1700 km are on 8 - ohm month of pregnancy not a joke. We overcame them in two light days. Of course, if not my plaintive plaints about a hot shower and a soft bed, we would reach quicker, but after the first day of traveling I forced all our company to settle down in hotel in Krasnodar on spending the night.

in the Morning (however, there was already quite late morning) we, having had a bite, started in the direction of Dzhubga. The second day of traveling was very sated with impressions: through a road couple of hours on the horizon tops loomed, then the road obviously went uphill, began to stuff up ears, and, at last, the serpentine began.

the Serpentine - test not for the faint-hearted, quicker than 40 km/h the beginner will not go, local machoes rush with supersonic speeds, on the road managing also to obsignalivat the slow tourists who are finally slowed down by beauty of gorges and steep rocks.

Have dinner in Solonikakh without special excesses: borsch, meat and still something in the same vein, not giving local color (decided not to risk on the way stomachs).

By the evening were on border. After standing in turn which lasted about one and a half hours the customs gave a green light, and we already in complete darkness drove on the territory of Abkhazia. In the dark this country seemed the uninhabited jungle with the wild flora neukhozhenno clustering on roadsides and the dangerous fauna lowing somewhere in close proximity to the asphalt lit with headlights. Roads of Abkhazia - the fairy tale meaning that there are a lot of surprises, type of the holes and hillocks and cows lying on a dividing strip. Strangely enough, we reached Gagra without adventures.

But in Gagra us was expected by terrible: we got lost. We are residents of the megalopolis - got lost in the city which by the light of day differently as rural areas you will not call! But that by the light of day! And in darkness Gagra seemed the bewitched place where chaotically located streets are crossed under unclear corners as if city map drunk drew.

Having strayed in a world behind the looking-glass of Gagra about an hour, we not without the aid of mobile communication and kind locals found - the necessary address, and I who is madly tired with burdens of rest was filled up to sleep, and parents and the husband found forces something to be supported at an uncle`s table.

Fortunately, my pregnancy was not strongly reflected in the program of rest: we often went to the sea (sometimes on 2 times a day), went to mountains, on Rits`s lake and behind a fig.

Now about everything one after another. The sea in Gagra quite pure, especially if to depart far away from the city beach. We lived on the suburb Gagra (Lakrba St.), there by the sea is almost empty, changed clothes in bathing suits, without hiding anywhere, all the same the closest people so far that nobody will make out interesting details “with the naked eye“.

Along a beach strip reed, and tries to keep step with it rough thickets of wild blackberry. It more small garden, but very tasty and it is free. In September the harvest, the third in a year, so we ate too much a gratuitous delicacy just ripens. Other vacationers disdained, and I very much recommend to use gifts of the nature, tested wild blackberry on the pregnant organism.

the Beach in Gagra - large pebble and to go on it barefoot business not too pleasant, and it is especially difficult to enter the sea and a halfbent crab to get out of it, receiving kicks sea waves therefore I is proud carried the puzatenky little body, having put shoes on in convenient sandals of Ekko, in them and floated. The sea all three weeks of our stay in Gagra was rather quiet (2 points, are no more), stormed only one day and that is weak (about 4 - x points) so I did not refuse to myself a traditional heat. But, believe, the sea in Gagra is not the most important.

the Highlight of Abkhazia are its mountains, and the most beautiful that I in Abkhazia saw, there was a road to Rits`s lake. You should not go only to the lake, you will be disappointed, and here the gorge that conducts on the lake, is something tremendous. The lake, of course, beautiful, nobody argues, but locals dirtied all coast an ugly heap of shashlik houses and shops with cheap souvenirs, and tourists in turn dirtied coast all stuff accompanying tourism.

So I do not recommend to trudge to the lake (on an entrance to the lake, approximately for 5 km the dizzy serpentine so you will not be mistaken begins). It is necessary to go to Ritsa or by the car, or to employ the private car in the city. It does not make sense to contact Ikarusami: they so rush on the gorge that you will manage to make out nothing and if they stop that you walked and looked round, then near them such stench costs that you are disappointed in ecology of Abkhazia.

Literally each turn of the gorge, each bend of the river - as on a card asks, we exhausted nearly all 36 frames. On the way to Ritsu, near one of the thrown houses destroyed by war, we incidentally found three good inzhirovy trees and several times came with buckets behind these wonderful fruits there. Once behind collecting a fig we were found by local militia: the patrol car passing by stopped, and from there was distributed with characteristic accent: “Hey, ti! Zachem you steal?!“, what my husband unperturbably answered: “We do not steal, and we want to eat.“ “And... Well then bon appetit!“ - the local law enforcement officer told and proceeded further on the affairs. Here such wonderful people these Abkhazians.

we from Abkhazia happy and with distinct desire to arrive there the next year Came back. My stomach which increased by three weeks detained us again for the night, and the road back took a little less time, than there. Probably, the way home always seems well.

the Trip took place in September, 2005. To little Fedor already 2 months.