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In a maternity leave... for work of

it is heavy to the woman who Got used to the intensive working day became young mother to appear within four walls with the kid. The probability of loss of qualification and a vicious circle from monotonous homework frighten, and expenses on the kid force to become thoughtful about additional earnings. Therefore many young mothers try to find time for temporary job or education. If you decided to earn additionally

, consult to the husband and relatives helping with care of the child your working hours will depend in many respects on them.

Flexible hours at the main work. If you want to combine duties of young mother with the dodekretny activity, discuss this subject with the chief. Try to agree with it about flexible hours and decide what mode will be more preferable to you. Consider that big minus can become here the fact that the habitual salary has every chance to decrease as you will not be able to visit office in the usual mode and the number of work will be reduced. If your plans are too ambitious, assure the chief that you will be able to carry out the most part of the dodekretny duties, and offer terms on desirable monetary compensation, favorable to yourself. Choosing such schedule, be going to give to work not less than 3 - 4 hours daily as from you expeditious performance of official duties will be required. At such schedule a job can be got from 30% to 60% of the main earnings.

Freelance . The freelance will be for professions which are not connected to rigid by the schedule of attendance (the designer, the maker-up, the journalist, the translator, the proofreader) good help. But not to everyone within its powers, such work has advantages and the shortcomings. Nevertheless work as the freelancer is an exit for those who have no opportunity to go for work to office every day. From freelance designers and web - designers, the majority of whom suits only the freelance guaranteeing the free schedule and quite good earnings, are most popular and demanded. Often above-mentioned vacancies find through business partners and colleagues. By independent search of freelance it is worth checking reputations of firms for which you are going to work. Sometimes they are dissolved in air together with the fee intended to you. Full independence in work performance terms, and also a possibility of interaction with several customers belongs to undoubted pluses of freelance. It is probable therefore in freelance there is a rivalry. Vacancies for freelancers can be looked for on the website of Rip Personnel agency ((095) 202 1409), “Headhunter. ru“. Approximate monthly earnings for the designer and the maker-up make $100-400, for the journalist of $80-500, for the translator of $100-600 and $50-200 for the proofreader.

Business - the analyst . At work experience in the financial sphere it is possible to earn additionally non-staff business - the analyst. Having reached agreements with the employer, you obtain information for the analysis and solve, what is the time you will be able daily to spend for research. Most often analytical work takes 2 - 3 hours daily and is paid from $200 and more for one research. In search of vacancies it is better to glance in recruitment agencies of your city and the Internet.

Outwork . If you need to be constantly at home with the child, it is worth paying attention to outwork. The most successful vacancies for outwork: needlework (at existence of skills of the seamstress, knitter etc.) the home phone dispatcher, the evening secretary (similar vacancies are popular in the western law firms). The duties of the dispatcher include responses to phone calls of the interested goods of firm for which you work, or call-down of clients, carrying out telephone surveys... The evening secretary holds telephone negotiations with clients who did not manage to talk over with employees in working hours and need the help and consultations. When performing similar outwork by an indispensable condition existence of serviceable equipment (phone, the fax, the computer, the modem) without which it will be impossible to work at home is. Outwork can be found in newspapers “Rabota Dlya Vas“ (the website on the Internet, “Work today“) “, Vacancy“, etc. Before getting to work on phone, surely discuss with the employer a question of communication fee as similar work is connected with frequent and expensive telephone negotiations, in particular long-distance and international. Also warn the family that the most part of time the home telephone number will be occupied. Also night phone calls which will hardly please members of household are possible.

By the way, calls can not stop and after you refuse this work. The main minus of outwork is that you should be constantly in touch though at competent distribution of time it is possible to spend for outwork not less than 3 hours on weekdays and to earn $50-200 a month.

  • If you, being in the decree, decided to earn additionally, surely consult to the husband and relatives helping with care of the child your working hours will depend also on them.
  • do not forget
  • that the kid needs careful mother therefore try to distribute own forces, considering interests of the child.
  • do not agree to any work, for a start collect information on the employer to be confident in gravity of his offer.
  • Sign with the employer the employment contract in which your functions regardless of a position which to you will be offered are stated. And salary size.
  • by
  • Before making the decision on additional work, be defined, what is the time you plan to be in a maternity leave and to earn additionally in this way. It is important for primary arrangements with future management.
  • If from a primary place of employment is followed by a question of your additional earnings, solve as it is more correct to answer it if your employment contract of it does not forbid.
  • If searches of extra earnings in your city came to a standstill, pay attention to more distant work in the nearby cities as such activity can be paid above. It is important if you need to earn.

