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The nearer the bone the sweeter the meat

Scraps - not too nice word. At once the London slums, poor orphans, Oliver Twist recur to the memory... On the other hand, how still you will call the pathetic remains of crab salad smeared on a bowl or the restless “cutting“ left to the mercy of fate for the sake of hot?

should give all this to dogs... But, in - the first where to take dogs that digested all set? And in - the second, you already for certain have other pet - the toad who will not miss an opportunity to suffocate you for a tranzhirstvo. And so then not to be upset, the destiny of scraps needs to be decided in advance.

we Will tell

, you bake potato for salad and think: to wrap five pieces in a foil or six? Wrap eight! And for the next day some fast dish is guaranteed to you from that four that you did not use. Besides, while in the course of preparation for a festive feast you soar, fry, cook and spread on a dish the highlight of the program, do not hurry to throw out a by-product. Think: but whether it to you will facilitate life after a holiday?

Or, for example, you boil living creatures: a layer what, a kilogram of the crooked shrimps and something on kartofelno - a carrot subject. And in vanity hardly you think that the liquid (broth) formed as a result does not deserve merge to sewer waters at all. Economically decanted in a jar with a cover and put to the cool place, she will serve to you in the specified days excellent service. It is not useful unless the broth which remained after boiling of eggs. The rest the place - in a deep freeze, there they and till Easter will perfectly stand till the end.

Soups from scraps turn out fantastic. It is possible to roast in olive oil a few onions, garlic and carrots, and then to throw there all meat which did not get into your guests. From a duck wings - there them (it is desirable without bones). Not obgryzl mutton legs? - Ochchkhorosho! And ham from banks, and carbonade, and even the salami which became swollen fat - everything you crush, throw and you cook.

my Moscow friend frantsuzsko - the American origin, Aleksandra, bakes from scraps kish. Explaining as to do it, she quite often uses the word “any“: you take any dough, you do of it in shape “bottom“. You pour in 4 eggs which are shaken up from 200 ml of cream of any fat content, and 200 ml of any milk there. Plus a glass one and a half any polished cheeses - and stuff that remained since yesterday. For aroma Sasha puts there still fried onions. And for about 40 minutes puts in an oven. It kish is eaten even by the choosiest juvenile offsprings, and with the advent of adults it in general completely evaporates.

From the point of view of economy if only you did not invite on a visit Pantagruel, the most suitable option - a turkey. Any company will not be able to overcome the big-nosed monster weighing approximately as much, how many the three-year-old child. The day after tomorrow salads from it a miracle as are good, especially if it was succeeded to peel meat of the stuck forcemeat (difficult task). But it was not possible - all the same above the head! You can tell everything that turkey cold buckwheat salad, crackers (or than you filled it there?) - your personal fusion.