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The repeating quinsies of

there is an opinion that with the repeating quinsies it is possible to cope only with the help of operation. As far as it is right?

is Advised by the candidate of medical sciences, the chief physician of the medical center “Guta - Clinics“ in Moscow, the otorhinolaryngologist - the surgeon Oleg Aleksandrovich Merkulov.

- whether Really only operation rescues from quinsies?
- I would not begin to claim so unambiguously. Because in one cases operation is a necessary measure which solves a problem once and for all. In others - only one of possible as there are many simpler and sparing methods.

the Last statement belongs to easy, or compensated, a form of chronic tonsillitis. At it the structure of palatal almonds changes, local immunity is partly broken, but such form of a disease does not cause special problems. Though unpleasant feelings in a throat can sometimes disturb. Many describe this state as “something burns or prevents to swallow“. One more nuance - more often there are colds and other viral diseases.


With this situation are well helped by conservative methods of treatment. Now there is a lot of them: various washings, rinsings, drugs, physical therapy. What will suit you, the doctor will define.

But anyway tonsillitis even if and benign, always requires to itself attention. Also does not love when forget about it for long time or in general ignore. Therefore regular - once in half a year - inspections and seasonal preventive courses are simply necessary.

- All methods called by you are rather traditional. And what you think about manual therapy which is applied sometimes at chronic tonsillitis?
- All methods of reflexotherapy, and manual treatment including, are based that the human body is something uniform and integral. And impact on one body is surely reflected in others. It is considered that certain manipulations on a backbone allow to improve a condition of all respiratory device. And, of course, functions of palatal almonds.

Such point of view has the right for existence, but only as one of alternative options of treatment. It will be able to be considered as an additional method, and not the basic at all. In total - the palm in fight against tonsillitis remains behind conservative and expeditious approaches.

- In what cases gives preference of operation?
- When chronic tonsillitis passes from an easy form in heavier, dekompensirovanny.

In this case the organism cannot independently cope with a problem any more, and difficulties begin. One of the most characteristic are a repeating quinsies: one - two in a year within the last 3 - 4 years. It is necessary to prick up the ears if during an illness high temperature rises, the recovery period drags on. And later within 2 - 3 weeks weakness and the general breakdown is noted.

All this says

that the situation became complicated. Almonds begin to show “stern temper“ and from bodies of immune protection become the center of a chronic infection. Bacteria which were already proved in almonds with such strong support venture obvious aggression. And actively extend on all organism.

If them not to stop

in time, then then it is necessary to deal already with more serious problems. Now about 100 various diseases which are in many respects obliged by the origin to chronic tonsillitis are known.

It promotes development of a dermatosis, worsens the course of already available diseases, in particular psoriasis. Very often, especially at women, it leads to serious damages of joints: to arthritis, polyarthritis, dermatomiozit, system red wolf cub. Chronic tonsillitis can provoke diseases of eyes. For example, all the known short-sightedness quite often arises thanking it.

Sometimes on its background neuroendocrine frustration arise: obesity, weight loss, problems with appetite, thirst, gipergidroz, violation of a menstrual cycle, decrease in a sexual potentiality. It is possible to continue long enough, the essence remains to the same. Chronic tonsillitis - a serious problem which requires the solution.

the Most correct in this case - to perform on

operation. Tonzillektomiya, or removal of palatal almonds, helps to get rid of the center of an infection and to cardinally change a situation.

But to be fair should tell

that operation is justified only when it is carried out strictly according to indications.

- What it means?
- As a rule, it is possible to define irregular shape of chronic tonsillitis already at the first view of a sore throat. But the decision on operation has to be passed on the basis of complex research. It includes consultation, visual survey of the doctor and a number of laboratory analyses. It is the general blood test, the analysis on existence of an antistreptolizin Oh, research of a rheumatoid factor of blood and With - jet protein.

