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New Year`s surroundings the hands

Of course, at that abundance of New Year`s toys which is in shops now it is possible to buy everything, but New year - traditionally house, family holiday, and something is so pleasant to make with own hands, creating itself and surrounding New Year`s mood and expectation of a miracle.


Carved candles

it is absolutely simple to em to Make candles most, for this purpose only accuracy and a minimum of means are necessary.


the Candle - the fir-tree

to you will be required by


  • usual economic candle,
  • sharp knife,
  • scissors.
production Process:

For 5 - 10 minutes put a candle in the container with hot water: there it will be softened, but will not melt.

Take out a candle from water and cut off paraffin since one end so that the match stuck out approximately on 8 cm.

Then, strong holding a candle with one hand, do on it slanting cuts, having begun from above.

the Made an incision scales unbend

outside a little. All this should be done quickly enough until paraffin stiffened.

the turned-out fir-tree can be decorated Now with

: in the unbent scales it is possible to paste spangles, color peas etc.

That a candle, cooling down, it was not bent, suspend it for a match to a rope until it stiffens.

the Multilayered candle

to you will be required to



  • paraffin of different flowers (it can be ready multi-colored candles),
  • a glass or a wine glass,
  • several cans.

Melt paraffin of different flowers on a water bath in different banks. If there is no color paraffin, it is possible to tint it, having added art oil paints there. Now take a beautiful transparent glass and fill in in it with layers paraffin of different flowers in turn. Before pouring the following layer, let`s the previous layer stiffen completely.


For such multilayered candle choose colors which when mixing remain pure: for example, it is good to mix blue and yellow, yellow and red.

the Candle with color peas

to decorate candles with color peas, at first soften small color candles or pieces of paraffin in hot water. Pinch off a piece from the softened candle and roll from it a small ball. Then drip on a candle hot paraffin from the burning candle and quickly paste on this place a ball - a pea.

Illusion of a stained-glass window

Stained-glass windows are called the transparent pictures, drawings, patterns made of glass or on glass. They usually are established in light apertures - windows, doors, lamps. Stained-glass windows in the form of ornamental compositions, patterns or pictures are MADE OF colourless or color glasses, with a list of separate details or without list. Stained-glass windows decorate with the decorative effect any room: thanks to a play of light, getting through color glass, they create the unusual atmosphere and mood.

But to do to

the most real glass stained-glass window troublesome, let experts be engaged in it better. Why not to create illusion of a stained-glass window by means of simple objects - scissors, paints, glue?


Besides, will be necessary for a stained-glass window: dense black paper, transparent color paper or film, tracing-paper, pencil, glue, knife, scissors.

  • Choose drawing which you want to use for creation of a stained-glass window, - its contour can coincide completely with a form of a window or, on the contrary, against a window rectangle you want to create a medieval arch stained-glass window. It is possible to make a stained-glass window in the form of a snowflake, a lodge, a butterfly, a fir-tree, the lock. It is possible to use any drawings as patterns for a stained-glass window - it is only necessary to change their scale to the necessary size.
  • by
  • Make a pattern full-scale and transfer drawing to a reverse side of dense black paper.
  • Pay attention that black lines of planimetric drawing have to be continuous and not too thin.
  • Cut out drawing on a contour. o the Stationery knife or cuticle scissors accurately cut out all sites which have to be color from a stained-glass window, and from a reverse side paste color paper in gleams.
  • the Ready stained-glass window paste
  • to a windowpane - it can be made by means of soap, an adhesive tape or by means of paper glue which is easily washed away then from glass.

But modern technologies do not stand still therefore it is possible to create almost real stained-glass window by means of the special polymeric glue which is on sale in shop (glue stained glass for design works). Their principle is simple: multi-colored glue from barrels is applied on a film on which the stained-glass window contour is laid already out. Then the put layer of glue stiffens, forming a transparent thin film - and the stained-glass window is ready! It can be pasted on glass - even without glue, to suspend in an aperture and to use according to the New Year`s imagination!

of Happy and creative New year!