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About Doggy and the Car

I do not know the fairy tale in whom my son such motorist - at us and the car - that is not present! Toys in its understanding are by all means machines; they at us filled up everything. If on walk the standing truck comes across to us - it is big pleasure and if a tractor or a skating rink - that is simple happiness, we will walk around.

, and once Timoshka in all seriousness persuaded me to catch up with the tractor which was behind turn: it while I carried a carriage with Timoshin the brother. Favourite pictures at us of course, with cars; the most interesting animated film - “The road fairy tale“, and the most festive dish - buterbrodik - trucks. Now Timokhe only two and seven. Interestingly, whom he will be when grows?

Once Timoshka did not want to go to bed in any way, and at me the promise to tell the fairy tale about the machine somehow escaped. So there was the first fairy tale about Doggy and the Car; then the second, third... Now they became tradition. And I think that their success not only that the main characters - the machine and a puppy, kind and resourceful, but, mainly, in a story manner. When by the light of a night lamp I terribly crash an owl, swinging hands, I whine a puppy, I represent the punished crow - I see as emotions, one by one, are reflected in the Timoshkiny person. His scared eyes, approving shrieks or joyful giggling - the best for me an award. Probably, it is also theater for the smallest. I hope when Ilyushka grows up, for him we will already compose fairy tales together with Timosha.


Once upon a time there was a small yellow machine the Car. Her father was the truck, and mother - the fire truck.

the Car was very stubborn, and besides liked to brag.

- the Car, well unless it is possible to go so quickly? - the father went on.
- And unless I am guilty what others go so slowly? - the Car objected.
- Go more accurately, and do not forget about the traffic light!
- you Will think! - the Car thought, - I go best of all!

I once it rushed on the highway when red light ahead lit up. All cars stopped to give way to pedestrians, and the Car decided to slip. As suddenly heard: “Av - av - av - av!“

the little red puppy whined from pain. The car crushed to it a pad. As it became a shame to it! It put a puppy to itself and rushed off in hospital where at once found for doctors:

- Please, cure a pad to the kid!

of the Puppy treated long, and all this time the Car waited for it. But here, at last, doors of hospital opened, and the puppy went outside. Only it was for some reason very sad.

- Hi! - the Car approached it. - You remember me? It I ran into your pad!
- Nothing, - the puppy answered, - I am already healthy.
- Let`s get acquainted! I am Car.
- And I am a Doggy.
- Doggy and why you are such sad?
- you Understand, I do not know a way home!
- What nonsense! I remember from where we arrived, and I will take you!

I Doggy went with Car back. Only this time the Car went accurately and attentively looked at the road.

the Father and Doggy mother very much were delighted to

that their kid was. And Doggy was glad most. Then all together sat down to drink tea.

Since then the Car and Doggy are on friendly terms and every day walk together.

the Saving magnet

Once in the spring the Car with Doggy, walking on the city, left to the embankment. The sun began to burn, and on the small river the ice drift began: on fast water ice floes rushed.

- Let`s look at

closer! - the Car offered.

they began to watch

I at water, having moved for a protection.

- Watch

, watch what big ice floe! - Doggy showed. - And one more!
- Wow! - the Car shouted. - watch what huge!

I here it bent so strongly that did not keep, fell in water, and began to sink.

Doggy was horrified. At first he ran here and there and called to the aid. Quickly the crowd gathered: cats and doggies looked down, but nobody did anything.

I here Doggy saw nearby the crane which was operated by Bobyor. The crane lifted a huge magnet scrap metal and loaded it in the dump truck.

- the Uncle Bobyor! Uncle Bobyor! - Doggy cried. - Help! The car sinks!

Bobyor understood at once that needs to be done. It quickly developed a crane arrow to the river and lowered a magnet in water. “Silk!“ - and here the wet Car already lands on asphalt.

of the Cat and a doggie clapped the hands, and Doggy told:
- Thanks, the uncle Bobyor!
- has nothing! Be accurater another time! - Bobyor answered.

Only the Car told nothing

because it still could not recover.

