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Let`s win laktostaz against

Ya I want to tell about laktostaz. So it turned out that several times I had to try seriously to solve this problem. For the first time everything reached mastitis and abscess, and even did me small operation.

the Problem of a laktostaz, unfortunately, does not avoid any nursing mother (with rare exception). But it is necessary to warn and overcome it as soon as possible that all process of breastfeeding did not fall apart. Of course, information on this question has enough, but I want to tell about that knowledge which was useful to me - I read a lot of literature and forums, and chose what was close to me, and, thank God, solved a problem of laktostaz.

Laktostaz is an obstruction of a dairy channel which reason bad depletion of a breast or its part is. The breast consists of shares (on different sources - from 12 to 20), and each segment has the channel in a nipple. At a laktostaza it is felt that some segment of a breast was condensed and hurts, sometimes there is a reddening and puffiness. If to decant a breast, then it is visible that from a nipple milk flows smaller quantity of streams or from some part of a nipple little by little flows down while from other parts, can still - flow streams.

to warn laktostaz needs to know the reason for which it arises.

Laktostaz often arises from - for following the moments.

Mother not often feeds with

At the first symptoms of a laktostaz the health can be good, without temperature and reddening of a breast, but if in such situation to do nothing, then temperature can increase and begin not infected mastitis (high temperature - more than 38, all other symptoms of a laktostaz are aggravated).

As a rule, for treatment of a laktostaz and even mastitis happens to learn enough correctly to put the child to a breast and to do it as often as possible (as the option - or is more often each hour when dityo does not sleep and if absolutely hard mother - can and wake, and sleepy to palm off a breast) - at such approach symptoms of a laktostaz pass within a day. But even if at frequent applyings to a breast symptoms of a laktostaz do not pass, it is necessary to be decanted about 2 - 3 times a day (more too it is not necessary not to overtake for a lot of milk in a breast). But it is not necessary to be decanted after each feeding, thus incorrect information comes to a brain about what amount of milk is necessary for the child. In this case, milk begins to arrive each time more, and the child will not be able to eat such amount of milk. It will turn out that you should be decanted all the time, or there will be a consecutive series of laktostaz - one passes and right there another begins. Unfortunately, with it I was long enough tormented.

should make by

Before decantation a warm compress on a breast (not in which case not hot!) to provoke oxytocin reflex that milk was easier emitted from a breast. For this purpose take a napkin and wet it in warm water. Apply on a breast and you hold until it cools down. Then, easy roundabouts massage a breast from the basis to a nipple, pay special attention to those shares which stood. And after that begin to decant. It is necessary to decant precisely, that is that area which hurts you, and it is better to do under a warm shower. And also it is good to p to be decanted by

over steam (if there is a steam inhaler, then it well helps). Even concerning massage - the feeding mother should treat very carefully a breast - it cannot be rumpled and done strongly professional massage. The massage therapist, kneading stagnant sites, can peredavit dairy channels. And laktostaz can arise already on other sites of a mammary gland.

Cannot be done to

on a breast spirit compresses as they block allocation of oxytocin. Though many say that from them it is easier, but it is a two-edged sword. The warming-up moment of a spirit compress will make the business - channels will extend and milk will be redistributed in a breast, but this milk and new, arriving, will follow more difficultly (allocation of oxytocin which is responsible for milk “effluence“ is blocked). And if you stimulate development of bigger amount of milk or it at you initially was much - receive new laktostaz, only for certain stronger and extensive.

After you decanted a breast “to a last straw“, it is very important to put the child to an affected breast that it sucked away the remains of milk and, perhaps, stagnant lumps which are manually difficult to be decanted. And here the qualitative milk pump in it is the big assistant!

does not need to ask the husband to help “to rassosat“ stagnant milk - the child exhausts milk in the special way of which the adult is not capable any more since he lost skill long ago. The kid does not suck, and language removes milk from area of an areola, and after that sglatyvat. And the husband so will not be able to make - he will pull milk as cocktail through a tubule and by that injures also without it affected nipples. Besides, in a mouth of any person there is a certain microflora with various bacteria, and including pathogenic (for example, caries). And it will give these bacteria to you when “sucks away“ milk. And if you on a nipple have a crack - that is a direct way for hit of an infection.

do not wait for

that after full decantation morbidity and some swelling of an affected share will leave at once. All this passes on 2 - y or 3 - y day. The redness leaves at the last minute. To stop decanting a breast it is necessary on 2 - y - 3 - y day. Sometimes one such full decantation and then frequent applying of the child to an affected breast is enough to get rid of a laktostaz.

“Not infected mastitis - more irregular shape of a laktostaz, signs approximately the same, but with bigger intensity. The health sharply worsens, the illness is followed by temperature increase of a body from 38 degrees and above, pain in the field of consolidation increases, can be felt when walking, at change of position of a body“.

Treatment - same, as well as at a laktostaza. High temperature is forced down febrifuges, and after decantation if the red place becomes hot, edematous, it is recommended to put to this place ice for several minutes. It is better to choose a pose for feeding such that the chin of the child was sent to the affected area. As it will allow the child to empty this part of a breast more effectively. When feeding mother can mass this channel that it was easier for child to devastate it from the breast basis to a nipple.

On 2 - y day improvement has to rebate

us. But if symptoms of not infected mastitis remain heavy, there are two and more days, hit in a breast of an infection is possible and then it develops into the infected mastitis.

Besides, the reasons of the infected mastitis, and it is necessary to treat this problem very seriously. Remember! The crack is a direct way for penetration of an infection into a mammary gland and developments of abscess. There is a set of ways of treatment of cracks on nipples, but the main thing - is correct to put the child to a breast. And still I was well helped by cream Bepanten.

Also mastitis can be complication after an illness. For example, if the woman had quinsy, it approximately in 2 weeks can have an infected mastitis - it must be kept in mind it and to look after in addition a breast.

the Infected mastitis is already inflammatory process and its treatment has to be medicamentous and timely. As a rule, the course of antibiotics which are compatible to breastfeeding is appointed - do not refuse breastfeeding at this moment, otherwise you can not return to it any more. It is not necessary to be afraid of antibiotics - an illness much more dangerously both for you, and for the child. Besides, it is necessary to continue to be decanted. Without decantation drug treatment will be not effective.

should not be made by

of Decantation manually - that there was no distribution of an infection to the next shares of a breast. It is better to use an electric milk pump for this purpose. It is impossible to do warm compresses as they can provoke abscess at the infected mastitis. If all measures of treatment of mastitis are effective, then decantations finish on 10 - y day.

A at me was all - abscess. Lumps of stagnant milk did not disappear in any way, and inside there was a purulent bag. The main thing at abscess - not to panic from what one can nurse only. You will be able quite to bring up the child this one healthy breast - and the necessary amount of milk will be developed, can only it is necessary feed slightly more often.

On a sore breast put a drainage to remove pus from a purulent bag, plus besides appoint a course of antibiotics. Drugs are also selected compatible to breastfeeding. Decantations continue a milk pump (not to mention a purulent bag, manual decantation is not recommended). Decantations are necessary also in order that the lactation in an affected breast did not die away, and after the end of treatment you could return to feeding of the kid from both breasts.

Self-treatment of mastitis is inadmissible

, and here with laktostazy it is quite possible to cope independently, the main thing - to watch closely the breast and in time to take measures.

I wish to all feeding mothers to face

Ya this problem never! But forewarned is forearmed!

I Congratulate all - all with coming New Year! Let our children will be healthy and happy!