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Warm feelings (season of warm salads) of

We knew that it is not necessary to wait for the first cucumbers any more to compose decent salad. And that not one mushroom julienne the person is living...

During the summer somehow you get used to salads. All the time there is a wish to chew something easy, fresh, crackling, useful... And behind a window minus twenty one. Or plus one and a half with the sleet. All useful and crackling died out at the first frosts on the soil. It would seem, an unsoluble contradiction. On the contrary! The human reason strained and invented warm snack. Not obzhigayushche hot, notice (for this purpose the reason invented borsch), and warm - gently and unostentatiously humouring stiffened stomachs.

Theoretically warm can make by

About advantage of contrasts any salad, hour or so - another having taken it on the battery. But it is pure profanation. The idea consists that you mix lettuce leaves of “dense“ grades or with the baked vegetables, or with some hot meat, or with that and another together.

three most widespread options of warm salads Exist. Is in the lead green (lollo - rosso and lettuce) with a chicken liver. Fennel and shallot (too fried), anchovies, capers and gherkins can act as addition. On the second place - the green salad approximately the same structure which is successfully added with slices of a fried duck breast (plus raspberry, mango, fried slices of orange). Gas station in both cases will be fruktovo - uksusno - oil. And too warm. On the third - potatoes warm salad. It is better to train him from pass - potatoes which should not be cut. Boiled, with a heat - heat, potato pours down, say, the sour cream which is shaken up with small cut greens and horse-radish (hot potatoes instantly absorb sauce), and mixes up about cress - salad or a frieze. Quite often there put still bacon, fried onions and cheese.

Kind heat

vegetarians are good Especially well warm salads. Here, for example, classical - from the baked root crops. Take your favourite vegetable list: carrots, onions, a parsnip, a celery, beet, turnip, potatoes - add to it an eggplant and zucchini, cut all with slices and strips. Lay out them on a baking sheet, sprinkle olive oil, salt - pepper and bake minutes 45 (to softness) in the oven warmed to 200 ° S. Vozmite lettuce leaves (a romaine, for example), tear, mix with vegetables. Add still some olive oil and the vegetable juice emitted when roasting.

vegetables and for other vegetarian warm salads In this way prepare. It is possible to bake zucchini, yellow pepper and tomatoes of cherry, and in parallel to weld lentil - with a thyme and bay leaf. To mix vegetables and lentil with arugula, to add some feta or goat cheese and to fill with oil with salt and pepper. In general bean - an excellent basis for warm salads - for example, it: from black haricot, corn and couscous. You cook all above-mentioned separately and you add the crude small planed carrot and a celery filled with the mashed baked garlic mixed with lime juice, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.

Warm salad can be built from any kinds of grain. You do not trust? Weld friable rice and buckwheat, small chop a Savoy cabbage and carrots, make gas station of crimson vinegar, honey, garlic and olive oil. Mix hot grain with vegetables, raisin and nuts. Pour dressing and postpone to yourself a portion rather, otherwise you will not be in time - will sort.

Very much (very much!) different wild-growing mushrooms warm salads, especially white and the aspen mushrooms laid on spinach with arugula are good. Knowing thirst of the population for conservation and drying, I will risk to assume what in domestic deep freezes of these forest inhabitants idles enough. Actually, everything that needs to be made, is to defreeze mushrooms, to cut and fry - on a frying pan, with masliyets. Then to add to a frying pan where had to remain a little mushroom juice, to steam of spoons of red wine vinegar and Provencal grasses. To boil several seconds and to water with this sauce of a plate with spinach and mushrooms.

Italians claim that they have tens of salads from paste, but, in my opinion, it is senseless to speak about them. The Russian person will think all the same that it is macaroni.

does not have the story more sadly on light

the Story about julienne is sad and artless. In Soviet period it was called though somehow to reduce an abyss between the first and second. In the winter more often happened absolutely cold and rubber, in the summer - burned slightly and obzhigayushche we heat. And regardless of a season - mushroom with sour cream. Ordered it only ladies - think what man respecting himself could pronounce aloud, in broad daylight, the word “julienne“ or “cocotte“? Juliennes it is time for p to rehabilitate

long ago in spite of the fact that they become and really in cocottes. The principle is simple: this crushed something, baked in cream sauce and from above strewed with cheese. And at all not champignons or the overdried chicken! It can be any meat, including all derivatives from it of ham and carbonades. An offal like kidneys, language and heart is simply created to be zazhyulyenenny! As well as any bird, even her most unexpected parts: imagine, say, julienne from chicken combs...


Julienne from scallops, it is equal as shrimps, mussels and especially crabs, is a serious delicacy. And the vegetables cut by thin straws? It is possible to take also mushrooms, including morels and dried white. Julienne made of a set of products for mushroom soup (white, onions, carrots, potato, vermicelli and sour cream), pleasantly will surprise you.

Main - everything small to cut and fry almost to readiness. It is possible to take all that was not eaten up yesterday. Further to make sour cream sauce, zagushchenny flour, or of strongly uvarenny cream. Or from soft processed cheese, if it fruktovo - berry julienne. Cheese for giving to a dish of a highly artistic look pour without being sorry. Also dream - cheeses different happen!

Ya well I imagine julienne from veal kidneys with cream, port and a Roquefort cheese. Or from a halibut, pass - octopuses, hot pepper and a chechil. And from pears, nuts and Camembert...

Warm snack since morning (after “yesterday`s“) - the loveliest business. Hours so in seven to receive a plate with egg - plows also the halves of tomatoes baked under a grill and with ham pieces, and all this on spinach leaves... And nearby the cocotte with sweet julienne from milk rice porridge with cinnamon... “Perhaps, to put a monument to the wife?“ - you ask. It is possible also a monument, but keep in mind: it is unlikely all process took it more than 10 minutes. And if she says that from six standing, so in the morning someone guessed to show series.