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Christmas tree decorations of

it is possible to Dress up the house by a holiday in one million ways, besides a fir-tree any plane - the most usual door, a wall in a nursery, a windowpane or a heavy curtain gives in to ornament.


the Snowman

it is simple to em to Make such nice snowman: you should connect only a small scarf, and all the rest - work of children. Snegovichk needs a nose from plasticine, gouache eyes and buttons, and still it is necessary to powder with “snow“ - spangles. It is important to remember that glass bulbs - dangerous material, and you should not allow kids to be engaged in this hand-made article in one.

the used white opaque electrobulb, a hank of woolen threads, a thin wire, black gouache, a thin brush, a piece of plasticine and special glue felt-tip pens with spangles of different color: blue and silver.

the Magic flower

Such brilliant flower will decorate with

any fir-tree. Council: paint a sphere with spray to give color to a basis - it it will be visible, and try to stick leaflets and pins at once in the right place that the sponge did not crumble.

a sphere from a sponge for sukhotsvet, plastic decorative branches, silver paint - spray (all this is on sale in floristic shops), pins with color heads, a strong gold ribbon.

the Gold sphere

This sparkling treasure will blow the mind of all members of household and guests. Open to nobody a secret of its production. And we will share it with readers - it is necessary to thrust accurately buttons in a foam sphere.

a foam ball, gold office buttons, pins with white heads, a thin flexible wire, silver snowflakes - them it is possible to buy in shops of sewing accessories.

of the Star

Gold and silver stars - one of the most traditional New Year`s relations. They are extremely easy in production and are very decorative.

the Most important secret of New Year`s stars - the correct cliche. In order that subsequently it is good to develop, the star has to have strictly symmetric beams. After you cut out a star, it needs to be bent on all five axes dividing across each of five beams. And then to put, as shown in the picture. As a cardboard should be bent intensively that the star had well outlined form, ugly zaloma can turn out - cover them with spangles.
we Decorate with


Very easy way to make elegant any wall: attach on it several strips sewed from the satin ribbons suiting one another on color. On these tapes organize a big exhibition of New Year`s cards of different years.


the Wreath

Remarkable idea for ornament any, even the most prosy door - to make for it a festive wreath of a foam ring, a decorative tape and plastic branches covered with spangles. Accurately wind a ring with a tape, receding equal distances between rounds, make a loop above and tie a big bow.