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Gloves - heat also is elegant

of Winter at us severe therefore, without looking on any whims of fashion, warm gloves will never leave our clothes. Besides gloves not only warm our handles from cold, but also give special chic and elegance even to the most usual suit. The main thing - is correct to pick up them.

Leather gloves - classics which will never get out of fashion. It is possible to carry them with anything though with a sports jacket though with a mink coat to toe. In the fall and it is possible to recommend gloves in the spring from a thin laika which fit a hand tightly. In the winter in such gloves it can be coldish therefore the warmed option - with a knitted lining or with fur is more preferable.

Colour of gloves, in principle, can be any, the main thing that they were in harmony with other ensemble. For example, to coincide on color with a cap or a scarf or to completely copy a shade of your coat.

the Fur edge is quite actual

too, only do not put on such gloves with a fur coat or a coat which sleeves are trimmed by fur.

to Fans of youth fashion can advise

leather gloves with rough seams and the looking-out fur around a wrist.

Knitted gloves. Warmly and conveniently. They can be recommended as addition to sportswear. Well such gloves in combination with a knitted hat, especially look if they coincide on color and the invoice. It is fashionable to decorate knitted gloves with an embroidery and applications.

to Lovers of modern sports style can recommend to

gloves from waterproof synthetic fabric. From within these gloves are usually supplied with a knitted or fur lining, and around a wrist have an elastic band or shnurochka which will protect hands from wind. It is almost impossible to freeze in such gloves therefore they are irreplaceable during departures on the nature in a cold season.

of the Mitten. They became fashionable approximately a year ago again and were very much fallen in love both to women, and fashionable designers. They enjoy special popularity at youth. Mittens can be both leather, and knitted. Leather mittens often decorate with a fur edge, an embroidery and beads. Knitted - bright ornaments. It is possible to wear mittens in a pocket, and it is possible also on an elastic band, as in the childhood. It not only is very fashionable, but also it is convenient - mittens are never lost and always near at hand.

Suede gloves. It is not so much functional how many just beautiful and elegant thing. It is possible to carry them with a coat or just as addition to a suit. Color of gloves here not the main thing, main - the general combination of flowers. Gloves can approach on color a suit, and can be contrast and be combined with a bag and shoes.

Length of gloves can be any too: absolutely short or slightly extended, completely closing wrists.


as solemn evening option will suit long, to an elbow, satin gloves. They remarkably look with low-necked dresses. Such gloves do not need to be taken off indoors, and jewelry puts on from above.

If you want to please the darling with a new set of satin or lace lingerie, add the dress with long guipure or satin gloves. It will add to your dress an unusual savor and expressiveness, and your darling will not remain for anything indifferent.