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In school - with pleasure!

you will not believe, but to run in school with the filled satchel, rejoicing that “Today in school!!!“ each first grader can. And the recipe of such miracle is simple. Desire densely based on independence and trust. Consider that the desire is born with himself by your child. And other components are required from you. Otherwise the miracle will not turn out.

How to make so that your child himself :

a trust Cornerstone

That the child went to school with pleasure, you need to learn to trust to it. I will agree that to learn it not easy. But the trust is the cornerstone of any skill .

to you it seems to

that you it is cleverer than the children? What do all of you know, and they small and confused? You consider that they need to be controlled in everything? But then in what skills you are going to train your child? To reduce to servile obedience? To execute orders? To ask permissions in an occasion and without?

to It will be successfully taught by army. And we awake to study trust. Pay attention: to teach itself, but not synulyu or the daughter. Also we will begin page. tension.

you rise in advance to make a breakfast. You watch behind every minute. You begin to bother the kid, and he... turns over on other side and again goes to the world of a dream. Your tension grows. At last, you manage to lift the dozing child, to send it trudging in a bathroom, to feed with a breakfast, to help to pull a jacket and a satchel. He sleeps. He also did not wake up. Therefore the road to school turns into a set of urgings on. Your tension reaches apogee when you run in school with the second call, and you still need to change the shoes.

of Uf! Just terrible some memoirs. And now we wait when this situation bothers us? Bothered? It`s cool! We start the second grade level: we ask questions. At first to!

- to to Whom needs school and whether it is necessary? to my child. At least because I in the was already disaccustomed.
- Who wants to go to school? It wants.
- its school is necessary to me? In general is not present.
- Then why I strain from - for its delay and prosypaniye? Why I drag it by a hand, and it looking on the parties, floats as though time still the car and the small cart? Because so it is necessary to , so do everything . But it is wrong, illogical!

we ask questions to the beloved child Now. Probably, paradox: we receive the same answers. And still.

- to to You like delay?
- You consider that I like to watch how long you gather how you catch crows on the road how automatically you are late?
- You likes to be late?

On all questions asked the child we receive the answer: “Is not present!“ Also we develop such plan of further actions:

Delay or not delay on chess belongs to these skills too. About independently made lessons I do not speak because it initially was the indisputable fact.

Better luck next time?

Heart-rendingly peeping alarm clock he does not hear

in principle :)))) Therefore, having waited a little, in the first day of experiment, I just told it:“ I will not awake any more, I will go I will lay down to fill up“. As wind from a bed blew off the child. You can motivate the child with other phrases and actions. The main thing that for it they made sense, were significant. For it, but not for you!

had more to remind

In the first day to me to it: I not am responsible for time, I not am responsible for your delay. You think easily to restrain and not to advise? You think easily to remain just the observer ? Difficult. But it was worth it!

Now I slowly gather, I like to get up early and so far children sleep, to make a breakfast and to sit at the computer. And then just I wait when my ingenious child gives me command: “It is time to leave!“

Now not I, but it drags me by a hand, and I admire morning landscapes, the sky - my favourite show, a thin ice on pools, I rejoice to light winter morning - as it is good that clock was put:))) Also I think:“ And, really, to go to school for the first grader - continuous pleasure. And for his parents - too“.