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Christmas bird`s market (goose, duck, turkey and so forth)

Let`s say you atheist. And you have no idea as it is necessary to be christened. But if you though a little bit the culinary specialist, it is of you just cynical not to fry on Christmas a bird.

the Bird does not hurry to appear on a Christmas table. In the dead of night to Christmas Eve the people come from festive service and, having seen the first star in the sky, follow to a table of viands. Viands rely cold (logically: the hostess - that in church). Earlier tables in Christmas Eve filled up with hay that people did not forget about in what conditions the very first Christmas was celebrated. On hay home-made sausages, cold roast and dairy pigs were exposed. The turn of a bird came during a Christmas lunch.

Hero of the Roman Empire

History of geese very old. They, as we know, saved Rome. And before made a lot of good. Practically taught to write mankind, having presented it with the feather. They were honored in Egypt and Ancient Greece, respected in North America. And the most reverent attitude to this large feathery developed in foggy Albion. There long before Christmas regular trainings on eating of a goose still are arranged. Begin in the last dates of September, on Mikhaylov day. By this moment geese are still harmonous and graceful, and meat at them light and fast. It is prompt to grow fat they will become closer by December when from a free grass of birdies transfer to winter quarters and a wholegrain diet. Fatten a goose not less than 20 weeks then kill him, pluck and suspend in the aired room for 3 - 4 days. From it its meat becomes more gentle.

of Guinea gooses is hammered usually at the age of 6 - 8 months when they weigh from 3 to 6 kilograms. At the same time it is necessary to consider that goose bones it is much heavier duck or chicken - if you prepare for guests, then count not less than on 600 grams of a crude bird on a portion.


a goose, choose a carcass less, with the lightest skin - it is the youngest. In a goose the mass of fat therefore he is trained longer, than other bird (except a turkey), and at more high temperature - 180 - 190 ° S. Luchshe of all - entirely in an oven. It is necessary to water, however. We recommend mix of red wine, prunes broth and orange juice. The last few times can be watered with cognac. The goose is ready when transparent juice follows from the leg pierced in the thickest place. Usually 15 minutes on everyone half a kilogram are required.

If participants of a meal unexpectedly - unexpectedly became more, and a goose already in an oven, do not quail, cook forcemeat. Giblets - unambiguously fried will be necessary for you. And further - whatever is in the house. You open a bedside table, you get: rice, nuts, dried fruits. Quickly you cook rice, you presoak dried fruits, you calcinate nuts. You mix everything with giblets. Guests decent people would be, you would fill with this mix of a goose and only then would fry - and longer, than not stuffed. And so it is necessary to use cunning. When the goose is roasted to a turn, on a baking sheet where fat and juice flew down, something will remain. Add a little wine or just waters there, and then pseudo-forcemeat. Properly mix and let`s get warm while you undress the hero of the Roman Empire. Give remorselessly with soaked apples. Mature “Bordeaux“ is required to you too. A goose of “Bordeaux“ - the friend and the companion.

the Ugly duckling

the Duck with apples - a limit of dreams of the person 70 - x. With apples then problems were not. With ducks, however, too. There is no duck - there is no problem. Therefore it is no wonder that at present abundance in many families continue to fill fanatically a bird knowledge fruits. Which, meanwhile, can quite be replaced with a citrus, plums, a quince or pears. Without saying that it is easy to make duck taste thinner - by means of a marjoram, rosemary, a sage, an estragon or a thyme.

Than the duck is less than the size, the skin is lighter at it, the it is younger and softer. At ducks more shades of taste are more senior, and, above all, it is more than flesh - that for a duck significantly. The average bird, weighing up to 2 kg, is hardly enough for four because in her it is less meat, than bones and fat. In this connection sharply there is a question of forcemeat. It is pleasant to me with dried apricots, dried cherry, an orange dried peel, grain crumbs and egg. Without seasonings - only green bell pepper.

Before preparation can be processed a duck so that during roasting skin became crackling. For this purpose the bird needs to be drenched with a large amount of boiled water that skin turned white and stretched. Then to dry, rub with white dry wine with salt outside and from within and for the night to put in the refrigerator - on a lattice, without closing that dried up. Before roasting to pierce leather of a duck with a fork everywhere and to rub with something. For example, ginger powder. Then the melting fat will follow, and meat will absorb in itself a divine smell.


fries an average duck about an hour (30 - 40 minutes on kilogram). Though it is allowed and to underdo - at restaurants wishing it give with blood. The duck treats alcohol whimsically. Pino demands “Noir“.

