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Magic of aroma

Spirits in many respects define all shape of the woman. And not only shape, but also perception of life in general. Therefore, buying perfume, we pay not so much for a concrete product and brand how many for dream of its fine embodiment in life. How to choose the spirits as it is correct to cause them, what is the time they are kept.

Scientists proved that the perception of smells is closely connected with sexuality and emotions - the same department of a brain is responsible for them. In it there is nothing surprising - since the most ancient times of people, as well as other animals, chose to himself couple on a smell.

Skin of each person has own unique aroma, the key to which is put in genes. Spirits react with skin and emphasize, supplement this individual smell. We feel spirits on someone only after they evaporated from skin, and its chemical composition and temperature depend on a set of factors. Thus, aroma becomes the hidden code by means of which we communicate with surrounding people. Quite often happens that without any visible reasons the stranger causes in us rejection or, on the contrary, it seems it is inexplicable attractive. Scientists say that it is all about pheromones - the special aromatic connections which are actively allocated through skin. These connections contain attraktant - substances which attract persons of an opposite sex. In perfumery synthetic or natural analogs of these substances are used. The most known attraktant used from time immemorial is a musk.

To the same primitive and sometimes unconscious mechanisms as sense of smell and reproduction, also the feeling of hunger belongs. In which of us does not cause pleasant emotions a smell of just baked bread or, for example, fresh berries? That is why “edible“ vanilno - fruit aromas enjoy such popularity at men. How not to conceive a liking for the atmosphere of a cosiness which is extended around herself by the real “sweet“ woman?

Modern spirits

New aromas strongly differ in

from classical spirits mainly because now in perfumery artificially synthesized smells are more and more used. Modern technicians of a reconstruction of aromas allowed to include in spirits not only notes of the most rare flowers and fruits, but also absolutely surprising smells - asphalt, sand, rubber and even dust. In perfumery there are more than 3 thousand various aromas, and this list constantly is replenished. But the most refined and difficult aromas are born nevertheless from natural ingredients. In many respects the perfume price also depends on percentage of natural oils. Spirits or extract are the most expensive option, in it the percent of perfumery composition exceeds 20. Perfumery water contains about 10 - 12%. In toilet water - 6 - 8%. And the weakest on force and firmness aromas are colognes and nonalcoholic sprays for a body.

Firmness of aroma also depends and from its type - flower and citrus smells disappear usually quicker, than chypre.

Where to cause spirits?

Can follow Coco Chanel`s advice and to cause aroma “to those places where you want that you were kissed“. Most longer aroma remains on so-called points of a pulsation - bends of hands, wrists, under knees, on a neck. The clothes also very well store a smell - especially natural fabrics and fur. But perfume should be applied only on a wrong side and seams of clothes not to leave on it spots. The ancient tradition is unfairly forgotten to splash spirits on scarfs and gloves today. And very in vain - even one “fragrant“ scarf will impregnate with favourite aroma a case and things stored in it.

the Expiration date First of all safety of aroma threaten


light and heat. The excessive cold does not do well to spirits too. Therefore, contrary to the Soviet habit, it is better not to hide a bottle of favourite spirits in the refrigerator, and to store simply in a case. And not to “draw“ perfume for years, and to begin to use right after purchase. Open spirits change a smell already in few months. So you should not buy the biggest bottle of perfume if you are not going to use aroma every day.

Calculation of time

the Smell quite often contacts at us some certain period in life, some event or the person. In the same way as there are spirits for morning (easy and unostentatious) and for evening (sweet, wood), there are smells of summer and winter. In the winter - the chypre, east, shading fur and creating atmosphere of heat and a cosiness. In the summer - air, romantic and refreshing.

And still many use one favourite smell always and everywhere, for many years. This huge happiness - to find such “related to soul“ aroma. Before it occurs, usually we go a long way of tests and mistakes (it is frequent - very expensive!) . Psychologists even defined several “perfumery“ stages in the woman`s life.

the first spirits we usually remember all life. These experiments with smells gave us the chance to feel adults.

the Following stage of “aromatic“ history is connected by

with the first love and the wakening sexuality. Spirits become way to draw attention to themselves, to create a new image and to declare it.

the Period of searches of suitable perfume can proceed for years. Our style and a way of life changes, the perception of and the world changes. At some point the woman already knows what she wants and what is able to afford. When it occurs, we begin to give preference to old favourite spirits and less often to find new which would “strike“.

Over the years sense of smell gradually weakens. And therefore “aged“ it is permissible to women to use more perfumery, than to young people. Spirits remind of youth and create the corresponding mood. And if you and later still “play“ years with smells, it only says that you kept freshness of feelings.

How to choose the spirits

do not choose spirits early in the morning - the nose catches smells in after-dinner hours better. The plentiful food and a cigarette smoke strongly influence sense of smell so try not to smoke before going to perfumery shop.

Scent the palm back (before it be convinced that hands do not smell of either soap, or other spirits) and inhale a smell from distance. Make several short breaths and then “forget“ about spirits for a while to estimate feelings.

the Majority of aromas is under construction by the principle of a pyramid: the smell reveals gradually from easy notes to deeper. So what do you do not judge by the first impression.

do not try many spirits at once - three for once will be more than enough.