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The first month - day after day

At return from maternity hospital (especially if the child the first) each mother feels awkward, shy, feeling some fear and doubt in whether she will be able to cope with all that amount of cares and problems which at once lean on it. First of all - calm down and think that all parents learn to look after the kid sometime for the first time, and all cope with it quite successfully. The first month is a month of accustoming, “prismatrivaniye“ you to the child, the child to you. You do not hurry to draw any conclusions at once, observe the kid, and at the end of the first month you will have a certain system of communication, the mode will be adjusted that considerably will facilitate to you care of the child in the future.

Try to fall in love with this tiny, helpless being who entirely depends on you, talk to the kid during disguise and hygienic procedures. He will get used to your voice and will begin to recognize him soon. And when in response to the words you will see a charming smile on a face of the kid, you will feel the happiest person on light.

the questions concerning competence of the newborn concern with

of Parents: what does he see? Hears? Feels?

Let`s dwell upon what of five main feelings are developed at the newborn and in what degree.

Sense of smell. I not incidentally decided to begin with it. The matter is that sense of smell very much early develops at the child and plays a large role in recognition of mother, in emergence of mutual attachment. Already by third day of life the kid is capable to distinguish the mother from all others on a smell. If your child is full and dressed in fresh linen, but does not fall asleep in any way, try to put in a bed near his head the scarf moistened with maternal milk - in half of cases it calms the kid, and he fills up with a sound and healthy sleep.

Hearing. it is proved Presently that else in mother`s womb the child differently reacts to quiet and fast music, on loud sounds, learns a voice of the father and mother. Being born on light, it already has the developed hearing, you can easily be convinced of it, watching the newborn: loud sounds force it to shudder. If to talk to it, it will turn the head in that party from where the voice is distributed. Gentle melodious music can make silent and listen for some time it to sounds.

Sight. during study at institute on classes in obstetrics to us, students, repeatedly repeated what in maternity hospital of the newborn should be met with a smile as it opens the eyes together with the first sigh and the instant of the birth keeps in mind. It is possible to argue on that, the newborn how well sees, but he distinguishes light and darkness: at bright light he closes eyes, and in the twilight opens them. He will begin to distinguish colors much later, but from the earliest age bright, red, brilliant draws its attention. At the age of 3 - x weeks he can already look after a moving toy not for long. At the age of 6 weeks distinguishes flat from volume, and to the 10th week age - convex from concave. In 3 months he sees almost the same as the adult (it is considered that at this age he recognizes mother not only by a smell or a voice, namely by outlines of the person; begins to distinguish faces of people and sometimes meets by crying foreign person). In 4 - 5 months the child distinguishes primary colors.

Taste plays an important role from the very first days, sweetish taste of mother`s milk raises a pleased smile and if mother abused garlic, onions or other spices, then the changed taste of milk can not be pleasant so to the kid that even the strong feeling of hunger will not force it to eat. Very quickly the newborn begins to distinguish concentration of sugar. Try to offer it just boiled water and 5% glucose solution - you will see what will be pleasant to it more.

Touch. the Newborn is very sensitive to touches, some of them calm him, others, on the contrary, excite, and parents very quickly notice it. The kid sucks, he is hungry; if you tenderly stroke it, he will cease to suck if you continue caress, the pause in feeding will last as it is happy such manifestation of love and attention which are more expensive it than satisfaction of feeling of hunger. And how many pleasant feelings bathing delivers to most of kids! Curative action of the massage both calming, and toning also is based on the developed tactile sense.

So, the newborn child is not simply “the digesting device“ - it quite independent personality capable to see, hear, feel, and from that how early you will understand it, will experience, your relationship during all life depends. Learn to love the kid, to understand him, to give joy the care, and he will reciprocate to you soon. Within the first month you will be able to construct the relationship so that to give each other happy moments.

in conclusion wants to tell

several words, having addressed the newborn`s father. Do not wait when your kid learns to go, speak - try to take part in all affairs connected with care of the baby from the very first days. Gradually your interrelation will become stronger and closer that will surely be reflected in the child: children with of whom fathers take care from the first days develop earlier, they are more independent and sure of themselves, and they better developed sense of humour.

By the end of the first month of life most of children get used to a certain mode, cry less at night, they are disturbed less by hindrances in a stomach, and all this allows parents to watch how their kid grows with great pleasure. Have patience - the first month will fly by very quickly, and it in development of the kid it is difficult to overestimate value. The child, confident that he is loved will be more courageous and, thanks to such attachment, one fine day will become independent, but the way to this independence begins with the first loving look, the first word, the first touch... Present them to the kid, and your feelings will become mutual.