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5 minutes for appearance. The express - preparation by New year of

New year, at all his joyful presentiments and expectations, demands preparation that the meeting was successful, and all impromptus - prepared. Also it is necessary to recognize that even with the active help of members of household the main efforts all the same lay down on female shoulders: it is necessary to tidy up in the apartment, to spend several hours in kitchen, preparing any delicacies, to set the table. But here everything is ready, guests will come soon, it is time to take care of the own life. You suit a mirror and... you see a tired face with which it is necessary to meet New year; and both you will meet him, and you will carry out. What to do? Do not worry. You in a stock still have one or one and a half hours. It is quite enough to put the skin in order and to look on - festive. Besides, it can be made make-shifts, using what is in the refrigerator.


Water procedures

For removal of fatigue is well helped by an elementary shower. If you want to make quickly toilet, get up for 10 minutes under a shower with a strong pressure of water, it is better not really hot (as it weakens and then it will want to sleep, besides very hot shower is contraindicated during pregnancy), but also not cold. For several minutes set up small streams the person, especially area around eyes - the effect of dot water massage is so created, and the person becomes noticeable fresh, puffiness descends.

Wash a face with the soft normal, fat or mixed skin soap or with special substitutes of soap. Having substituted other parts of a body under a shower, make a facial massage, having moistened finger-tips in vegetable oil and massage a face and a neck on massage lines (the person - from a nose bridge to temples, a forehead - from eyebrows up, a neck - from a breast to a chin - from below up). After that add to vegetable oil (for dry or normal skin) or to fermented milk product - liquid cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt (for fat skin) - iodinated salt and the easy circular massing movements of fingers clear face skin. It is possible to apply a coffee thick to a fast peeling. Put it evenly on a face, let`s dry up a little, then remove a wadded tampon.

do not forget

, using favourite fragrant shower gel, to massage a body - again - not under hot, and under warm water, having rinsed with cool water in the end (as option - having washed it a face and watering on legs).

At a time trouble can be used: contrast washing: 3 - 4 times rinse a face warm, cold water. After that good complexion is restored, skin becomes elastic again.

Food and a tone of face skin and neck

the Following stage is a suitable mask which at least for five hours will tighten your skin. Different options depending on what is near at hand are possible. The good service will be served in this plan by usual apple which for certain is among the made fruit. Apple juice contains fruit acids, it is a lot of vitamins that provides the good toning and refreshing effect, promotes pulling up of skin and improvement of its texture.

Therefore apples will quickly put face skin in order, will give it a healthy look and will take off fatigue.

  • Massage a face and a neck a slice of fresh apple. It will take you only a couple of seconds, and the effect will not keep itself waiting long - skin will at once be tightened, will become more pink and looked younger.
  • After washing rinse a face water to which apple cider vinegar is added (1 teaspoon of vinegar on 0,5 l of water).
  • by
  • Make a compress of the apple cider vinegar diluted with water (1 teaspoon of vinegar on 1 l of water). Blot a gauze napkin in solution and put it on a face and a neck for several minutes.
can also be made

Of apples masks.

All-type skin . Peel apple of a peel, grate it on a small grater and wring out juice. Put the gauze napkin which is well moistened with juice or just a layer of cotton wool on a face for 15 - 20 minutes. Dry skin needs previously to be greased with fat cream. After removal of a mask wipe a face at first with a damp, and then dry wadded tampon.

For normal skin . Peel apple of a peel, grate and mix with a teaspoon of sour cream or olive oil and a starch teaspoon. Put the turned-out mix on a face and a neck for 20 - 25 minutes, and then wash away warm water.

For fat skin . On a small grater rub 1 - 2 apple, put gruel on a face for 15 - 20 minutes. After that wash away a mask cool water. This mask refreshes and nourishes skin, saturating it with vitamins. It also renders the knitting effect, narrows pores.

For dry and normal skin . Add a half of an egg yolk and a little flour to a tablespoon of freshly squeezed apple juice or starch. Put a mask on a face for 15 minutes, then wash away warm water.

For dry skin . Mix the apple grated on a small grater with a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of the crushed oat flakes. Put the turned-out mix on a face for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash away warm water.

For the dry, angry skin. Make a mask of 2 teaspoons of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of fresh apple juice, a half of an egg yolk and a teaspoon of camphor oil. Properly mix all components and put mix on a face for 20 minutes. Then wash away at first warm, and then cold water. Skin will become at once softer, will cease to be shelled.

