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Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh 2005. A detailed report for “not skilled“ or the Economy has to be!

24. 09. 05. - 03. 10. 05 (10 days - 9 nights)
to Alyona year and three months

“Hi! How are you doing? well?“ - Egyptians welcome the Russian people...

we Acquire tours

the Story I want to begin with background. Because we delayed obtaining international passports, our trip dropped out for the end of September, and we planned to have a rest in Turkey on the coast of Antalya. The husband allocated money for the tour, but as the small child, I was engaged in search of hotel corresponding not only to our financial opportunities, but also my requirements.

we Worked as

according to recommendations skilled with travel agency Rostov on Don “SK - Intur“. The tour operator offered hotels, I diligent on the Internet studied their location, services, responses of tourists etc. Searches three days as I found time for them when the child slept lasted.

I here these sleepless nights later, I stop the choice on hotel in Kemer, I call tour operator in an anticipation of the forthcoming rest, and on other end of a wire, I am answered that places in hotel are, but there are no plane tickets! And not just no, and at all is not present in this season of tickets for Antalya. From Krasnodar also tickets were not, but this option initially disappeared since the departure from Rostov is $250 cheaper. We were ready for rest and not just rest, and rest abroad for the first time, and here such fiasco.

Shortly before it we went to familiar tour operator behind consultation, so she to us recommended to go to Egypt, but we were two hands for Turkey. Proceeding from current situation and the money located by us if not Turkey, means Egypt. We are reconstructed in a new way. On a note: reserve air tickets in advance .

according to tour operators “SK - intur“ and to my researches on the Internet, we stopped the choice on hotel 5 * in Sharm el-Sheikh, with the beautiful name “Reef Oasis“. Having compared the prices of arrivals in a price - a leaf, we found a difference in $250, but the first arrival in three days, and at us not that things are not packed, and even the suitcase is not bought. But as the round burning, round firm does us a discount in $200, now will definitely not recede. On a note: tour cost to us left $1420, “all inclusive“ for two .

our baggage

our baggage for 70% consisted of children`s things: clothes, pampers, food, toys, and also the iron (since I would not decide to hand over children`s things in a laundry) and a teapot for preparation of baby food. Having read about quality of water in Egypt, I boiled it even bottled. First-aid kit: thermometer, febrifugal, intestinal diseases, cold medicine, for a throat, and also brilliant green, iodine, bandage, cotton wool.

Information on Egypt

Having squeezed out the maximum information on Egypt of the Internet, I made listings which we studied, whiling away time in transit Krasnodar - Rostov - Egypt - hotel.

the Websites on a note:

Here you will find ru answers to all questions which can arise at you during a trip and stay in this country. For example: currency, tip, phone, transport, entertainments, first-aid kit, food and water, souvenirs, traditions and many other things. On a reception there is a Russian-speaking guide who will answer all questions interesting you, but expectations and its searches are inevitable.

Transit Krasnodar - Rostov - Egypt - hotel

Well, here we in way! It is necessary to be at 6 in the morning at the airport of Rostov-on-Don. The next train from Krasnodar in 21. 00, that is at 2 o`clock in the morning we in the necessary city. We while away time for ZhD the station, we watch TV, we entertain the child and we read listings about which I wrote above. At five in the morning by a taxi we rush in the airport. On a note: the taxi on the road near ZhD the station is twice cheaper .

is Sent to cafe, ate. On a note: in office of long-distance flights the food in cafe is three times cheaper, than in a zone international . Also went to office of the international flights, without effort found tour operator, she handed us permits, told who and as will meet us in Egypt, and we went to registration.

the Plane was transferred excitingly as early it was not necessary to fly, but pleased that food, drinks alcoholic and nonalcoholic were included in flight cost. To us even the small pillow for small was brought that to it it was softer to sleep while parents ate.

Here it, long-awaited landing (in way 3 hours). The sea of turquoise color washing the desert with yellow sand from height of bird`s flight indescribably beautiful show.

we Go out of the plane, before us, type, the airport in the desert, sometimes the palm trees bent from wind come across to eyes. Husband shocked: where I got where the resort where the benefits what it is paid for.

At the airport us was met by the guide with the plate of “White Angel Tours“ necessary to us, it was presented by Ahmed. We paid the visa of $15 from the person, were registered, received baggage and with Ahmed went to our hotel. We go, before us a picture: on the left side of the mountain, the desert, buildings, with right - entrances to hotels. The husband is still not excited about the country chosen by us for rest. And still counter! The driver and the guide could not find the road to hotel, but, thank God, “You can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue“.

