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History of one father

in process of approach of the fifteenth there were thoughts: “Perhaps couple more of days especially as this would be necessary and that to be in time“. The sixteenth, time term approached, decided to go to maternity hospital, to talk to the doctor.

After midnight went to bed. I will sleep off. Among a week. Pleasure. In seven the wife parted forcibly. “Oh, well you, - I say, - you do? At me the alarm clock costs on nine“.“ The pasha, my waters departed“. I thought, from a bed only heroes of the Hong Kong fighters so can jump... We gather, we leave. Already quite frequent, however, even taking into account a probable stopper we will reach fights at the wife in time. On the road we listen to music and even we try to joke. We feel both how tension increases.

of Profit, we change clothes, rise on the elevator in prenatal chamber. The nurse comes, explains what needs to be done. Something sticks. Still thinking, we, as well as it is necessary, asked that it. We were answered, but we right there forgot. Fights more often and longer. The wife tries to find to herself the place during fights and loafs on chamber between them. I try to help. All spoke on courses within two months about, forgot absolutely; I remember only that it is necessary to do everything that she will tell. Asks to massage a back, from the third time it turns out so that it was easier.

to Moisten lips with water (it is impossible to drink). Again fights. Massage ceases to help, we think out something else. At last there is a doctor. Examines. Disclosure eight centimeters. It is a little more - will also be full. I bring a palm to the person and I represent how many it. Again a prenatal tango, I go a trace after the wife and I support her. She already not really well thinks, is too sick during fights and too long ago everything began. When - any more I do not remember.“ Here look, - I say, - you see, darkens. Both will darken - and we will give rise, still a little bit it was necessary to suffer“. Full disclosure for a long time, the doctor called colleagues to consult, they in turn conduct examination. I have strong nerves, I have to think only of the wife... I cannot see how they do it, though I understand that it for its benefit, for fast and safe permission. I deceived her: for a long time darkened. So far only fights.

the Doctor tells

to us that we breathed with a delay. We breathe, we consider. To fifteen, then to twenty. Still survey, still. I am already ready to give rise, if only all this at last came to an end. The wife still can get up with my help from a couch, but go one cannot, is unsteady. At last doctors decide that the operational help is necessary. Bring a piece of paper. It is necessary to sign. Such order. The wife puts a flourish. Slowly we go in along a corridor to the operating room. On an entrance I am stopped by the sister:“ It is impossible for you further, there everything is sterile. Wait over there“. I pass until the end of a corridor, I sit down on a bench. Along a wall there are three wheelchairs, on them - the given rise mothers, to one brought the child, the second calls by telephone and tells that she gave birth to the child. Somehow routinely, as if bought a teapot or went to the cinema. And it is quiet.

Ya I catch myself that I sit, being shaken as not violent patient, now I also really am not sure that my consciousness as it should be. I cannot find to myself the place, I want to be there, with it, let it now and me will be able to help nothing with a deep sleep to it, I should put myself somewhere not to begin to be up against a blank wall. I do not remember how many stayed so. By there passed nurses, newly made mother addressed one of them and asked to take away the child.“ Where I will take away it? Gave rise - so nyankaysya now“. Mildly so, with humour. With humour of the person knowing life.

That sister leaves with a parcel and passes by me. “Go, daddy, I will show you the son“. I pass after it and I observe how it processes it. Washes away the remains of amniotic waters, I do not remember how all this is called. It is red. He does not cry. Only groans and opens a mouth. Processed. Put on scales. I look at figures. 4,56.“ Oho, and you have daddy the athlete! Well - we will measure growth“. 59 cm. Fifty nine centimeters. The father standing nearby growth 192 and weighing 100 at the birth was 3,5 kg and 52 cm

Swaddled in state a terrible look a diaper and the same blanket. Also give me. He lies at me on hands and snuffles. His eyes are closed. Sisters issued history of childbirth and left. We remained one. The redness descends, it turns pink and gradually opens eyes. More precisely, at first one. Slightly slightly opens. Gets accustomed. Shchelochka. I just now notice that it is not similar to me at all. Exact copy of the wife. He opened already both eyes and looks at me. Such big deep pupils. Then I - the first that he saw...

often asked

Ya the friends who became fathers whether their feelings changed and if yes, that how. Usually told something muffled, confirming that so far the child is not capable to introduce several conscious ideas, the father does not perceive him as child yet. I listen to myself. On hands my son lies. He attentively looks at me. I understand that some minutes ago in my life there was a turning point. And that new life began. All these long months I talked to it, mentally, sometimes in the car on the way to work or home, told it about the affairs and asked, how it. And as the last month, waking up and looking at a bed empty so far, dreamed that, waking up, I will see how he sleeps there.

the sister Came, we went down in the postnatal block. “Give, - say, - we still on duty will give it, you all the same do not know what with it to do“. I with a fright, probably, look at the sister because she adds:“ Be not afraid, with it everything will be as it should be“. I gather mother`s phone. Already grandmothers. It in the subway, it is badly heard. I say that everything well ended, and I tell what the athlete was born. From several pronounced words in a throat there is HERE SUCH lump. I kneel before a bed, shakes me. Tension in which I lived this day at once escapes from me. Fear for both of them, for that everything passed as it is necessary. I could almost make nothing and I too strongly worried about them... In a few minutes I calm down. I put on, I leave, I reach snackbar, I eat something. With surprise I look at the people surrounding me. Inside at me there lives the Secret.

I Come back to maternity hospital and I rise to the wife. She just regained consciousness. Lies on a couch, eyes are closed. It already in consciousness, and I, choking, I tell it what at us was born synishche. I tell quickly not to get off and that from within that fear did not escape again and not to upset her with the look. I keep vigorously, I iron it on hair and I speak to it what it the good fellow. It could do everything. Made everything, properly. Also gave birth to such little man. I say goodbye to it, I kiss it, it is time for me to leave. I notice how it wipes a tear from an eye corner. I leave quicker. That she did not see.

P. S. Not our history, but is worth it to read it up to the end.