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Future mother on reception at the neurologist of

the Reasons of the address of future mother to the neurologist can serve or the neurologic disease taking place before pregnancy or emergence of the signs characteristic of neurologic pathology capable to affect the result of pregnancy and health of the kid. Such symptoms are the headache, pain in lumbar area, a sleep of hands, legs and some other indispositions. Constantly and surely at the neurologist the women having such chronic diseases as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc., who transferred cherepno - a brain trauma are observed.

So what problems first of all become a reason for the address to the neurologist?

Headache . As the reasons of its emergence can serve as the physiological state which arose owing to changes in an organism of the pregnant woman and the disease which is not depending on pregnancy.

the Overwhelming quantity of cases of a headache is presented to

by a so-called headache of tension . It arises owing to sharp and (or) chronic overfatigue, the raised psychoemotional loadings especially as the pregnancy period more than contributes to concern (nervousness for the result of pregnancy, a problem of social and economic character, personal features of the woman). Tension headache most often arises in the I-II trimester of pregnancy, carries the pressing and (or) squeezing character, has no accurate localization. Pain most often amplifies in the second half of day or after the raised psychoemotional loading, physical overfatigue. It are characterized by a persistent current with the “monotonous“ or increasing character.

migraine - the most widespread neurologic disease in the developed countries of which repeated attacks of headaches, violations of sight and zheludochno - intestinal frustration are characteristic is Much more rare reason of a headache at the pregnant woman. At some patients attacks of migraine take place and before pregnancy, and at some - for the first time appear in a waiting time of the child.

In the first trimester of pregnancy increase of attacks of migraine is possible

, during the second - the third trimester attacks proceed much easier, and their quantity decreases. Migrenozny pain most often has intensive pristupoobrazny character (the attack can last from 4 hours to 3 days), unilateral is typical, bilateral localization, the pulsing character is more rare. The migraine attack often is followed by nausea, numerous vomiting, zheludochno - intestinal disorders, dizziness, perspiration, pallor or reddening of skin, heartbeat. Important specific signs at a migrenozny attack are light - and sound fear. Attacks of migraine are, as a rule, provoked by overfatigue, change of weather, a smell of perfumery products. Along with this factor of their emergence the use of such products as nuts, chocolate, bananas, coffee, Coca, cheese, pizza, canned food is. The probability of development of migraine increases in the presence of this disease at the immediate family.

, irrespective of its origin, the preference is given In treatment of a headache to non-drug levers (to methods of a psychological relaxation, phytotherapy, biological feedback, etc.) . The rational organization of a work-rest schedule, an exception of the factors provoking headache attacks is important. Use of medicines is also possible, however, considering risk of their possible adverse influence on a fruit, it is expedient to carry out reception of medicines under strict control of the doctor. It is necessary to remember that the headache can be also a symptom of more serious diseases, such as thrombosis of brain vessels, meningitis (an inflammation of brain covers), increase of arterial pressure during pregnancy, etc. Special attention should be paid on sudden emergence of a headache or its gradual increase, and also on its connection with change of position of the head and body. The specified symptoms have to guard the woman and to become a reason for the urgent address to the neurologist.

Anyway application of medicines is admissible

only after consultation of the doctor as application even of safe, at first sight, preparations (such as Indometacin , Voltaren , Aspirin , etc.) can make an adverse effect on a fruit.

Pain in lumbar area . For the pregnant woman they are the second for frequency (after a headache) an occasion of the request for specialized medical assistance.

more than a half of women complain Of waist pain during pregnancy, in most cases in II and III trimesters. Pain most often carries noyushche - the pulling character, depends on position of a body, physical activities. Strengthening of a physiological bend in lumbar department of a backbone, a liquid delay in an organism, increase in body weight, partial switching off from a muscle work of an abdominal tension and reorganization of the copular device - all these factors promote redistribution of load of a backbone during pregnancy and create prerequisites for developing of pain.

