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New Year`s vacation. Where to go with the child to holidays?

the Future series of New Year`s holidays are an excellent occasion to diversify leisure of your kid. There is a set of ways to entertain the little fidget to whom digging with a shovel in a snowdrift and a molding of snowmen bored for a long time. And each of them, as if by magic, can turn usual winter day into the real holiday.

New Year trees

New Year trees with an ulterior motive keep a palm in the list of winter entertainments for children. When how not in New year, your kid will be able to see own eyes Father Frost and the Snow Maiden? Of course, such chance cannot be missed, but before going to buy the ticket, consider some features of this holiday. Do not forget to specify its estimated duration. 2 - 3 - to summer children more than 20 - 30 minutes are difficult to keep attention. Also you should not send them to New Year New Year shows which are held without participation of parents. Morning performance in children`s club to which invite children accompanied by adults will be the best option for them. And here children are more senior quite can go to a holiday independently. It passes usually according to rather standard program. At first in the foyer about a fir-tree Father Frost with the Snow Maiden wish all children a Happy New Year and hold various games, competitions and dances, then children see a New Year`s performance and receive gifts. Do not limit preparation for a New Year tree to purchase of the ticket - buy or sew to the kid a beautiful carnival costume, learn with it a rhyme which he will be able to tell Father Frost, or study several pas of simple dance. And how to know, maybe, your child will win the first prize for the performance.

Children`s club (entertainment center)

the Main place of any children`s club - the spacious game hall with a soft floor into which the hill, various “lazalka“ with transitions, an inflatable trampoline, etc. organically fits. The entrance is, as a rule, forbidden adults in game space - you can watch how your kid frolics, from - for special a protection or a glass wall and at the same time to drink coffee in cafe. Any child will not be left indifferent by trampolines and the dry pool filled with balls, labyrinths and soft designers. Do not forget that for hygiene children have to be in the game hall in socks or in replaceable footwear. Clowns and conjurers will allow to miss to nobody, and in certain hours in entertainment centers there take place displays of animated films on the big screen and children`s New Year`s performances. Also the child can sing the favourite song by means of a karaoke.

A when he will be tired and properly will get hungry, will be able to be supported in children`s cafe with the special menu. Small brochettes, chicken wings, several types of pizza, a canape and tartlet, various desserts undoubtedly will be pleasant to your kid.

we Go to a zoo

Approximately since 1,5 - 2 can begin to take out the child to a zoo that he alive saw those numerous animals with whom he is already familiar on drawings and fairy tales. At visit of a zoo it is important not to overload the child with impressions as the main goal of visit is not survey as it is possible bigger number of cages and open-air cages for a unit of time. Your task - to show to the kid of animals and to tell about them so that he not just enthusiastically looked at them and right there forgot about new znakomets. Therefore before a trip to a zoo prepare the kid and tell it what animals he will see there. For the smallest children there will be enough visit of a so-called “children`s“ zoo where animals well familiar to them are presented: goat, goose, wolf, fox, bear etc. It will be interesting to more senior children to see animals, exotic for our latitudes: giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros, zebra, crocodile. Surely pay attention of the child to distinctive features of each representative of fauna. It is possible to ask it to remember in what poems or fairy tales the seen animals occur.

Surely tell

to the kid about how it is dangerous to try to get into a cage or into the open-air cage to animals and also why it is impossible to feed inhabitants of a zoo with the food brought with itself.

in a zoo needs to be prepared by

For a campaign carefully. Put on more warmly, alternate visit of the closed and open open-air cages, then in frosty winter day you will not manage to freeze. For the least children take replaceable diapers, wet towel wipes, and also a carriage that it was not necessary to carry the tired kid on hands. Take care and about food for the child - in the territory of a zoo there is always a cafe where you will be able conveniently to settle down and where to you will help to warm food in the microwave oven. Do not forget also that visit to a zoo has to fit into a children`s day regimen therefore it is better to plan it for morning hours or for a while after a day dream organically.

