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Sweet and fortress of mulled wine revive a Bengal light in a glass (punch, a grog, mulled wine) of

the person, Voltaire said. Wine lights at heart magic fireworks of scintillating wit and pleasure. And really, the warming winter drink is capable to turn any bad weather into a holiday.

Doctors repeat

: it is impossible to take alcoholic drinks before coming to the winter street. Alcohol creates feeling of deceptive heat, the person ceases to control himself and becomes an easy mark of cold. Here only to our warming cocktails it has no concern. There alcohol - that is slightly, and all other ingredients (their several tens, and they can be combined randomly) are simply fantastic.

... In the first rather rainy day when leaves already flew and the sky it is tightened by lead clouds, I made an appointment with the friend who arrived from Munich. He already waits at Tretyakovskaya when I find out that at the car the wheel is punctured. Damning everything on light, freezing, I catch a taxi and food to it. In a coffee house on Pyatnitskaya we drink on couple of glasses of mulled wine - and suddenly I feel how those fireworks, the magic Bengal light is lit in my soul. I pull cashmere gloves, I take the friend by an arm, and we go for a walk - we admire the small river from the bridge, at Red Square we listen to peal of bells, we stray on evening lanes between Tver and Nikitsky. Then we drink on mulled wine and we make the grandee - tour across boulevards. And how I could forget about this wonderful drink? How in general in such weather it is possible to exist without it?

As in old time

Surprising feature of hot alcoholic beverages is that every winter we rediscover them for ourselves. Even more surprising - that their more than one hundred and if forces, time and mood allow, it is possible to experiment with new all the time.

the Classical warming drinks - mulled wine, a grog and punch - during a season appear in the menu of any institution respecting itself. However, train them everywhere anyhow - fortunately, recipes allow divergences.

Mulled wine in ideal execution can be tried on the Alpine slopes. In France and Switzerland it is called “by van sho“ (vin chau, hot wine), in Germany - “glyukhvayn“ (the same, from the German gluhende Wein) and if to slightly open a pan cover at small small restaurant on the route where drink for skiers prepares, then it is possible to go crazy from aroma, and also to learn the following recipe. To warm up wine, but not to allow it to begin to boil at all; to put in it to taste a carnation, cinnamon, a nutmeg, the sliced apples, oranges, a lemon dried peel. If you cook drink from dry wine, add 200 g of sugar to one bottle if from semisweet - 100 g and if from dessert, then it is possible to do without sugar at all. Mulled wine has to be drawn minutes 15 - 20, and then it can be filtered and spilled on glasses. For aroma it is good to add several drops of cognac or liqueur, and for sweet - to steam of teaspoons of honey. It is the best of all to serve “the flaring wine“ in high glass glasses with handles or in ceramic cups.

Sometimes hot water is a part of mulled wine. Remember that it is necessary to add it to ready drink, and to pour carefully, on edge - at all not to splash out all at once, it will spoil taste.

ready mixes of spices for mulled wines - very conveniently are on sale Today: put a bag of holes in hot wine, left for ten minutes, to be drawn, - and drink is ready. Magics in such process, of course, at least, but all the same - having wrapped up in a woolen plaid, taking a sip from a glass hot wine, it is quite possible to feel that traveler in a distant XVII century which practically with the head the Alpine snowstorm when it was found by monks - bernardines swept up. And here now they return the frozen person - in your person - to life by means of the magic drink. Quite so tell a story of mulled wine emergence.

By the way, here some more places, except the Swiss Alps where in this season it will be possible to try the “correct“ mulled wine. In - the first, it is the skating rink which opened in the center Wal - D`Izera, in France. It looks as the frozen lake, light its fantastic lamps, ice swans float on it, and each girl feels like Gerda in search of Kai whom only the good portion of hot wine will be able to melt heart.

At small restaurants of the Italian resort Madonna di Campiglio to mulled wine are given the most tasty snack - mustachchyol, the thinnest cookies in the form of rombik. Add honey, fruit, spices, warm wine and nuts to dough, bake a thin cake layer, a wooden form cut out from it rombik and half a year store cookies in baskets that became crackling and became impregnated with aroma of cinnamon, carnation and lemon.

have Hardly more and more than

, than everywhere in Europe, love mulled wine in Scandinavia. On Christmas markets of Stockholm and Copenhagen, as always, it will be possible to get lost among counters with jewelry, toys - and mulled wine which is prepared with big feeling here.

Punch, grog...

