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New year with pleasure of

you need to buy gifts, to get on morning performances to children, to visit relatives, to receive guests and to organize everything so that the husband did not feel left. How to be that among all these cares there was a place for a holiday?

Which of us did not draw to himself an ideal picture of New Year`s holidays? You exchange gifts with the family, with pleasure develop multi-colored parcels and receive congratulations. You meet New year in a magic silk dress, you are happy, beautiful. You even managed to make manicure and to sunbathe in a sunbed. Next day you sleep late, and then skate with children and play snowballs. Together with the husband you go to country boarding house, slowly walk on the snow-covered wood, and sip wine in the evening, sitting at a fireplace. You suit a family lunch, and your mother-in-law does not do you any remark concerning a holiday table, and your mother declares that she is proud of you. The husband looks at you with admiration, and children are little angels - smile to grandmothers and grandfathers. All are happy and love each other.

For some reason everything really happens absolutely differently. You run on shops, trying to find rather sincere gifts for the family and friends, but as a result again buy foolish New Year`s figures and shower gels. You spend several days before New year in mad haste and do not even remember manicure. You never for all holidays manage not that to go together with the husband out of town, but even there are not always enough forces to kiss him for the night. You spend the most part of time in kitchen and nervously hiss on children who constantly get under feet. Your dear mother and the beloved mother-in-law invite you on a visit in the same day, and you to death swear at the husband from - for that to whom to go. You begin to consider the days which remained before appearance at work and breathe sigh of relief when magic holidays - New year and Christmas - remain in the past. And, of course, it is oath you promise yourself that next year everything will be perfect differently. All of you will plan in advance and will not rush about in New Year`s Eve vanity. When we try to embrace immensity and to please all family and acquaintances, holidays turn into the most real stress. For New Year`s vacation we are tired much more, than for all labor year. How to keep common sense and to preserve nervous, system when so much it is necessary to be in time? And whether there is among all this a place to the real holiday?

the Stressful situation No. 1
Temporary wars between your parents and the spouse`s parents

Of course, New year - a family holiday, but it does not mean at all that he needs to be met by all means together with parents, and in the following to go round several days with visits of all close and distant relatives. And still to bring order at parents on mezzanines and for three days to delegate the husband to the mother-in-law that he by own efforts glazed a balcony. If to agree to each offer proceeding from the family it will turn out that you do not have time for the husband and children, especially on friends. To protect itself from undesirable invitations and requests, make so. Some days before New year together with the husband plan all that you would like to make both useful, and pleasant. A campaign with children on a skating rink and at cinema, evening together, a trip to the country, clear-out of the apartment, just rest. Write down all this in the daily log and you hold it near at hand. Those days which remained free you can quite use for cleaning of parental mezzanines or visit of the three times removed aunt of your mother-in-law. But the rest of the time is already occupied what you can report to the family with the warmest smile about.

If parents of the husband and your own want to meet you in the same day, explain that you cannot please all at once. Do not allow the family to play with you in pulling of a rope. Agree to go to those who before you invited, and politely ask to transfer the second visit the next day. Do not refuse the invitation of the mother-in-law at all. It can be told: “We so want to spend with you more time! Let`s meet on Sunday when we do not hurry anywhere!“ Do not try to be in time in one day to mother and the mother-in-law: both of them will be dissatisfied that you spent not enough time with them, and you will just be exhausted. It is possible to divide holidays: Celebrate new year with the family, and Christmas - with the husband`s family.


Recognition of men:“ What I really want to receive for New year“

Want that on holidays your husband felt the happiest man on light? Before you several New Year`s man`s desires.

“I dream of that my wife did not become hysterical, running on shops behind gifts, and just stayed with me“.
Anton, 36 years

“I want to watch the whole day foolish movies on TV. And that nobody not me for it became angry“.
Mikhail, 42 years

“That the wife agreed to leave to

children with the nurse and went with me to night club to a good concert“.
Anton, 29 years

the Stressful situation No. 2
Family traditions

In your family it is accepted to give to children for New year one gift, and in the husband`s family - the whole lots. You want to invite all on a visit, but your family does not like to get out on holidays of a bed before midday, and relatives of the husband are ready to be declared to a holiday table since the morning. How to be? You take these distinctions very much to heart and think that do not reckon with your beliefs. Traditions in different families cannot be better or worse, but sometimes they just differ a little. You recognize from the fact that you and your husband are a separate family. And instead of finding out who correctly cooks Russian salad - your mother or it, think up own traditions. You with the husband like to have a sleep longer? Then the father-in-law and the mother-in-law need to tell firmly that they are invited to a lunch by three o`clock, and not earlier. You do not want to tighten a feast late? Declare to parents that the lunch begins exactly in three and late at several o`clock nobody will wait.

When to give gifts - under peal of bells or in the morning on January 1? Whether it is necessary to ask about what the person wants to receive for New year or to make to it a surprise? Whether to go to the temple to Christmas work? Whether it is necessary to fast? Whether to allow children to walk all night long or to put them to bed as usual? When to sit down to a table and what to give by a festive lunch? On all these questions you with the husband have to give the answers, it also will be the beginning of your family traditions.


the Stressful situation No. 3
Purchase of gifts for teachers and tutors


you are very grateful to teachers for everything that they do for your child. Whether means it that you have to present to each teacher or the tutor a gift by New year? It is a difficult question. The problem is that if a gift too expensive, it is very similar to a bribe and if too cheap, the child is awkwardly felt. The most successful option is an old kind way when parents chip in together and buy to teachers gifts from all class. In this case you should not give nothing from yourself personally: it will be ugly. But if you and your child want to make to the teacher pleasant, draw together a beautiful New Year`s card and sign it. Such gift will please any teacher, he is made the child with all the heart. Tutors can present inexpensive, but pleasant souvenirs, and it will be better if it is made by the child. Money in an envelope is absolutely unacceptable gift and for the school teacher, and for the tutor.