If in your city does not have

a zoo, then for certain there will be at least a zoocorner in the House of children`s creativity or in park. Anyway do not miss an opportunity to closer acquaint the child with the presents, but not drawn representatives of fauna.

To circus with the child

For the first time it is better for p to go to circus when the child already visited a zoo and saw “alive“ such animals as bears, tigers, elephants. In that case much less probability that he will be frightened of a species of big animals in a circus ring. The noisy and brightly painted clowns can also make on the kid unpleasant impression therefore in advance tell it about the one whom and that he will be able to see in circus, consider on pictures of those animals who will participate in circus numbers, as an example it is possible to show to the child representation video. With 2 - 3 - summer children it is better to go to circus in the morning, at the same time it is possible to be limited to viewing of one office as such kids hardly perceive large volumes of visual information and are easily overexcited. In an interval do not allow the child to miss in long turn in cafe, take to have a bite something with yourself better. And in free time it is possible to photograph it with circus animals or to participate together with it in various cheerful contests and games which circus animators stage.


Acquaintance of the child to the world of theater can already be begun with

in 2 - 3 - summer age with visit to small drama school in which there take place the representations calculated on the least audience. Their main difference - the small duration as it is difficult for small child to concentrate long on a plot. Therefore the performance of well familiar short fairy tales is used: such as “Kolobok“, “Teremok“, “Doctor Aybolit“, etc. It is easy for kid to monitor action as he already well knows all heroes therefore it is possible not to doubt that such visit of theater will give it great pleasure. For children of 4 - 6 years duration of a performance can reach 45 minutes. And you have a wide choice of a type of theatrical action. It can be a shadow play, puppet theater, theater of animals, musical and drama theater.


Before a visit of theater to the child about rules of conduct in institutions such, about what during a performance cannot be talked, rustled, eaten candy and to distract neighbors in a row. As well as in a case with circus, it is better to go to theater in the morning, then by the evening the brightest impressions of day will cease and it will be easier for kid to fall asleep. the Museum

Acquaintance of the child to the museums it is better for p to begin


with visit of temples of art in which the best models of painting and a sculpture are collected. In such museum it is possible to conduct already 4 - 5 - the summer child, and it is desirable to do this visit thematic, having limited viewing only to several pictures. At the same time it will be good if the kid is already familiar with them according to photos and reproductions. Before a visit of the museum consider their houses once again, pay attention of the child to the familiar objects imprinted on cloths. The easiest children perceive still lifes and subject pictures based on the Russian national fairy tales.

the Historical museums, undoubtedly, will be pleasant 4 - 6 - to summer kids. Tell about how there lived people of other eras, show characteristic objects of use of that time, compare to their modern analogs and pay attention to the main differences.

the Biological museums also enjoy

deserved love of children of any age. Here you can consider slowly birds well familiar to the kid and animals in all details which, perhaps, escaped from his attention during visit to a zoo where animals do not sit in place.

Special joy is given to children of an exposition, by the planets devoted to ancient inhabitants - to dinosaurs.


to Boys will like visit to Polytechnical Museum where they will be able to learn how various mechanisms work. If there is opportunity, send the child there together with the father who for certain will derive not smaller pleasure and will be able to tell the kid many entertaining things.

