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Become tempered, be not lazy, with health make friends!

to our small crumb already seven. Seven months. These 215 remarkable days of full cares, pleasure and never-ending happiness which is given us by our daughter! Cares and, cares, not from the word a problem, and from the word - love.

Still when we were pregnant women (I will explain i.e. when the wife was “in the family way“), we is very serious, as well as all couples enduring this concerning moment approached a question about health of our future kid. Separate thanks and to the website 7ya, and many other, for the provided information which gave invaluable help in search of answers to the numerous questions continually arising in process of growth of our favourite “Puzik“.

Now, after time, and we want to share our progress and achievements in the course of a growing of our “Masechka“.

As we decided not to impart

our child, after an extract of my girls from maternity hospital, strengthening of the general immunity was the main condition of preservation of health.

It is natural, I read the book of - on Komarovsky, and it is not necessary to be the doctor to agree: “The newborn child does not need a hardening...“ “The main task of parents not in that the child to temper. To make the main thing so that the child did not need a hardening“.

therefore the word “draft“ we decided to forget

A at once and to remove completely from the use, there were small problems with the grandmother (well, you understand :), but we successfully overcame them. We did not take air baths - we in them bathed, to be exact lived stark naked, but here still the summer period affected. Of course, what there kombez, when t in a shadow +25 C:. A window constantly openly and now, a heater we do not include also because alas, there is no humidifier though it is VERY necessary. I think, those who got it, already experienced its wonderful action.

Right after healing of an umbilical wound began to bathe Sladushka in a cool bathtub, not a tray (it right there sold). At first at a temperature of +35 °, and gradually, time in three - four days, lowered temperature by 1 degree, but if the child is not ready (crying began, they very sensitively feel even decrease by 0,5 degrees), came back to the previous figure, tried anew later. So we reached 29 °C. And changed a technique a little, i.e. in the morning we bathed in a cool bathtub, in the evening in warm - 35 - 36 °C, not above! In the evening both foam, and toys and washing of a body with a head, generally, so suited us more.

during swimming in cool water surely dived. I will not hide, it was heavy, appear, that we do something not so - the baby cried, she did not like to dive, to be exact, she choked, and each bathing came to an end with crying. Every evening we looked for though some stories on this subject somehow to get out of the situation. Generally people wrote that they carried children to the pool, and there already skilled instructors showed, and even gave classes with remains. And on proximity it is not in our city! And... who looks for, that will always find.

Followed advice of skilled parents - before the next dive it is necessary to pronounce accurately the word DIVE! Then to blow in a child`s face - he reflex will hold the breath and will close eyes, so we also arrived some time. Then after the word “dive“ and whiffs in a face lowered in water and right there lifted. There was time, soon whiffs ceased to have need. I did not trust earlier, but also at us the daughter began to zanyrivat in water and to float all length of a bathtub (though here the bathtub length and with what speed you see off the child under water still plays a role: but not this main thing).

the Bathtub we at first by councils of many cleaned

soda, and... in a month it completely and irrevocably became useless, began to clean usual means later. Properly it to wash out the main thing after cleaning. Water was not boiled in spite of the fact that it at us not the purest, is more precisely, as you will not find yourself in it, but everything is OK, problems did not arise.

the Hardening does not know either restrictions, or contraindications, it is necessary for both the healthy people and weakened and patients (even at chronic diseases).

C 4 - x monthly age our girl began to have enough - quite good weight, and swimming began to make a problem, first of all, for the wife`s back (as in the morning I work). Now we act this way: everyone (!) morning begins with gymnastics and with a podmyvaniye of the baby (buttocks, handles, a face), then is gathered (or it is already gathered) a basin with water (we have t of 25 - 24 °C), and the wife waters with a ladle water from the child`s basin.

is not present

of Problems with the baby, all decrease in temperature happened gradually therefore she transfers it remarkably, to high spirits as needless to say. If suddenly for any reasons at you it did not turn out to carry out morning douche, renew at the first opportunity from the same temperature, but not later 1 - y weeks, differently it is necessary to begin douche with higher temperature condition again.


Small did not execute also six months yet as we all family went to the pool, more precisely water park. What there requirements? In - the first, of course, absence of any rash at the baby or other defects of skin. In - the second, we were secured without plavochek for Sladik, it was necessary to buy in the same place - 50 r, motivated with the fact that suddenly it obkakatsya, water of children weakens, and plavochka will constrain. We did not begin to argue and got supermegaswimming trunks for our Elladka.

Let children after 6 months, but our child on all 8 pulled therefore questions did not arise. Inconveniences were that locker rooms the husband. and wives. separately, therefore at first changed clothes and I took a shower, and Lyolya changed clothes of Sladushka meanwhile, and a dump already in the pool to me, and then. We came with small at first for 3 min. (there separately the pool for children), then covered with a towel, and someone from us went from small, considering the having fun people of minutes five, and someone swam meanwhile. And so 4 - 5 calling, gradually increasing time of stay small in water. It is much more convenient to dive there, of course, the bathtub to us for these purposes became already small.

Then was 5

- ti minute a jacuzzi with the raging water (quite warm), a shower, clothing, and on an exit. We by car therefore problems were not, seated the baby in a car seat, it in 1 minute was cut down.

In a week was repeated. Whether it was pleasant to us - yes! But again - it is inconvenient, it is not intended for such kids and here still the HUGE shortcoming - water in our pool is chlorinated therefore often you should not visit such institution. It is known that continuous influence of chlorine oppresses immunity.

Still we do dynamic gymnastics (at us the baby was born through KS therefore we consider it as necessary procedure for adaptation of the child), a tremendous thing, of course it is necessary to approach trainings very responsibly and accurately, besides will suit not all. There are in it also contraindications so it is necessary to read at first literature on this subject. It was suitable for our baby, besides we successfully combine it with massage and a complex of physical exercises according to Glen Doman.

the baby spends a large number of time At home, creeping on a floor exclusively barefoot.

Of course, it is not all composed health, here and still feeding by a breast, and a complete negation of medicines and so forth, but I wrote the basic. Someone will tell supposedly the clerk was, and here neighbors so did, and their child po10 time in a year did not get out of sores. I do not convince you completely to follow written to everything, you solve it, but it is our axiom, and it works, in 7 months neither snivels, nor other sores at the child were observed.

* * *


This story was written by my husband. Really, when it was necessary, we looked for supports and studied on your experience. Perhaps, it is right, and our experience is useful to somebody too.