Day of a turkey

the Turkey - the champion. She won in long Christmas fight against a goose and a duck at the expense of body weight. It is more economic. It one replaces with itself ten pathetic ducks. In my opinion, to the detriment of taste - but tastes at all different.

There are hundreds of recipes of preparation of a turkey, but for Christmas it nevertheless can be fried in an oven, previously having filled it a paunch. Americans in this respect have tough rules. If to put crude forcemeat in a turkey, then neither forcemeat, nor a bird propechtsya. Therefore it is only possible to fill with what is already ready. Besides, forcemeat has to be not really much, otherwise there will be no air circulation in a birdie. Consider so: on each kilogram of a turkey slightly more glass of a stuffing will be required.

Seasons of a turkey and chestnuts coincide therefore chestnuts enter the mass of recipes of a stuffing. Usually take preserved - fresh it is necessary to weld or bake previously in an oven and to clear. The more small chestnuts, the better - it is not necessary to cut. They are mixed with rice, bulgury, raisin, crackers, peaches, cowberry and a cranberry, a dried cornel and a papaya. You do not imagine how many in it all is located!

If frying of a turkey in your family - process regular, makes sense to get the thermometer for meat. Convenient thing! Thrust in a leg - and you look at indications. Temperature rose to 82,2 ° With - means, it is ready. Heat of forcemeat has to be slightly less - 73 ° Page.

I fried

First and, probably, the last time a turkey in deep youth, in the company of the American students. To buy products there went boys - for dollars, to “Stockmann“ as other next points trading in turkeys were in Helsinki. Brought a monster on nine and a half kilograms. We with jokes and humourous catchphrases for an hour and a half made forcemeat, filled, sewed up. And this creature did not get into an oven. It was necessary to lynch her, forcemeat to take out and fry everything separately. It turned out awfully chilly. Fir-trees in silence, and over the heads of attendees the grinning Mr. Bing`s ghost soared … Though it then on light - that was not.

the Turkey actually can turn out tasty. For this purpose the hostess has to offer herself and constantly water her. Considering that the turkey is fried in the afternoon, it is the true heroism. Though it is possible to arrive in a different way. If you have a trough, pour in it 8 liters of water, fill up 2 glasses of coarse salt and a glass of sugar. When they are dissolved, add some dried herbs: bay leaf, a thyme or that there you have. Ship a gutted turkey in a brine a breast down, close and you keep in the cold place of 6 - 8 hours. Then take out, wash up, get wet with paper towels and leave for the night in the refrigerator that skin dried up. To overdry such preparation, the remarkable talent will be required.

the Poor relative

Against above-mentioned representatives of family of birds chicken on a Christmas table looks as the poor relative. And what now? Poor relatives have no right for existence? Represent from chicken pass - a goose. Or a turkey - the Liliputian. Fill with forcemeat from a turkey, give with duck sauce. Bake many chickens (two) and lay out to “Mont Blanc“ from forcemeat. Even easier chicken turns from the habitual banal Cinderella into the exotic ball princess by means of tropical fruit. Pineapple with grapes and couscous as a stuffing; coconut milk sauce; the baked mango as a garnish. Christmas, citizens, it and in Africa Christmas … In a word, warm the relative, and she will be eaten, having forgotten about the status.


Such words of Dodo (itself it seems a bird) called

of the Birdie the small birds who crowded around the lake which Alice naplakat, being in the Wonderland. This definition as well as possible approaches our last heroes of a Christmas bird`s market. They are rare, expensive, small and bony - but are daring. In sense, tasty. These are quails, partridges, snipes, hazel grouses, woodcocks and other teals yes dupelya.

of Five last is carried to a so-called red game, that is to animals and birds whom especially liked to hunt in Russia before revolution. Prepare these birds, having only plucked, - and it is not necessary to clean them because when cutting too much juice is lost. At snipes even the head is not cut off. God forbid to pickle their meat in vinegar - it will lose any taste and will collapse on threads that second as you natknt it on a fork. Use dry white wine or spicy mix from herbs and spices. And it is possible not to pickle at all.

the Probability that on Christmas you will turn out outdoors in the company of carcasses of these little birds is minimum