By the way, the wiped apple it is possible to use for healing of cracks on lips that in the winter not a rarity. Impose it on lips for a couple of minutes, and then just lick.


Krom of apple for the “emergency“ mask such products as honey, egg, olive oil, yogurt can be used.


Beautiful hands - in 5 minutes

After kitchen work, especially cleanings of vegetables, skin on fingers and legs can coarsen and darken. It is possible to solve this problem very simply.

to soften the coarsened skin of hands, within several minutes rub it with a piece of the peeled apple. Then wash hands water and grease with nutritious cream.

If in a food preparation time skin of hands darkened, wipe hands with an apple peel or a segment of a lemon.

the Toning and nutritious mask . Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of starch and the same amount of milk. For fat skin instead of milk it is necessary to take sour cream or yogurt. Put a mask on a face. Apply special skin cream around eyes on eyelids, patting around eyes small pillows of middle fingers. Lay down on a back, enclose the roller that they were slightly raised under legs and could have a rest, and relax for 15 minutes. Wash away a mask cool water, then wipe skin with an ice piece. Blot a face with a towel that skin remained a little damp.

the mask Nourishing and tightening skin . Mix an egg yolk, a spoon of olive oil, 5 - 10 drops of juice of a lemon and to add “oat-flakes“ to density of sour cream. Put a mask for 15 - 20 minutes. Wash away at first warm, then cool water.

the mask Tightening skin . Beat egg white to foam, add a teaspoon of honey and several drops of lemon juice, put this mask for five minutes for dry skin and on ten - for fat, then wash away cool water. The person will look fresh and young.

the Mask removing puffiness and reddenings . If in the refrigerator there is a natural yogurt (best of all not fat-free), put it a thick layer on a face and leave for 10 minutes. Lactic acid will quickly remove unpleasant puffiness and reddenings. Wash away cool water.

Hypostases often arise under eyes, it is possible to liquidate them by means of such masks.

of the Mask for skin a century . Perfectly removes hypostases under eyes 15 - the minute mask from crude polished potatoes, very well helps also a mask from small chopped fennel. After masks put on a face the moisturizing cream, on eyelids - the special, intended for skin century to keep moisture in skin, remove the remains with a tissue. Skin was smoothed and became freshen.



Before a night holiday, especially if is supposed that it will be noisy, it is the best of all to be alone a little in silence: to drink a glass of hot tea and the most important - at this moment to think only about pleasant, but not of cares. For 15 minutes concentrate only on yourself.

the New Year`s make-up

Each woman wants

that throughout all holiday her make-up looked so as if it is just made. It is easy to achieve it. Apply foundation directly on clean skin, be powdered and apply blush. Then take three pieces of ice and the vigorous movements walk them on all person. Use each cube till the moment when it begins to thaw, - then your make-up will not be smeared.

to disguise face spot: put foundation the end to the center of the reddened skin site, and then powder it friable powder. Only you do not put a thick layer of foundation as the effect will be opposite to the desirable. And the antiseptic proofreader is the best of all to use.

On New Year`s Eve can afford a lot of gloss therefore take care of acquisition of reflecting powder, gloss for a face and a body and nacreous shadows in silvery or zelenovato - silvery scale. But keep in mind that in that case lipstick should not be nacreous or with spangles. Rather just bright lipstick.


to make a look opened and shining, apply white nacreous shadows or a pencil on an internal corner of an eye, on the upper and lower eyelid in the form of a letter V.

If you want

that eyelashes looked more dense, just powder them with slightly ordinary friable powder and then apply ink.

So, we will count, what is the time it will be required to you to be prepared for a holiday and to be on it irresistible?

  • Water procedures: 20 minutes.
  • of the Mask (together with preparation): 30 minutes.
  • Relaxation alone: 15 minutes.
  • New Year`s make-up: 20 minutes.

Survey of results of the work shining purity of the house, the laid table and persons lovely to heart: 5 minutes.

I at parting wants to be advised: do all the most labor-consuming in advance. Try that all basic for a holiday table (except, maybe, hot dishes) was ready the day before. And on December 31 devote to yourself. It is necessary to sleep well that at night not to be sleepy. Both the fatigue will not arise, and the mood will not fall if on December 31 you allow themselves to be too lazy a little: to have a sleep longer, long and to have breakfast with pleasure. What a pity what to realize it good advice which, in general, all know it turns out so seldom. But if this time it did not turn out - see above!