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Unload! (that is to return itself doprazdnichny forms)

these wonderful January days when the administration does not remind of itself - all country for a month went on deserved leave - and traffic jams arise not because all go from work but because all go on a visit... During this time any hostess thinks only of one: that to eat it (read: to prepare) finally not to lose human shape?

knows to

for what at the beginning of January in all civilized world huge sales are arranged Long ago - in order that the people which became impoverished during a gift time could buy new clothes. One size more. Because in old even the head does not creep, without telling the lake. I do not know how many still time will pass before fellow citizens stop dressing salads with mayonnaise in the ratio “one to one“, will cease to push into kind Demyan still a piece of “Napoleon“ and will deprive herring of her small happiness - “a fur coat and that everything, as at people“. To try to change it it is necessary right now, otherwise... Otherwise - we will not be in time!

the Orach sprawling and mar white

Ate too much in Russia from time immemorial. A story about how alien foreigners turned pale and fell unconscious how Afanasy Dormidontych absorbs the fifth portion of pancakes with caviar and a semuzhka (any Frenchman already from a half of the first would kick the bucket), are recorded by classics.

our ancestors really sometimes arrived as decent pigs. To eat painful passion they to us in inheritance left, and forgot to dictate medicine. Archives, however, kept names of the herbs used next morning after a gluttony. It is an orach sprawling and mar white. Where they grow, I do not know. I know only that at non-compliance with proportions it is possible to go easily to these ancestors. Therefore we will manage festaly. And here is how to finish an alcoholic festive marathon, it is well known. Here in what a problem? You are also glad to finish, but legs stubborn bear to buy still small. And all because from a body during the period with 31 - go on 5 - e all potassium which for some reason is responsible for relationship of an organism with itself was washed up. It is possible to leave this state, accepting infusion from equal parts of a bitter wormwood, thyme and centaury - on a half-glass four times a day. And at all alcohol! But it, of course, only after the Chinese New year...

of Dzyu - later, or Fight intelligently

in days of student`s youth went I on January 3 to the subway. On the contrary three respectable mothers of families in medium-weight weight sat. Went obviously to the Central market in Tsvetnoy Boulevard - to fill up the exhausted food. I did not really adjust sharpness therefore I did not look at them, sat as it is dead sleeping, and they opened the heart. Discussed own attempts to make a New Year`s table more dietary. Attempts were successful. One replaced mayonnaise in salads with mayonnaise with sour cream. Another before to give a jelly, removed from it fat. The third... I do not remember precisely, but worked not less considerably. And everything was made absolutely correctly! Fat should be removed, in mayonnaise of to limit. But it is possible to be more courageous! For example, to turn the look by those times when you still tried to keep to diets and struck surrounding with the theoretical skill. Hey, Montinyak, Atkins and Shelton who adjoined them... Proteinaceous diet? Cabbage? Kefiric? Apple? Salad? Oat, mem? In February when all are convinced that holidays precisely ended, perhaps, it is necessary to remember in details. But so far upas me God to recommend to feed guests with cabbage salad and tea from 12 g of sugar on a glass. It can be come very to a bad end because they on a visit arrived, but not to circus. by

And still it is quite possible to p to make a lunch in the facilitated option, and with small losses and with small expenses. The unloading diet has to contain a minimum of fat and carbohydrates. Until the organism eats“ the calories received with food, it will not be accepted to own fat, that is the menu has to provide a condition of power deficiency. It is scientifically proved that it is even necessary to include enough protein in the most dietary diet, otherwise the organism immediately begins to eat own fabrics - muscles, a liver and an other offal. On the other hand, as you will do without vitamins, minerals and cellulose? To proceed the easiest from the principle of separate food, that is: to make or it is exclusive soyevo - a bean vegetarian lunch (what the climate and patriarchal foundations dispose badly to), or to concentrate on meat and, despite plaintive groans of people around, not to offer potato and green peas as a garnish. And to give instead cucumbers, any pepper, spices and soy sauce, olives - olives, greens, including sheet salad, a cranberry - cowberry, grapefruits, a celery, onions, garlic.

To fish a set the same plus sea cabbage. “The register - that is small!“ - will tell the brain which is not touched by new trends. It is possible to object in two ways:“ It for one dinner, but not for every day“ or, on the contrary, “Some so all life live“. If in this situation also meat to take dietary - a rabbit, chicken or fish, then the soul will actively sing, and interiors - silently to applaud the clever and ingenious owner.

How to console guests?

It is separate history. In - the first, it is necessary to warn them that pies will not be, and for especially rested you will bake Health bread from flour with bran (can, then they will not arrive at all?) . In - the second, the main product has to be much because zheludochno the unsatisfied guest is very dangerous: the grief in wine suppresses and sings a karaoke. Let`s tell if you have eight mouths, and a leg (mutton) one, consider that “Oh, the frost“ is provided to you. Besides, any meat served to a fasting day it is possible “to amuse“ very nicely - to season not with the chemical ketchups which are beaten out from the schedule of separate food, and very much even original sauce from... gooseberry. Yes!

If you the real zealous owner, then at you in a pogrebka the jar - another of the wiped gooseberry from a personal garden bush surely was overlooked. It is desirable that it was without sugar. You take this gooseberry, you add one - two spoons of water and you extinguish on slow fire. Not for long, minutes three. Then you put horse-radish in any look interesting you there. Though and grated, from a factory jar. You pour from above a nutmeg, Cayenne pepper and salt.

Literally in five minutes of a posapyvaniye on slow fire your magic sauce is ready

. It is only necessary to cool it. If yours pogrebok is empty, go to a supermarket. There you will easily get either a fresh-frozen gooseberry, or infidelic jam which on an absence of fish will quite fit. Be simpler, and to you will stretch... new guests.