Please with


yourself in New year

If preparation by New year turned into a nightmare, it is time to reconsider the relation to holidays.

  • Stop, make a deep breath and think: what can personally turn for you New year into the real holiday? What most of all you would like?
  • by
  • to feel the atmosphere of magic, to you it is necessary to have a rest, make a few weakening massage and a face pack? Do not refuse to yourself it even if at first sight it seems that there is catastrophically not enough time. Better let on your table will be two dishes less, than it is conceived.
  • Perhaps, for you the main thing - exotic dishes on your table and an opportunity to show the culinary abilities? Or opportunities to decorate the house and to cause admiration of all invited? Concentrate on what is the most important for you. New year is an opportunity to please not only the family, but also itself.

the Stressful situation No. 4
Gifts for girlfriends

you give to the girlfriend a modest set of aromatic sticks, and it to you - a set of expensive linen. The inheriting year you buy by it a leather bag, and she in general forgets about a gift and is limited to a cake to tea. Very awkward situation. How to be? First of all, choosing gifts for friends, you proceed not from the price, and from addictions of the one to whom the gift is addressed. The small thing which pleased is much more pleasant, than expensive and absolutely useless, the truth? Eventually, not spent sum, and your attention is important. And therefore choose gifts as heart, and you will never be mistaken. Just try that the price of a gift was within limits. Of course, expensive gift shows your generosity, but at the same time it can embarrass the person.

the Stressful situation No. 5
to Receive from the husband that gift of which you dreamed

Very unpleasantly to receive a gift which seems to you ridiculous and absolutely useless from the beloved. How he could present you such awful thing? Really he absolutely does not know you? Or it has no taste at all? Or all is equal to it whether the gift will be pleasant to you? Here also the reason for deadly offense is ready. How to be that it did not happen? It is the best of all to hint the man about what you would like. It is possible to hint with the accurate indication of color, the size and the address of shop where you saw this wonderful gift. Or even to go to this shop together that the husband mixed nothing. Such gift seems to you boring? Then write the letter to Father Frost and leave it on a foreground:“ Dear Father Frost, all year I behaved very well and I want to ask for you as a gift my favourite spirits“.

the Name of spirits write

accurately and large letters that Father Frost mixed nothing. One more unusual option: photograph what you would like to receive as a gift, and suggest the husband to find this thing. Also do not take offense at the spouse if he makes something not absolutely as you dreamed. Believe, he very much wants to please you, only not always knows as. So as required share with it the dreams and desires.

the Stressful situation No. 6
Honorary duties of mother and wife

to Bake cookies, to wrap gifts, to sign greeting cards, to decorate the apartment, to make a festive lunch - preparation by New year will plunge into panic even the best hostess. Make a deep breath and think that you can make of planned and that absolutely definitely you will not be in time. You did not forget yet that New year is a holiday? And the holiday is time when all have fun and enjoy life. In total! And even mother is able to afford several pleasant minutes.

In - the first, think that you can strike off the list of New Year`s duties. Perhaps to replace home-made cookies with cake from shop? Not to dispatch greeting cards this year, and to be limited to phone calls? To charge to the husband cleaning of the apartment? To involve children in packing of gifts? And if there are no forces at all, then not to pack them, and just to spread out on beautiful multi-colored bags? Of course, your home-made cake does not come within miles with store, and cards are much more sincere than phone calls. But as you think that it is more pleasant to the husband, children and guests: the smiling hostess who cuts purchased cake, or the tortured woman against the mountain of home-made pies?

the Stressful situation No. 7
So where and with whom all of us - will celebrate New year?

you were invited in several companies at once. Or friends and acquaintances aspire to you on a visit and obviously that your apartment will not be able to accomodate everyone. And still parents call you to themselves, and the mother-in-law dreams to celebrate together with you New year at the dacha, in the fresh air. And you suffer doubts: what to choose that to offend nobody? Let`s begin with the fact that it is the wrong question. It would be logical to ask so: what to choose that you, children and the husband were happy? Your program for New year also has to depend on the answer to this question. Try to estimate the forces really. If you have in a family small children, hardly you will be able to go with them on a visit and to have fun the whole night. But if children already grew up, and the company very cheerful, then why and is not present?

One more important point - your mood. Sometimes we want fun and dances to exhaustion. And sometimes there is only one desire - to sit quietly with a glass of wine, looking in eyes to the beloved, and no fireworks and delicacies are necessary. It is the fine scenario of New year too. Also do not allow to confuse itself to either friends, or acquaintances. The queen on this holiday - you.


Small pleasures for two

Let family life will become a holiday too. At least for several days.

Spend by
  • of evening together in the cozy bar and banish holiday disorders by means of a glass of fragrant mulled wine.
  • Kiss under a mistletoe branch as it is done in western the country, and all next year awaking for you quiet and cloudless.
  • Exchange small gifts exactly at midnight . It can be absolutely cheap, but nice knickknacks or something more essential. Main thing, that with all the heart.
  • Give the toast filled with champagne in a bed and share with each other the intimate dreams next year.