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The snowflake (the New Year`s fairy tale) of

Little Eve lay on a cloud, considered stars and sighed. Boringly. She lived on this cloud several years, and did not know how long it will proceed still. Told, it is necessary to choose mother - and how, interestingly, to choose her even if you do not know what is it - MOTHER? Though would hint, perhaps.

Over her head millions of small asterisks slowly shook. It is rumored that on each star there is mother, and she looks at us and waits, it is only necessary to choose (the necessary star?) .

A here if to look to the opposite side, from a cloud down, there can see a set of any different other beings. Who knows, suddenly mother lives not on a star at all, and here, nearby... can, mother is one of them?

For example, that, with a big red mane and four soft paws... Oh, as growls. No, likely, it is not mother. Mother, told, will be kind... And that? It is pleasant to me, I only hope, she will not begin to cry now as she last time when I saw it about two years ago and even thought that it is mother. But speak, mother will smile to me...

Was on December 31, nearly midnight. It ran out on the street to hang up a toy on a live fir-tree and to make a wish. What to hope for? Not one kilogram of food from plates of pregnant girlfriends is already eaten; all chairs are stayed in office on which pregnant employees sat; houses grow two ficuses and even the garnet tree fructifies. She embroidered treasured angels for a long time! She prayed! And so far everything is vain. As it is difficult to trust sometimes.

He left after It, threw with a fur coat to It shoulders and stretched a glass of champagne. She sadly smiled. Yes, native, you the best, but as there is a wish that I could not drink champagne already! And to run out undressed on a frost and to do other nonsenses. As there is already a wish to be responsible not only for himself, but also for other small being. My God, send me the daughter... or sonny, main thing, healthy... But everything is better - the daughter! And the smile became not sad, but mysterious. Yes, little fairy, sweetie pie, swallow, mouse, snowflake... Precisely! Snezh - and - and - a nka...

Eve shrank and curled up. Cold, however, in the winter on a cloud. She yawned. To fall asleep now and not to wake up till spring. Eve dozed off, and, having fallen asleep, turned into a small droplet, and spilled from a cloud a rain down. But, as it was cold, on the road it turned into a snowflake. Surprisingly beautiful, with the poured crystalline lens in the middle.

She raised a hand to brush away a teardrop from eyes. And here saw a small snowflake on the palm. Yes, surprisingly beautiful! “Father Frost, - She thought, - please, give such gift, grant my most treasured desire!“ And She gently kissed a droplet which remained when the precious crystalline lens of the frozen water thawed on her warm palm.

“However grows warm

, - little Eve in the sleep thought. - Well - that as!“ She slept and did not know that the Miracle already occurred and that the next 9 months she will already live not on a cloud, and to luxuriate in a warm mother`s tummy, on pleasure to all who have relation to it.

I quietly snow went...