Reef Oasis Hotel

Here it, our long-awaited Reef Oasis hotel, it not only met our expectations, and even VERY MUCH surpassed them. The huge territory with various plantings of bushes, cactuses, palm trees, flowers, trees. To create such oasis in the desert, I think very much even hardly.

Before entrance to hotel the protected territory is, there live ostriches. In the territory of the basin of “Colombo“ there is a big cage with birdies, and near a cage hammocks, cool so, probably, to lie, relaksiruya under singing of birds, staring at the sea. Alas, with Alyona at me such opportunity did not appear.

our number

One - and two-storeyed bungalows are scattered by

across all territory of hotel. In total in hotel of 900 numbers. Number issued to us was at entrance to hotel, according to reviews on the Internet I knew that number can be changed, and we went to a reception. Ten dollars, and we in number in the bungalow chosen by us. On a note: book rooms at the order of round. The most optimal variant - to 500 .

our dwelling was in very convenient town, practically everything was near; two restaurants, the pool at an exit from number, and also at an exit to a terrace, the round-the-clock bar, to the sea across the territory 3 minutes of walking, generally, all benefits near at hand.

At our request the porter brought us a bed - a cradle for Alyona. Number was pleasant to us the roominess that it is very convenient for the child. Cleaning of the room was always ideal, plus surprises from the cleaner; florets on a bed, swans from towels, a fan from clothes. Shampoo, hair balm, shower gel, hand soap, body lotion - all is present, but as I with the checked baggage, captured this good on souvenirs.


did not like the fact that the shower (there is no bathroom in number) is attached to a wall and does not separate that is very inconvenient if it is necessary to wash the child.

our number settled down at our request on the first floor as we used a carriage. In a bungalow on the first floor there is no balcony, that is things had to be dried on chairs on a terrace. Clear business that in hotel there is a laundry, but I needed to dry somewhere children`s things, bathing suits and towels.

In number the TV is, “Split - system“, the refrigerator, the free safe, the hair dryer in a bathroom is attached to a wall near a mirror. The cleaner changed bed linen and towels daily, and also made beds, generally, cleaning was ideal.

the Beach towel can leave

on the beach or at the pool, but it is necessary to wait when the cleaner brings another, it does it once a day at cleaning of the room.


In hotel three restaurants, five bars. The food is various; always there are meat, cheese cuttings, vegetables, fruit, pizza, a wide choice of pastries. For lunch and a dinner there are always several types of meat, fish, garnishes. Surprised with seafood; squids, shrimps, octopuses, cockleshells. In the evening every day the grill is fried. On the beach very tasty shawarma and cocktails from natural juice.

Drinks in sufficient assortment: tea, coffee, milk, sprite, forfeit, min. water, Coca, juice natural.

Alcoholic drinks of local production (import for an additional fee): beer, white and red wine, rum, whisky, vodka, cognac, gin.

generally, food very much was pleasant to me as there are no specifics, type bitter, salty or sharp, all is tasty and edible on 5+.

the Underwater kingdom of Egypt Tourists pay


rather big money to visit tours on the seaworthy vessels coming to hotel coast, and inhabitants the Reef of the Oasis can enjoy indescribable beauty of the Red Sea for days on end. For this purpose it is necessary to have at itself a mask with a tube, flippers or special coral slippers (for walking on corals). You can bring this equipment with yourself, hire, get in the territory of hotel or make departure out of limits of hotel. On a note: in Naama Bey the set a mask, a tube, flippers cost us $25, slippers coral we bought two couples for $10 in the same place, and in the territory of hotel - is twice dearer .

Calling the sea - 3 - 4 meters sand, is farther sand mixed up with corals. Though corals at the coast lifeless, (to live it is impossible to touch since they burn, it is checked by the husband) can live in them sea hedgehogs.

On the beach the pontoon is, it is intended in order that, having passed on it, to plunge into water in above-mentioned snaryaga and to enjoy indescribable beauty. It is also possible, standing or sitting on a pontoon, to watch uncountable quantity and a variety of small fishes.

the Red Sea very salty and in it really you do not sink, you will lay down on water and you go bananas from such wonder of the world, no photos and video will transfer you this indescribable show.

