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(continuation of the story “I Expect a Baby or a Prenatal Fever“)

Morning, Monday, creaking boots on the frozen slightly road, we with mother go “to give up“ to maternity hospital. My God, as my pregnancy bothered me! Who would only know!

- Tatyana Alekseevna, you do not worry, but we have no places now, the maternity hospital is crowded, - the doctor of a reception, the woman of years of forty five uteshayushche speaks. - We you by all means will put, want directly today in a corridor?. Or you come to eleven tomorrow, places will be freed - there will be a big extract...
- is better I tomorrow I will come. The couch a couch, but at home on a soft sofa is better and better to sleep, - I answer, and, full of hopes for tomorrow`s reception, I go home.

Without twenty eleven, next days, I again in a reception of maternity hospital. I am the first!

- What you so late came? Places were, but all are already busy!
- the Woman, you spoke yesterday to approach eleven, here we also came just entered lady butts in conversation. - Wait for
, we will accept all, but only in a corridor...

Hour of painful expectation passes

behind studying of quotations on paid services of maternity hospital:

Yes, is quite good...


Here lists of women in labor - only about sixty people are placed on the first and second floors. Interestingly, in a corridor seven people - Abramtzevo, Kirillov, Grigoriev lie... and here in the fifth chamber Matzo, Akhmedov, Hadzhibekov... - it that coincidence or racial discrimination? It is unclear.

At last - the old woman of years 65 begins to make out me! Process of filling of the necessary documents occupies minutes forty - it is necessary to explain to poorly able to see nurse these or those words which are illegibly written in my papers. Then blood sampling, other analyses, and here, after a couple of hours follows, I become the happy owner a bed - places in a corridor.

the Second floor - women with the slightest deviations in health - from the postponed infection, to banal cold lie here. The rear entrance by which I was spent here was filled up with empty bubbles from - under droppers, and the ordinary-looking cart probably intended for removal of dead babies cast gloomy thoughts... whether

I wanted

of It? Ears are constantly offended by shout of newborn children and the giving birth mummies. After two hours of stay in this hell becomes badly! And why only I was secured here? Better I on the ambulance would be brought at once as that girl in the morning... half an hour, and it was delivered, and here sit, wait when term approaches. Probably, I will go mad here in three weeks!

- And round happens here? - I ask young mummy next morning.
- You that! In maternity hospital the second day of water is not present, maids give birth, to be washed away so there is nothing! And you are round.... If that it is necessary, itself approach and ask, and so even will not approach!

Horror! At 13:45 carried by the child - all blue, got confused in an umbilical cord, still it is a little and he would choke.

the Evening call cellular once again threw a straw in my soul which is convulsively grabbing any hope...

- Tatyana Sergeyevna? - I learned a voice of the doctor from MONIAGA at once.
- Yes, I.
- We found a way to place you at our institute!
- Well, I generally already lie in maternity hospital, and here it is pleasant to me! (I do not want to give in on promises - enough! Week she “fed“ me with promises, and it is impossible to trust it!) Thanks, Nina Petrovna, settled I not bad, here and the dropper the first to me was made today so sorry, two weeks here to a dolezh...

So where I all - got? It is not maternity hospital - it is some madhouse!!!

In the next chamber two girls with syphilis, and one with hepatitis C lie. It still anything... I was shocked, having learned that one of them spills milkshakes to Zhulebino!

- I Can brush the hair with your hairbrush? - the young girl of years of nineteen asks me.
- Of course, brush the hair, and give I to you a hairbrush absolutely I will present? - I cannot refuse to it, I feel just sorry for her. It has a syphilis, and on the twenty seventh week there was an abortion. - you Present to
, at me directly in the ambulance of fight began, and the woman doctor back to me pushed it, a clip clamped also to maternity hospital!. It here in me an infection was found... and women everything from me turned away.


Yes, it is difficult to present that my child will lie in one box with the newborn boy infected with syphilis or some hepatitis. It is difficult to present that the population of the country only through one hundred years will decrease almost by a half. It is difficult to present that all this began with one small, bright and healthy spermatozoon...

January, 2004