Sales representative . Or advance of the goods and services calculated on mass consumption. For example, it is possible to get a job of the sales agent selling cosmetics of Avon, Oriflame (phone of the hot line 8 - 800 20 000 02), Faberlic (phone of the hot line 8 - 800 200 1414). For this purpose it is necessary to look for announcements of hiring of agents or to reach office of wholesales of these firms and to settle terms of your future work. One of the difficult moments of activity of the sales agent - search of sales channels of production as not all manage to acquire clients at once and thus to extend cosmetics. On the other hand, if your work is pleasant to the management of firms, you can have prospects of putting on the staff after an exit from a maternity leave. Work of the sales representative will take you 2 - 3 hours a day and will monthly fill up the family budget for $50-150.

Accountant . If there is an experience as the accountant, this activity can become one of the most financially justified forms of a side job. For search of accounting vacancies it makes sense to address to recruitment agencies and to post the summary on the corresponding websites (for example, www. nj. ru, www. rabota. ru, www. job. ru, etc.) and in well proved recruitment agencies (“Anchor“, “Role - the broker“ and so forth) . As the balance sheet and other forms of the reporting have a strict binding to terms, try to distribute the forces and time competently. For a start execute one trial report and if there are no difficulties, work does not prevent care of the kid and you accept payment, add to it others. Serving several firms at once, the skilled accountant will manage to earn from $200 monthly, at the same time practically always to be at home and to work for only 1,5 - 3 hours a day. If for independent maintaining accounts department of your knowledge and abilities is not enough, study on short-term courses on accounting or on any other correspondence courses.


the Professional advice

the CEO of the Moscow agency “Profil“ Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tsarkov advises

to young mothers by job search to use all opportunities:“ First of all it is necessary to address in specialized editions and to place in them the summary Council from my experience: sending the summary to the employer, it is not necessary to specify that you young mother also can work only in freely graphics. If the employer becomes interested in you, then on interview it is possible to agree about part-time or about the non-repeat order, not performance of which regular employees do not have time. We will be useful also the appeal to recruitment agency. In most cases the recruitment agency selects personnel for full time, but sometimes firms ask to find employees on implementation of non-repeat orders or for the small project. Besides, the recruitment agency will help at a stage of a course of life of “the free shooter“ when that is tired of freedom and will want to go to work in the company. There are recruitment agencies which are engaged in search of temporary personnel. However you should not forget that in case of regular vacancy you should give way the non-staff employee to the constant employee“.

Cleaner . If you can give to work no more than 2 - 3 hours a day outdoors, then duties of the cleaner can become convenient option of a side job. Pay attention to announcements in your residential district, glance in nearby offices and firms where it is possible to take an interest about existence of such vacancies, check announcements in the Work and Salary magazine. Most often it is necessary to put in order working rooms or prior to the beginning of the working day, or after its expiration that allows to plan the working hours up to a minute. However you should not hope for the favorable relation of office employees - often cleaners perceive as support personnel. Therefore try to gain people and at the right time to come to the rescue of them. Cleaning will take 1,5 - 2 hours daily and will bring $30-200 a month. Work of the cleaner at big office (to come in the morning or in the evening) is paid of $200. In the large cities there is a probability to find single work of the cleaner (or housekeepers) coming 1 - 2 time to the private house and receiving for the work from 500 rubles to $20 for cleaning.

Councils on an ear:

  • If you want to replace cardinally a kind of activity which ceased to bring joy or just does not arrange, it is possible to test safely in other professions, “to try on“ unusual vacancies.
  • do not forget to involve friends and acquaintances in the searches as very often it is much easier for possibility of additional earnings to find, than permanent job.
  • If the employer refused to pay with
  • your services, regardless of the reason you can correct a situation. Try to understand quietly the events and to insist on obtaining the sum earned by you. If the head does not agree, demand from him the receipt that the data provided by you did not extend anywhere. It belongs first of all to the written advertizing materials and articles, difficult technical translations, various models. Having received the similar receipt, you will be able to give the works to more responsible people and to receive the money.
  • For prevention of financial disputes it makes sense to sign li since the beginning of cooperation with the employer the contract and to agree with an advance payment.