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Ask the father of

There now, again, leaving the house, I forgot the keys and again it is necessary to ring a door. In response to a trenkanye unknown a bird of paradise the easy sound of hasty steps, and following - fast footfall and joyful ringing peep is distributed to me: “The father - the father - the father!“ . Yes, already one and a half years I not only the man in the blossoming of forces, the loving husband, but also the father. I have a son, the successor, my pride.

I Expect possible bewilderment and indignation. What in general the man even if also the father, can tell and even to advise future and real mothers, mummies and mummies concerning breastfeeding of children?! I will explain before why I find it possible to express the opinion.

  1. the Name of this website speaks for itself. The family is not only couple, mother and the child, but, at least, a trio - above-named and the father.
  2. of the Woman interfere on purely man`s territories long ago and successfully: business, cars, hard rock. So why to us, representatives of a strong half not to begin to argue concerning their “inner sanctum“ - education and food especially as...
  3. ... my remarks are not unfounded verbalization, but personal experience, mostly successful, my wife and, respectively, mine.

I, at last,

  1. Breastfeeding of the child, besides other “difficulties“ for many ladies, is accompanied also by psychological throwings: as darling will belong, but as it seems to much, such far from reality and the selfish spouse to and) to continuous stay in a bed “the third - superfluous“, b) to inevitable withering of delights and rotundities of the wife etc.

Lovely girls, it is not necessary to torment itself. Just ask the father.


We signed up for separate courses. Classes at future fathers were given by the practicing pediatrician. In my abstracts there were not numerous, but really necessary data, and in the head - accurate belief that it is necessary to give birth together, the baby`s dummy forms the wrong bite, and breastfeeding of the child till two years is the minimum norm.

our mother was convinced, on the contrary, that the breast needs to be “prepared“ by grindings and some lotions that the newborn is seldom put correctly (the child should just take to an aura a mouth almost completely), therefore, cracks are inevitable. Therefore surely buy this magic cream and these nozzles on a nipple! And in general, ALL children have gripes and an abdominal distension, and ALL children till 3 - 6 months surely cry all the whole nights.

Nearly only thing which was pleasant to me from Natashiny retellings is the scientific fact: body temperature at men on several tenth is higher than degree, than at women therefore it is better to heat the child suffering from gripes not a warm diaper, and to press a tummy to a naked father`s stomach.

to All the rest we decided not to attach to

special significance, and it is better to fulfill breathing exercises more often.

Conclusion. Before childbirth Natasha especially did not prepare a breast, i.e. the nature perfectly prepared everything. An exception - a situation when women have “pulled-in“ nipples - for similar problems there are special slips.

Most important - a positive spirit and any positive experience. It is not necessary to know how it was bad at the three times removed aunt Marusya, it is better to listen as it was good at the neigbour Yulya and to present how it will be even better at you.

Maternity hospital

In May, 2004 I took vacation, and we went from Moscow to Samara where there lives my mother-in-law and where Nata finished education (our son was born for few weeks to thesis defense). We visited three maternity hospitals and the ophthalmologic center where the issue of a rodorazresheniiya was resolved.

: my wife has a miopiya of high degree, and weight of the kid on ultrasonography - more than 4 kg. But we were adjusted on natural childbirth when the child himself regulates process at the hormonal level. Besides early applying to a breast is possible only in the absence of anesthesia (anesthesia).

Gave birth under the contract, in advance agreed with the manager, the true professional of the business. Well and why here the father is necessary?

I believe

Ya that childbirth is a natural continuation of conception when the man is directly involved. I do not approve fanaticism in the form of cutting by the father of an umbilical cord, video filming etc. And saw the task in encouraging, “to prodyshat“ together on fights, to make massage of a back.

As it was p, the husband is necessary also to carry on dialogue with medical staff. Fortunately, on us nobody raised the voice, the doctor did not leave “to drink to coffee“, the midwife with the wife was very kind. The giving birth women will agree that so happens not always. I think, presence of the man disciplines personnel.

So, I did not manage to look back in literal and figurative sense as our boy was born, 4020 g, beautiful and such belobrysenkiya. I am a person not sentimental, but here... you understand. Approached it, stretched it a finger for a man`s greeting, and he ceased to cry at once. Kindred blood...


Here words of the pediatrician which, attaching the newborn to a mother`s breast, efficiently told us that only one woman manages to adjust breastfeeding from five only puzzled. And, in confirmation, on a bedside table in chamber where we were translated, there was already a small small bottle with mix. Thanks to Nata, the son did not try her. The most part of days he slept, and having woken up, at once received a breast. The real milk came to the end of the second day, and the midwife showed how it is necessary to decant that was not zastoyev.

To an extract the small factory “Mother - the Kid“ on production and consumption of milk quite successfully adjusted the functioning.

