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How to get rid of the jumping pressure of

If to build all patients in turn, then one of the biggest will be made suffering vegetativno - vascular dystonia (VSD). Such today about 70 percent.

THAT it, this ominous VSD? Alas, a banal deviation of pressure from norm. Happens both raised (hypertensive type), and lowered (hypotonic type). As a result - heartbeat, perspiration, a headache, irritability etc.

the Most often vegetative violations are shown by

at early age. 75% having this illness are the share of a share of children and teenagers. And the illness continues “to look younger“. If earlier the initial age subject to this illness made 13 - 14 years, then now the level fell to 10.

What provokes the dancing pressure? Several factors which can be divided on congenital and acquired are revealed.

K congenital hereditary features of nervous system belong, for example. It is noticed: the heavier the disease at parents proceeds, the before its signs are shown at children. Also the adverse course of pregnancy and childbirth matters.

To the acquired factors is carried:

sharp and chronic infectious diseases (flu, a SARS) Quite often provoke development of VSD. A necessary condition of successful treatment - establishment of the correct diagnosis and identification of the real etiology.

If “bad“ heredity is, it is necessary to treat more attentively the organization of work and rest, not to forget about a hardening (sufficient stay in the fresh air, feasible physical exercises, water procedures). The right choice of a profession is very important for such patients: work should not be excessively intense and break habitual tenor of life (frequent business trips, night watches), need to make crucial decisions for a short time etc.

the Painful manifestations arising at a stress gradually disappear if the center of their excitement fades. If the psychoinjuring situation continues to work, then it is necessary or to bring the patient out of the situation connected with long stressful influence or to change its attitude towards her.

First of all needs to be remembered a day regimen (alternation of work and rest), morning exercises, a night dream, sufficient on duration. Essential value has observance of a certain diet: overeating exception, restriction of consumption of fats, carbohydrates and table salt.

At the increased irritability, fieriness it is recommended to include the following products in a diet: from grain - oats, a buckwheat, wheat; from vegetables - soybeans, pumpkin, carrots; from fruit and berries - apples, peaches, plum and wild strawberry.

At the raised exhaustion, decrease in working capacity join in a diet: from grain - barley, rye, millet, a buckwheat; from vegetables and root crops - a celery, red beet, a radish, onions, potatoes, haricot; from fruit and berries - raspberry, a gooseberry and cowberry. For increase of pressure (the suffering hypotonic type) use the products containing caffeine and various tonics (a ginseng, eleuterokokk, levzeya).

But the main ways of fight against an illness - physical culture, sports activities, active lifestyle. Balneotherapy is effective. Its purpose - to exert impact on nervous system and to reduce her excitability. Here what usually for this purpose is done:

  1. Douche by water 30 - 32 C with gradual decrease to 20 C, daily or every other day.
  2. Damp ukutyvaniye, 40 - 50 minutes every other day.
  3. Bathtubs with gradually increasing temperature of 37 - 42 With, 20 minutes, every other day. And the general heat bath in two hours after a dinner is better. Water temperature in a bathtub 33 - 37 With, duration is 15 - 20 minutes. After a bathtub to go to bed.

you remember

I: if inattentively to treat the “jumping“ pressure, not to suspend vegetativno - vascular dystonia, the disease will pass into more severe form, and you are waited hypertensive (or hypotonic) by an illness with all its consequences.