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To survive or How to endure New Year`s holidays

Nothing so tires the Russian person as holidays. Already since the beginning of December we begin preparation for the long-awaited, exhausting, ruinous New Year`s marathon. In Russia one sleepless night outgrew in the whole month of national celebrations long ago. It is impossible to avoid it - tradition. So prepare and you do not say that you were not warned.

Night before Christmas

to Prepare for holidays it is necessary to begin month for two (not in sense of salads or cleanings of a carpet in a drawing room). It is possible to go in for physical culture in advance, to complete a course of massage and clarification of an organism, to visit a sauna … Well also to popostitsya. In it there is nothing ridiculous - big loadings are coming you.

However, in real life preparation for a festive feast is usually begun somewhere between laying of snack and laying of champagne in the refrigerator. The essence it is reduced to warm-up by aperitifs.

Affairs, as a rule, at those whom the celebration finds on a workplace are bad. Perhaps, the idea of corporate parties is in forcing the person to be gathered to diminished responsibility - and let him then all next year stick doubly if only to wash away a shame. Snack on such actions, as a rule, simple, but drinks - a variety. If to you more than twenty five, to you not to last out evening on chips and a canape. Therefore eat in the afternoon a full-fledged lunch and do not take some low-alcoholic carbonated drinks at all. If there is no wine, drink vodka. Perhaps, you will pass in collective for the outcast - or the original, - but the liver is more expensive.

If celebration house, slow and plentiful is necessary to you, try to sleep and have a bite. We do not advise those who decided to drink strong before a feast there is a crude egg or oil: perhaps, at the beginning of evening you also hold on longer than the others, but when “greasing“ is absorbed, everything drunk will hit at once so, as it will not want to remember. Leave similar tricks for “teapots“ and rely on the forces.

Planning a feast, pay attention to compatibility of drinks and snack. Sharp snack, a pickles, caviar, a salmon, pork well will approach vodka. If you and your guests give preference to good wine, snack can be lungs: green and fruit salads, cheese. Such non-russian custom as change of drinks together with dishes, can serve to you good service. As happens: owners will expose all battery on a table - here to you and vodka different, cognacs, wine dry and dessert and even the Amaretto liqueur for the mother-in-law. But some irresponsible guest will regard it as the invitation - and let`s itself taste. (You thought that vodka does not go under a green salad with croutons …) And in the late afternoon it also not so will surprise you. In a word, you never know inventors.

Separately - about the “puzyrik“ loved in the people. How many times repeated to the world that mixing of vodka and champagne will not bring to good, - and everything is vain. Well though efficiently disturb! If were going to drink vodka - taste champagne under peal of bells and drink to yourself vodka. Regret the family! And Pepsi - leave Coca, this achievement of the American chemical industry, or a soft drink to children: carbonic acid strengthens effect of alcohol and accelerates its absorption in blood.

Between Venichka and Voland

If we, continuing to theorize, imagine to ourselves a case ideal, then you should have no hangover. Both drank a little, and had efficiently a snack - from where to it to undertake? But … Genetic memory, national custom, experience of ancestors … From “exhaustion of nerves and mortal melancholy somewhere near heart“ it is not less recipes, than ways to catch them.

Perfectly sober hash, Russian cabbage soup, chicken soup (certainly, not from cubes). Borsch with garlic will approach too. If in the house for some reason there was no first, hot sandwiches, soft-boiled eggs, a jelly with horse-radish and in general hot dishes will help. There is a set of the useful drinks anyway facilitating a morning state: mineral water fills shortage of salts, freshly squeezed orange juice - shortage of vitamin C, much are helped by kefir, strong tea. Absolutely magic means - “Thane“, or ayran, the aerated dairy drink. You can drink vegetable juice: tomato, with addition of juice of carrots, parsley, a celery and beet. Buy in shop in advance - you will not regret. With such juice the “Bloody Mary“ capable to lift the dead turns out and to send them for work (if, of course, to be limited to one glass).

Generally, tests approach. If last holidays taught us to something, we would be locked houses, drank to tea and went to bed. But the national custom … and experience of ancestors … to

As was told by Boris Borisovich Grebenshchikov, “the angel of the National Hangover stores us“. Very probably on the truth.

of 11 councils to those who want to meet New year adequately

  1. At least for a week to New year begin to do regularly some exercises on endurance: do run, swimming, aerobics. It will help to increase the net volume of lungs - the more deeply you breathe, the quicker in an organism alcohol is split. By the way, it is useful and to inflate balloons is good training for lungs too.
  2. Before long holidays it is desirable for li to clear an organism of slags as much as possible. On the eve of a feast plan a campaign in a bath. It is one of the best means.
  3. Till a feast it is quite good to podzapravitsya by vitamins and minerals - alcohol significantly breaks balance of minerals in an organism. By the way, the custom to have a snack vodka on a pickles very correct - thereby you as if reduce in advance risk of a hangover. The brine contains those salts and minerals which at abuse of alcohol are actively washed away from an organism.
  4. If you accept any medicines, as much as possible limit the use of alcohol. The combination of medicines and alcohol can have negative consequences.
  5. To or during a feast - but not after - it is quite good to li to accept some preparation protecting a liver for example karsit.
  6. Idea that it is impossible “to lower degree“ - delusion. It is not fortress, and in the drink nature. One grape and fruit alcohol (champagne, wine, a grappa, cognac) is closer, to others - alcohol of a grain origin (vodka, whisky, gin, beer), the third - drinks from a sugar cane, an agave etc. (rum, tequila, moonshine). The combination of versatile alcoholic beverages in high doses leads to poisoning.
  7. For fight against toxins accept some absorbents - at least the checked absorbent carbon. Or ordinary white rice - without any additives and oil.
  8. the Condition of a hangover is connected by
  9. first of all with accumulation in an organism of toxins and a surplus of acetic acid - the final product of disintegration of alcohol. It is the best of all to extinguish acid alkali - for example, to drink “Borjomi“. You should not take aspirin is acid too. A headache, perhaps, will also remove, but the general condition of an organism will only worsen. it is wrong to li to apply
  10. as sobering means of coffee. For some time there can be a feeling of clearing of consciousness, but eventually intoxication degree will only increase.
  11. do not hesitate to accept digestive enzymes during a feast - it considerably will lower load of an organism.
  12. Try to clear as much as possible an organism, without forgetting at the same time about such secretory systems as skin and lungs. You descend in a shower, go out of doors, walk.