- and it is a pity. Exactly there it is the best of all to train them - having wrapped up in several layers of leaves, having dug superficially to the earth and having kindled over them a fire. However, what leaves in December?. In an oven the game is fried 20 - 25 minutes. It is not necessary to do anything special with it - rub with pepper and yes give salt with some fruit or berry sauce. For example, with mountain ash jelly.

of the Partridge - creations more small, are good the gentle meat of dark color with saturated taste. They should be stuffed with berries (cowberry, grapes, red currant, a gooseberry) and to bake. For a change it is possible to fry partridges in a stewpan, and then to extinguish also a tax, having poured over classical white sauce. When you prepare a partridge, be extremely attentive, do not overroast it. This is not chicken - she will not forgive you excess five minutes on fire. After you took out a partridge from an oven, it continues some time to prepare - so it is better to get it when it is slightly underdone.

With quails the situation is even worse. In the largest copy - and to train for weight no more than 130 g them it is difficult. Besides that they have not enough meat, it has practically no fatty layer and quite rigid. Before frying, for example on a spit, several hours in wine with herbs are desirable to pickle a carcass of a quail. Quails 10 - 15 will be fried minutes. That they did not dry up, it is possible to cover them with bacon and to remove it at the end - the ruddy crust will turn out. If you are going to eat this trifle in the company, prepare two quails on each guest (there will be enough partridge also one).

Olga Zakharova
observer of the Gastronom magazine:

- For me, not the big fan of a Christmas bird, the main thing in it - a whistle. Or rather, that small pimpochka which reports about readiness of a dish. According to my children`s memoirs, it - the most joyful and cheerful culinary accessory.

Earlier nobody prompted

to hostesses that excess fat at a duck should be deleted, and to slit the skin that it was melted. And against cyanotic and lean soup chickens the duck looked somehow is too well-fad. Only then, already during a time of my own gastronomic opening it became clear that a duck breast - the most tasty dish. Especially with some berry sauce and a fruit garnish. By the way, exotic sauces and garnishes in general perfectly get on with a Christmas bird - a duck or a turkey. I consider as one of the most successful sauces fruit “Cumberland“ from krasnosmorodinovy jelly, from garnishes - a red cabbage, onions and apple, stewed in port.

Despite difficulties of fight against surplus of fat, the duck often was present at our house New Year`s table. Of course, it was stuffed: antonovka and prunes or quince. This stuffing was pleasant to me more, than a bird and therefore mother thought up for me a special dish. It separated meat from bones and mixed it with in advance postponed stuffing. Then turned in shortcake dough and, giving to pie the form of a bird, baked in the warmed oven. My ruddy “duck“ was not worse than the real Christmas bird for adults. By the way, thus it is possible to use the meat of a duck, turkey and chicken which remained after festive feasts.

Though also other option is. To clear small pieces of a bird of bones and to slice small. That meat was not dry, it should be warmed in gravy or sauce, for example white. If in the refrigerator by any miracle mushrooms escaped, fry them and add to a bird. If is not present - it is possible to do also without them. It is excellent to stuff with such stuffing newly-baked fresh pancakes or just to give it with boiled potatoes or paste.

Just the fairy tale

It is representable that there was improbable. The grandfather Santa threw to you under a fazanchik fir-tree. If you at least once tried it (fazanchik), then will understand scope of a miracle. And it is better, without waiting for grandfather`s favor, find a pheasant - in shops they meet. Buy better a fazanka, it, as well as all female, more softly. If at a bird available of a spur, you watch length: than it is more, those longer than their owner should keep in an oven. Meat at a pheasant of dark color, low-fat, but extremely juicy.

But to us, Russians, good it is not enough - the best give us! In domestic culinary practice of pheasants it was accepted to lard fat. It is optional to follow this tradition. It is possible just to stuff a birdie with her own giblets, slightly fried with onions and greens, and then to impose with tomatoes with pepper, to turn in the oiled parchment and to bake. Some 50 minutes - can also be collected already relatives. To sit down at a Christmas table. Is long, with pleasure, on anything, except a request for an additive, without reacting. Especially annoying to speak: “What such peacock - mavlin? You do not see: we ku - at - shay!“

P. S. I on your place would hurry with purchase of a Christmas bird. The probability that in connection with developed meditsinsko - a political situation of the following goose or a chicken we will manage to try not earlier than years through fifteen is high.