In most cases a source of pain are kresttsovo - podvzdoshny joints which long overload leads to formation of a chronic pain syndrome. Pains at the same time carry moderately intensive, “stupid“ character, are localized in the field of a sacrum with distribution to buttock areas, coxofemoral joints and a waist. Much less often back pain during pregnancy is caused by hernia of an intervertebral disk (a state at which the fragment of an intervertebral disk goes beyond vertebras, squeezing nervous backs). Character of pain at the same time sharp, shooting, pain arises at a certain position of a body and quite often is followed by a sleep of fingers of feet.

can Distinguish the specified states only during clinical examination, or with use of special methods of inspection (a X-ray, a computer tomography, yaderno - a magnetic resonance) which choice the neurologist taking into account potential harm for the child and mother has to define. Treatment in most cases consists in observance of the optimum (sparing) motive mode, performance of a special complex of physical exercises, carrying a soft corset. As well as in a case with a headache, it is desirable to avoid reception of medicines. The exception can make use of rather harmless anesthetics of preparations, for example such as Paracetamol .

As a rule, back pain is not risk factor both for the child, and for mother and in most cases does not exert significant impact as on conducting pregnancy, and conducting childbirth. The exception is made by cases of pain in a back at the complicated hernia of an intervertebral disk (the disk at the same time with firmness squeezes nervous backs that can lead to development of paralyzes of the lower extremities) when the decision on further conducting pregnancy and tactics of a rodorazresheniye is accepted together with the neurologist. It is necessary to remember that the most effective remedies of prevention of pain in a back are occupations by physiotherapy exercises, as before alleged pregnancy, and after the delivery.

Along with above-mentioned symptoms the special attention is deserved by those which are explained by exclusively “Perestroika“ changes in an organism of the pregnant woman and do not exert impact on wellbeing of the proceeding pregnancy. Thereby there is a wish to warn a possibility of unreasonable disorders and concern of future mother.

Syndrome of a carpal tunnel . This syndrome proves after or during a dream, day rest when the woman suddenly begins to notice that there was a sleep of fingers of hands, awkwardness in brushes when performing thin movements, it became difficult to hold objects on weight a long time. Development of weakness in fingers of hands is also possible. Such or similar complaints show more than 20% of pregnant women, and as the reason of their emergence serves the nerve sdavleniye in the anatomic channel at the level of a wrist. Sdavleniye of a nerve is the result of excess accumulation of liquid in all organism of the woman and more - in channels and friable fabrics that is connected with features of a metabolism during pregnancy. These unpleasant feelings usually independently disappear after the delivery, without demanding special treatment.

of Sdavleniye of an external skin nerve of a hip . This state arises usually in recent months pregnancies. The picture of a disease is characterized by complaints to a sleep, morbidity, feelings of a pricking in the field of an external surface of hips which result from a sdavleniye of a lateral skin nerve of a hip. Usually manifestations have unilateral character, pain and a sleep amplify in vertical position of a body, when bending a leg pain decreases. Need of treatment arises at an intensive pain syndrome, but most often the state regresses independently.

Convulsive data of muscles . They arise most often in legs (sural, muscles of feet), is more rare - in muscles of hands. The origin of muscular spasms is explained by the changed metabolism during pregnancy. This state is characterized by emergence of involuntary painful spasms in separate muscular groups or in the isolated muscle, duration from several seconds to several minutes. As a rule, convulsive data in muscles arise at night or in the morning, most often on the term of 6 - 7 months of pregnancy. They can be provoked by the excessive muscular tension or long physical activity. As prevention and treatment administration of drugs, the containing salts of magnesium, potassium, calcium, polyvitaminic complexes with the content of folic acid is recommended.

Syndrome of “uneasy legs“ . This state is usually shown unpleasant, sometimes adjoining with painful, the feelings (pricking, itching) in the depth of feet, shins, is more rare - hips. Feelings arise at rest and force the patient to make the movements by legs. Quite often they gain so intensive character that the woman is forced to rise and pace the room. For the purpose of simplification of a state it is necessary to pay attention to correction of deficiency of iron in blood, balances of food, and before going to bed will be, undoubtedly, walk and moderately warm shower are useful.

in conclusion wants to wish to future mothers of rational approach to an assessment of the state and the attentive attitude towards itself as your wellbeing is a guarantee of wellbeing of your kid today.