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I want to present you a table... What

a holiday without beautiful and tasty table! The recipe of laying offers 13 - summer Nikita Tabakov, the successor of a nice dynasty of actors and restaurateurs.

I Suggest to give an original gift to younger sister or the brother - to lay for them a table. Let they will invite friends and will celebrate a holiday separately from adults. At this table - the orders. Here it is not necessary to adhere to etiquette, but it is possible to play the fool, loudly to laugh and eat too much any delicacies.

we Will begin

with a fir-tree. Buy green flower Oasis foam in flower salon, it is better in the form of a cone. Small Christmas-tree decorations, gummies, strawberry, cookies, wafers, “chupa-chups“ candies will be useful. Prepare small pieces of a wire - on 3 - 4 centimeters or use small paper clips, having unbent them. Fasten each ornament on a wire, and then strengthen it on “fir-tree“. Still it is possible to buy edible cream or jelly in tubes and to squeeze out it on cookies or wafers. On top of a fir-tree establish a star or a spike, they can be made most of paper or a wire. Accurately put a fir-tree on a dish or a tray, around spread out gifts and screw more serpentine and brilliant tinsel.

A of sweet is good to be packed into transparent boxes in the form of hearts and to attach to them jewelry - gold or silver tinsel. It is possible to paste multi-colored confetti still.

favourite soft toys can “Protect“ gifts.

Deliver to

on a table New Year`s cards, better choose small. They should be bought in advance and if there is time, to draw most. And surely think up ridiculous congratulations or write names of guests on cards and place them on a table near tableware.

Councils for decoration of a table:


the Fruit kaleidoscope

of VAZ or a big dish with fruit - effective decoration of a table. At first fill a vase with usual apples, pears and oranges. And lay out top of a pyramid gentle and exotic fruit and berries. If you bought pineapple, then do not put it at once entirely on a table - independently guests will not cope with it. Cut off “lid“ and the basis, peel pineapple of a peel, having given it the form of the cylinder, and cut circles. And surely cut out a cabbage stump - it is rigid. After that collect all pineapple back - as though it is whole. Guests will need only to remove “lid“ and to take itself a ripe juicy castor.

Baked pictures

For a holiday always buy many different cookies and wafers. It is possible to try to make them them “baked“ pictures or mosaics. A framework of the different sizes, a cardboard, color paper and glue will be necessary (for example, “Supermoment“). At first on a cardboard accurately paste the sheet of color paper. It is base for a “baked“ picture. After a cardboard paste to a frame. And now it is possible to do a picture, pasting cookies of different forms and flowers. And still it is possible to cut out from the magazine or to draw the New Year`s picture and to paste over it with cookies. Together with cookies on a cardboard it is possible to paste anything, - beads, tinsel and confetti.

Orange fire

it is exciting to p to experiment With orange. A peel at it thick and soft. Very convenient material! It is possible to make of this peel, for example, a candlestick. You choose orange larger. A sharp knife you make an incision a peel to pulp on diameter, approximately in the middle, well or is slightly lower. Then accurately you rind that the cup turned out. A knife you cut out in an opening - small squares or rombik. And in an orange candlestick you put a small candle, them still call “floating“. Only be careful: matches is not a toy! Such candlestick is short-lived and requires attention of adults.

the Beautiful fork is more tasty!

On a table surely. Decorate them with the serpentine or a decorative wire. Forks and spoons can be connected by a tape or to fasten with a bow, and still - to clean in an envelope from a napkin. It is easy to make an interesting support under tableware of flower Oasis foam.