Two other well-known winter drinks tell

, not less fascinating, stories. The grog appeared in the 18th century thanks to a firm hand of the English admiral Vernon. In those days under the contract the daily portion of rum relied each seaman. Whether sailors very much brawled after that, whether rum rose in price, but in 1740 the admiral disposed to give to subordinates the rum half diluted with water. Sailors not for long puzzled over how to be with such wish-wash: it turned out that hot it is much more pleasant, than in cold. Over time began to add sugar, honey and a lemon to a grog (so, by the way, for eyes called the admiral Vernon), even pounded caramel and whipped cream, and found it possible to replace rum with other hard liquors - cognac or lemon vodka.

Punch prepares on the basis of rum and water too and too it is considered the English drink. But at the same time it differs from rough cocktail of seamen in refinement and a slozhnosochinennost. It is possible to explain it with the fact that actually punch - any not English drink. Three hundred years ago it was delivered to England from the East. Also got accustomed.

the Word “punch“ comes from an Old Indian “panch“ that means “five“. Five immutable ingredients - rum, wine, sugar or honey, spices (cinnamon and a carnation) and tea. The most popular of “punshevy“ additives - ale, pineapple, oranges and eggs. Sometimes at the end of preparation add a little more red wine to give to punch pleasant color.

are Spilled by both a grog, and punch in clay or porcelain cups: drinks should not cool down - taste will become puzzled.

... and everything, everything, all


these three drinks - punch, a grog and mulled wine - were taken as a basis of hundreds of other recipes in which sometimes and not to recognize the original. Options will be for all occasions.

At least once during the winter to everyone need to spend by

“day of the childhood“ - to go to a hill where - nibud to the Novodevichy Convent or to a skating rink. In the final of such day will ideally sound “Pink Toddi“ . 35 ml of vodka, 25 ml of raspberry liqueur, 2 h l. honey, 100 ml of boiled water, a lemon, cinnamon, a carnation, a nutmeg to collect in one glass and to insist within 10 minutes.“ Toddi“ is considered traditional Irish winter drink and the closest relative of Russian sbitnya.

If the company of friends goes to the country, then fabulous preparation of “Hussar punch“ can become the culmination of evening. 40 ml of dark rum, 40 ml of cognac, 150 ml of Madeira, 150 ml of hot strong tea, 150 g of sugar, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 50 g of dates, prunes and raisin, tack and cinnamon. To grate chipped sugar with a dried peel, to squeeze out juice of lemons and orange, to remove stones from prunes and dates. To put raisin, prunes and dates in a pan. To add cinnamon, lemon and orange juice and the warmed-up mix from Madeira, cognac and rum. From above on a pan to put a metal lattice, on it - chipped sugar. To pour over sugar alcohol and to set fire. When sugar melts and will flow down down, to add hot strong tea to drink, to stir and insist minutes 20 - 25.

in the Winter to you the love can unintentionally appear suddenly, and then you, of course, will reject all rules of winter behavior and will walk to exhaustion with darling on the snow-covered avenues ringing from a frost. The drink answering on heat of romantic passions - “Christmas punch“ : 2 h l. black tea, 4 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of ginger syrup, 350 ml of the Jamaican rum, 2 carambolas. To fill in tea of 750 g of boiled water and to leave for 3 minutes. To filter, warm in a pan with honey, ginger syrup and rum. To pour on cups and to decorate with the cut carambola asterisks.

in an icy cold will be suitable For a family sit-round gathering to “Coffee grog“ (0,5 l of rum, 100 ml of cognac, 50 ml of sugar syrup, 0,5 l of coffee infusion, a lemon; to pour hot coffee on cups, to add cognac, rum and sugar syrup, to mix, decorate slightly with a lemon) and “Egg mulled wine“ (250 ml of white wine, 2 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons. sugar, 100 ml of berry juice - strawberry, crimson, cherry, currant; dry white wine to heat, pound egg yolks with sugar, to carefully fill in them with hot wine, constantly stirring slowly; to pour in berry juice, to mix and pour once again on glasses).

And if you just can be alone, then evening can be made cozy by means of of “Hot rum with oil“ (40 ml of dark rum, 1 h l. brown sugar, 1 h l. butter, pinch of a grated nutmeg, boiled water; to dissolve sugar in boiled water, to add rum and oil, to strew with a nutmeg) or special of “Hot chocolate“ (200 ml of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa, 1,5 tablespoons of sugar, 50 ml of low-fat cream and 50 ml of cream are fatter, a ginger pinch, a pinch of the Jamaican pepper, a stick of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of brandy; to bring milk, cocoa, sugar, cream and spices in one pan to boiling, to add some brandy; to pour in cups and to enter the shaken-up heavy cream; to decorate cocoa). By the way, experts claim that hot cocoa - nearly the best winter drink. Besides all its other advantages it contains much more useful antioxidants, than in red wine or tea.

But anyway for whatever of the warming drinks you spent winter evening, magic fireworks - though small as the Bengal light, - to you is provided.