A of girls will be pleased by an exposition of the doll museum where they will be able to admire on dolls of different eras and even to try to make independently a doll in the Russian traditions.

specify working hours of the museum In advance, learn when in it the day off (usually it is one of weekdays), visit the museum without child to estimate an exact route of survey. Many museums have websites on the Internet where you will be able to find all necessary information. With the child it is better to go to the museum in the morning when there still there are not enough visitors. Before visit take with yourself replaceable footwear in which you will be able to change the kid that he had not to take a steam bath in the warm room in winter boots. During survey do stops, especially with the small child more often. And after return home surely once again discuss what was seen - it will help the kid to order information, new to it, mentally.

the Exhibition

specialized exhibitions of animals are of the Great interest to children. Examining“ dogs and cats, guinea pigs and canaries and other living creatures of various breeds is an excellent way to acquaint the child with the concept “variety of types“. For example, he own eyes can see that dogs are also huge as a royal mastiff, and small as a dwarfish pinscher. If you in the house have no animals, then consider that, perhaps, after visit on such exhibition you should sustain an impact of the kid with the requirement to buy a doggie or a cat. Also you remember that you should not conduct on a similar exhibition of the child inclined to an allergy to hair of animals, - concentration of allergen per unit area is too high on such actions.

Sometimes specially by New Year`s holidays exhibitions for children get a job in some museums. Their subject can be the most different: children will be able to learn more about origami, toys, heroes of animated films, children`s books, space researches and about many other.

Displays at the exhibition are, as a rule, short

on time therefore in advance learn days of work of an exhibition and try to choose when it is possible to expect the smallest flow of visitors.


New Year`s holidays are the best time for an outdoor recreation. If you want to walk quietly with the kid in the picturesque place, go to one of parks of the city. There you will be able to take for a drive him on a pony or a horse, to together feed ducks and protein (take with yourself more bread, nuts, sunflower seeds), to play at a playground. If you want to acquaint the child with active recreation, seize with yourself the sledge, skis or skates. It is possible to ride kids on the sledge already with 1 - 1,5 - summer age; to try rise on skis the child can already in 2 - 3 - summer age, on skates - in 4 - 5 - summer. Except sport stock do not forget to take a thermos with hot tea, sandwiches, replaceable warm socks and mittens for the child, special “skins“ from polyfoam on which minutes of rest it is possible to sit down on snow-covered shops without risk to catch a cold. In advance think over a route of foot or ski walk not to tire the child ahead of time, attentively examine a hill with which the kid will ride the sledge, regarding dangerously sticking out branches and hollows in dense snow.

various attractions enjoy Special love of children. You will find a corner with attractions for the least visitors where there are small hills, roundabouts, machines, horses and other simple children`s pleasures in any park. Panic Room and laughter, pavilions with fairy tale characters also enjoy wide popularity at children. Taking part in attractions on accuracy and dexterity, your kid can win a prize. Surely pay attention to for what age group this or that attraction is intended. This information is written near it at the special stand. Always follow these instructions - their violation can be just hazardous to health and of life of your child.

Besides, in days of New Year`s holidays in many parks children`s festive shows arrange

, kids also can take part in some of them.

Before visit to park pay special attention to clothes of the child. It should not hold down its movements and at the same time has to be rather warm. And * main thing: do not leave the child of one for a second - in big park moreover at gathering of people, it is the simplest to be lost. In the large cities there are some more types of entertainments which will be interesting to children. Therefore if you have an opportunity, visit them with the child.

the Dolphinarium

If you want to show

to the kid of the real dolphins, white whales and sea lions, surely descend with it in a dolphinarium. Only here he will be able to see unique acrobatic numbers performed by dolphins - afalin, amusing tricks which are carried out by seals, and in the Moscow dolphinarium - also to listen to deafening songs of a white whale of Egor. by

Upon purchase of the ticket it is optional to p to choose places on the first rows: during some numbers dolphins make jumps, and splashes of water can reach also you. Therefore with the small child it is better to get on a tribune above: there and chilly, everything is also visible well. Children till 6 years usually pass free of charge - on one place with the adult. Upon termination of representation everyone can be photographed with dolphins at additional expense. Only be going to wait patiently as line of persons interested rather big, and expectation takes about 20 - 30 minutes. If you want to save a little, take the camera and ask to make a picture on it. It is also possible to swim for a while with dolphins in the pool, but, as a rule, it is necessary to leave the application by phone in advance and to learn what children of age are allowed to this entertainment. Besides, in a dolphinarium there is a shop in which it is possible to buy souvenirs for memory. Representations take place in a dolphinarium only in certain days and hours which sometimes can unexpectedly change therefore also receive particulars in advance.