Because I was afraid of all these Egyptian living creatures, I made a huge mistake, avoiding swimming in a mask. Lapped at the coast, sunbathed, came to take a look from a pontoon, and in penultimate day we went to excursion, swam on aquamarine, like the submarine, considered in windows of small fishes and corals.

to the husband I list to

Ya uncountable words of delight, and it rocks to sleep, sits with a boring look and says that for himself saw nothing new as the same can be observed in the territory of the sea of our hotel. Next day I forced itself to put on a mask and to plunge into water. Now that`s something like it, there are no words, it is necessary to see it! And the living creatures sea were absolutely harmless. There is even such expression that the Red Sea - an aquarium, and this is true because we observe small fishes of such coloring exactly there. And corals, what there corals!!!

hotel Pools

in the territory of hotel seven pools are. Rub from them a jacuzzi - are located near the beach, “Diving“ - three-level - includes children`s, adult and the pool for training in diving, “Colombo“ - the pool with the Russian animation, “Frame“ - the pool with the German animation and “Coral“ - has no specifics, but I to it would give the rank nudist, that is for the young women everywhere wandering without bodices.

Animation of hotel

the Russian animation in the territory of the basin of “Colombo“, includes the program: morning exercises, beach volleyball, darts, water gymnastics, water polo, belly dance lessons, a step - aerobics. In 10 days I managed to do once water gymnastics, generally, all days of rest by our animator there was Alyona, or we - it.

in the Evening in the territory of the main bar live music, club dances, and then animation on a scene. It is better to occupy little tables in advance as here the hookah is smoked. “Thousand and one night“ recommend Saturday animation.

In the disco bar modern European music.

Naama Bey

If entertainments in the territory of hotel to you did not please

, go to the Naama Bey center. Here a wide choice of clubs, cafe, a hookah - cafe, and also huge number of shops: things, gold, souvenirs, papyrus, perfume etc. On clubs we did not go as the small child. Bars, restaurants did not interest us too, it is enough this good in hotel, but here visited couple of hookah.

Practically all local goods of shops “Naama Bey“, it is possible to get twice cheaper in the old city of Sharm el-Sheikh. By the way the excursions offered in Naama Bey are much cheaper, than in hotel, plus in Naama discounts for them do, and in hotel is not present.

On a note: a trip to Cairo on pyramids of $50 (from the person) without discount, and in hotel of $80, “St. Catherine`s Monastery“ of $40, and from hotel of $50, that is an approximate difference of 20 - 25%. By the way, I did not decide to go with the child to pyramids as excursion takes days on time; that is departure from hotel in 2 h night, in the morning about 10 h on arrival in Cairo of excursion during the day on a heat, and in the evening departure back, at 11 in the evening you in hotel.

the Old city of Sharm el-Sheikh

the Old city is in two km from hotel. Will offer you goods at one price, and you whether not long skillfully, you acquire it in the half-prices. If you did not manage to beat down the price to desirable, be not upset, and go to the next shop as I managed to notice that practically all goods of Egypt in identical assortment.

I recommend to take

of the Taxi to

of the Taxi on the road passing near hotel since taxi drivers will pursue you almost continually, you will be able to establish the price. The optimum price from hotel to Naama Bey of 20 pounds, to the old city of 10 pounds. On a note: 1 pound = $0,30 .

the Supermarket

to you 2 euros will bring to

in number bottled water with a label, and so, you can buy the same water in a supermarket which is 10 min. walking from hotel for 1,5 pounds. I recommend all necessary to take with myself from the house as in Egypt on the same goods that in Russia the prices are two three times higher, and not option yet that you will find goods necessary to you. On a note: the most important that I took with myself baby food as in a supermarket there is no choice, one name of Gerber porridge and several types of can mashed potatoes. Cream for suntan of “Nivey“ with a factor cost 30 us 50 pounds .

our photoreport

Here I placed an album, with our photos.
I here still gallery of hotel on a note.

of P. S. or a conclusion

Ya drew a conclusion that Egypt - round of diving and excursions. We it is excited about our rest, but all - I consider that with the small child it is better to go to the resorts of Turkey as limiting itself in knowledge of the Egyptian beauty, you do not enjoy it entirely though it will be possible an occasion here to return, so we speak: “Good-bye Egypt!“.

“Hi! How are you doing? well?“ - Egyptians welcome the Russian people.
“Well!“ - with a smile upon the face we speak in reply. And really well, of course, if not to carp on trifles.