If all changes seen by an eye are confirmed by data of the carried-out analyses, so there are indications to operation. If analyses did not reveal any pathology, so it is possible to be content with conservative methods.

Especially attentive at diagnostics and making decision on operation needs to be

with children. At them palatal almonds have a little increased changed form, and it is quite normal. Therefore it is possible to be deceived and make the wrong diagnosis.

operation at children`s age in general is undesirable

A. As palatal almonds are very important immunoprotective bodies. And it is not recommended to delete them at this age not to subject immunity to excess loading.

- And how a popular belief that if the child often is ill, then in the childhood it is necessary to remove tonsils and adenoides?
- With adenoides a situation absolutely special. In certain cases it is just necessary to cut out them, but it is separate conversation.

With tonsils, or, on - scientific, palatal almonds, everything is differently. If earlier really advised to get rid of them, then now views of this problem changed. Children can perform operation only after puberty, at girls is these are 12 - 16 years, at boys - 14 - 18. And, of course, as well as in a case with adults, only according to indications.

- the opinion that if the person has a chronic tonsillitis and asthma, then it is better to perform operation Exists. Regardless of in what form the disease proceeds?
- the Data confirming this opinion really are. It is proved that chronic tonsillitis at the asthmatic can provoke emergence of a cross allergy or aggravate already available disease. It occurs because in an organism constantly there lives the infection which at some moment begins to influence immunity negatively. It already constantly is in tension, and here also additional loading. It does not maintain and glitches - the course of asthma worsens or new allergic reaction appears.

But operation it is not obligatory here. If chronic tonsillitis easy, then it is rather simple to keep a situation under control. To regularly make tests and to take seasonal preventive courses of treatment. Operation in this case is considered as a possible, but not necessary measure. It can be carried out counting upon the future that further there were no aggravations.

If the asthmatic has a chronic tonsillitis in a severe form, then option only one - expeditious treatment. Otherwise not to avoid serious problems.

- One more opinion: at not giving birth women chronic tonsillitis can lead to infertility. Whether so it?
- does not have Direct dependence here. It is unlikely it is possible to say that the sore throat influences a possibility of the woman to become pregnant and give birth to the child.

However at those who have infertility at careful inspection tonsillitis quite often comes to light. All the matter is that existence of an infection in an organism, as well as in a case with asthma, strengthens those problems which already are. As they say, “where something is thin, that`s where it tear“.

If the woman already has some gynecologic difficulties about which she can not know for the time being, then against problems with a throat they can be shown. By the way, so happens not only at chronic tonsillitis, but also in other cases when the infection for a long time settles in an organism. For example, at caries or antritis.

Algorithm of action idle time - if such problem exists, it needs to be solved, without postponing.

- And if all - is necessary operation that it is necessary to know about it?
- It is carried out in the post-menstrual period, to and during critical days it is undesirable to do it. Operation lasts 3 - 40 minutes and takes place under the general anesthesia. After it 2 - 3 days need to be spent in a hospital.

Pain remains within three days, to 4 - 5 - m to days the state improves.

- And any contraindications are? I read that operation cannot be performed at a sharp form of a renal failure, severe forms of diabetes.
- do not have Direct contraindications, there are only general rules. As well as at any other surgical treatment, it is undesirable to perform operation in the period of an exacerbation of a disease. At first it is necessary to normalize a state, to achieve a stable situation, and then already to do operation. It belongs to all chronic diseases including to a renal failure and diabetes.

the situation with infectious diseases - ORZ, a SARS, flu Also is. Even banal cold - the thorough reason to postpone treatment.

Should not be risked

if the woman bears the child. Or you perform operation before pregnancy or after the breastfeeding period ends.

- And properly to behave after operation? Whether some inspections, restrictions in a way of life are required?
- Later some time - when, the doctor will appoint - it is necessary to conduct control examination. But it is a purely formal measure because after operation all problems disappear and do not come back any more. And, as practice shows, people just forget the road to the doctor.