the Horse-racing complex

In days of New Year`s holidays in some horse-racing complexes there take place shows with participation of actors, stuntmen and of course horses and a pony. Fantastic representation with effective circus tricks, music, dances and fireworks will not leave indifferent any child. And pupils of a horse-racing complex show the skill in overcoming of obstacles and a dressage, and, perhaps, your kid overflowed with impressions will express too desire to be engaged in this sport. Upon termination of a holiday the child will be able to sweep astride a pony or in a team of horses, to be photographed with them for memory and even to make small excursion to a stable.

One of the most popular modern entertainments - bowling - is intended for a long time to

of Bowling by

not only for adults. If you want to acquaint the child with this sport, go to club in which is so-called pass - the bowling intended for children at the age of 3 - x years and is more senior. Conditions in NI eat differ from adult bowling a little: here the shortened paths glowing in the dark with automatic sides which do not allow a sphere to roll down in the trench are used, and spheres are twice less by the size. Makes the software in the form of a fascinating computer game pass - bowling by a fascinating and interesting attraction for children. An entertaining element is animation against the table of counting of points. In the course of game each picture on the set subject gradually comes to life, showing on the screen of an event of prehistoric times with very amusing characters. During game the pictures replacing each other will be told of life of these unusual heroes that will be fine encouragement for the little player. Besides, in pass - bowling there are special “hills“ which at desire allow the child to use heavy spheres. To order game in pass - bowling better in advance that after arrival to club you with the child had not to wait.


One more type of entertainments which breaks all records in popularity is a driving on roller skates. Even in the winter this sport is available on the covered rollerdroma. On zone perimeter for driving there is a special parapet which the child if necessary can hold if he only began to master movement on rollers. At desire it is possible to ride together with the instructor who will show to the kid the main methods of driving on rollers (learn in advance whether it is necessary to leave the application for services of the instructor). Hire of rollers costs rather not much and relieves you of need to specially buy equipment for the child. To buy rollers and “protection“ you will be able when you understand that this type of leisure really interested the child. Except rollers surely take a helmet and protective overlays for elbows and knees which will secure the child during falling (and they, alas, are inevitable, especially first). It is better to take clothes for driving sports, not constraining movements and easy as usually on rollerdroma rather warmly. Also you remember that doctors do not recommend to put for rollers of children 3 years as they have still very weak, weak sheaves are younger.

By the way, parents can begin to master rollers together with the kid.


Educational programs of planetarium are usually designed by

for the audience aged from 5 years and are more senior and will be especially interesting to those children who already have at least a superficial idea of the Universe system. In the star hall of planetarium there is a projector of the star sky which shows more than 8 thousand stars, that is even those from them which are seen only by astronauts, being in an orbit. Besides, by means of a projector contours of constellations, such lines of the heavenly sphere as a heavenly meridian, the equator, and also the Milky Way, bright star congestions and fogs, the Moon, the Sun, planets, meteorites etc. are shown to the little audience. In some planetaria acquaintance of children to astronomy is carried out through the world of Ancient Greek myths which legendary plots are reflected in names of 46 constellations. Such approach facilitates to children perception of material especially as the story about the star sky is followed by display of slides and movies. Besides, in planetarium the child will be able to look at excursions in the telescope and to learn how it is arranged. In a clear weather it is possible to observe the Sun and to study spots on its surface.

As you can see, the choice of entertainments which can devote days of New Year`s vacation is quite big. The main thing - desire of parents to diversify leisure of the child and to combine business with pleasure, having paid attention to its intellectual and physical development. And then New Year`s vacation will become the real holiday for your kid and will leave the mass of pleasant impressions for all next year.