Conclusion. We discussed childbirth with the wife before and after and came to a conclusion that my presence was not superfluous. I did not see anything repellent, and all disorders dissipated at the moment when we became the real full Family. And for our mother such psychologically successful start, perhaps, affected a normal lactation. Of course, my merit in it is small, but who knows, emotions - piece thin.

A if it is absolutely serious, then together with the wife we allocated the main moments:

  1. I Will repeat, whenever possible - natural childbirth. When it became absolutely heavy, and the doctor herself offered anesthesia, Nata courageously bit my hands till it bleeds, but the child at once after the birth tried invaluable drops of milk.
  2. Joint stay guarantees that nobody will feed up nothing the kid, and the organism of mother will be adjusted on real needs of the child at once.
  3. Despite a constant lack of time (it is necessary to learn to feed, swaddle, change pampers at once, to rastsezhivat a breast), not to forget about procedures for mother. To carry out everything that was appointed by the doctor VERY IMPORTANT.

the First days of the house

the Pediatrician examined the child:“ Athlete and robust fellow“. For mother a standard diet, in the mornings - any porridge, soups, low-fat meat. Surprised that except the expected set of restrictions, kissel is impossible (on starch the child can have an allergy) and walnuts, in them fats which cannot be acquired yet. Running forward, one may say, that all diets were kept by our mother month one and a half, and then she gradually ate both strawberry, and chocolate, and a citrus with honey. Just gradually imposed next “ban“ and monitored reaction at the child.

to Decant milk - only the first few weeks until at the kid the mode is adjusted. By the way, the milk decanted after feedings (nearly 200 g turned out) in the evening we added to water for bathing. So the doctor advised. I do not know why, maybe, someone and will be able to explain advantage?

So far Nata went to institute, we fed the kid with mother`s milk from a spoon so the child never tried either a small bottle, or a baby`s dummy. Feeding on demand reached 12 - 15 times a day, and the son could eat within 40 min., and sometimes gorged on also for 5. Generally, everything was quickly adjusted and entered norm. The kid slept much, well grew fat.

In 3 months the doctor appointed by

“False refusal“ to the son a course of the all-strengthening massage. Approximately in the same time we learned all delights of what in literature is called “false refusal of a breast“. Everything was that when Natasha took the child quiet and happy with life on hands and offered him a breast, the real scandal began. The small nose screwed up the face, the back was curved, and the child very much tried to escape from hands. Our mother became gloomy and even began to notice that milk became less. Councils of more skilled parents and one good article helped to understand the special magazine.

of the Reason of a problem:

Though sessions of massage did not cause
  1. in the child of a special protest, to it it was unclear why absolutely others aunt bends every day - unbends legs and handles and pats on a back, and mother, though stands nearby, absolutely does not react to this disgrace.
  2. No doubt when to mother someone from a family helps to look after the child, life of the young woman becomes much simpler. But in everything the measure is good. And at us it turned out so that the grandfather entertains the son, to bathe in some moment the father bears, and the loving grandmother puts to bed. And though Natasha paid to the kid much attention, the child was simply confused. In spite of the fact that his all family loves, most of all he needs mother, trusts her.

Probably, the called reasons weakened communication “Mother - the Kid“, and the child possible tried to inform in the way it of the protests.

he Was capricious also for other, not so psychological reason. The matter is that Nata long carried it on hands, rocked to sleep and sometimes even fed standing. And by three months the kid weighed 8 kg and to rock to sleep long and furthermore it being necessary to feed him it became simply heavy. Tired mother sat down in a chair, and the offended child began to peep. That`s all the reasons of children`s “refusal“ in our parental understanding.

Solution: tranquility and only tranquility! We did not refuse massage, just asked the doctor not to carry out some “unloved“ exercises. And houses we with the grandmother and the grandfather still pottered with the child, but here bathing and laying began to sleep exclusively mother`s privilege.

To be continued


more than a year, and I do not represent how we once lived without this naughty, unruly, inquisitive and cheerful little man. In year and seven he learned to run quickly, to speak quite tolerably adult language, almost independently there is a soup and - oh, a miracle! - to ask on a pot.

at the same time he quietly continues to eat with

I a mother`s milk every time when he falls asleep in the afternoon or in the evening when he wakes up when boringly or sadly or, on the contrary, overflow new impressions. In the evening when I come from work, he takes seat to me on knees, plays with me in machines and shows me the drawings. But, having woken up in the middle of the night in the bed, it, I precisely know, will get over under a flank to mother to be supported.

I do not object

Ya that at the same time it will stretch across a sofa. As well as I do not object to “global“ changes of Natashiny forms - 55 kg against 53 kg before pregnancy. She told it - I would notice nothing. And unless some kilograms and centimeters of happiness are worth it that our son, thank God, was never ill anything. And yes in response to a trenkanye unknown me a bird of paradise the easy sound of hasty steps, and following - fast footfall and joyful ringing peep is distributed to that pleasure which I test when I come back home: “The father - the father - the father!“