A then Doggy found nearby car service. And only when the Car was washed and dried up the big hair dryer, friends went home.

the Wheel

Once in the winter the Car with Doggy went to walk to a winter forest. There Doggy put on skis, and the Car towed him: it was very cheerful. And then they together rode on snow hills: quickly - quickly moved down from one hill and came around on another. Vzhy - vzhy, vzhy - vzhy! Yes so got naughty that the Car lost balance and turned over. And one its wheel fell off and left far in a ravine.

- Anything, the Car! - Doggy consoled, - I will find your wheel now and I will arrive it.

Long. At last it was dragged in sad - sad:

- the Car, I did not find your wheel!
- As we will come back home? - the Car fell apart. - To the city so far!

A here still began to darken. Friends scaredly nestled to each other and began to cry. Also cried so long that nearly fell asleep. And it is impossible to sleep on a frost because it is possible to freeze and not to wake up!

I here the Car already dozed off as it suddenly in the sleep heard squeal of Doggy: “Av - av - av - av - av!“ That happened? The big black owl seized a puppy and soared up into the sky, waving the huge wings and terribly crashing: “Ooh - ooh!“ . She took seat on the highest pine, and was already was going to peck Doggy, but here the Car included the bright headlights and sent light directly to owl`s eyes.

the Owl right there went blind, unclenched claws, and, crashing, departed away, on the fly crashing into trees. Doggy departed down and flopped in a snowdrift. The car rushed to the aid, but in a snowdrift the puppy was not: only the narrow tunnel went deeply down. In a moment the snowdrift came hoduny, and from - under snow the bear got out, holding in paws of the frightened Doggy - that got directly into a bear den!

- Oh, kids! - the bear - was surprised That you so late walk in the wood at night?
- the Uncle Mischa! We have such trouble - the wheel was gone! And on three wheels we will not get home in any way!
- Hypermarket, a wheel? Yes something round would approach here... wait a moment-! - the bear told and got back into a den.

Soon it got out, holding an empty barrel from - under honey:

- This has to approach!

to the Car instead of a wheel allocate with

a barrel and that it well kept, filled it firm sticks. It seems, everything turned out!

- Thanks, the uncle Mischa!
- has nothing, kids! Come to me on a visit in the summer when I do not sleep!

I the Car with Doggy went home. All road of a flank creaked: “a scratch - a scratch!“ Therefore the Car went very slowly and carefully.

At daybreak friends were at home

. Well also got to them from parents!

Since then the Car always carries with itself a spare wheel.

the Harmful cat

in the cellar lived In the house of Doggy a big black cat the Fly agaric. Oh, what it was harmful! Happened, there is Doggy along the house and suddenly hears some noise over the head: this is a cat shook out from a roof a bucket with garbage. And here the puppy, all dirty, sticky, in slops and fish stones, comes back home to be washed. And the cat on a roof has fun:“ Meow - ha - ha! Meow - ha - ha!“

Pure Doggy leaves to the yard again, and the cat does not doze: will pull a rope across the road, and itself will hide. The puppy stumbles, falls a nose in dirt, and the cat laughs loudly again: “Meow - ha - ha! Meow - ha - ha!“

before all this to Doggy bothered

that once he complained to the Car.

- it seems to me, - the Car told, - this cat should be taught a good lesson properly...
- And how? - Doggy asked. - Let`s it frighten

I the Car got the old white awning:

- we Will represent a ghost!

She cut out in front two big holes for headlights, and drew with paint a terrible toothy mouth.

- the Plan such: you are a Doggy, you will sit in me and to creak an old stool that more terrible left. And I as I will enter the cellar, will begin to howl and tell something in such spirit:

As I will fly

- I will beat
of the Cat! you Will know
As puppy to offend!

I Think, after that at it hunting by all to soil will disappear!

I here as soon as darkened, friends went to the house of Doggy. The door to the cellar was slightly opened - a cat of the house! Doggy was already going to creak a stool, and the Car developed an awning to put on it as suddenly from the cellar a sobbing reached - the cat cried.

Friends exchanged glances with


- You know, to me something was ceased to want it to frighten, - Doggy told.
- Yes, and me too! - the Car agreed. - It is a pity for him!

They pushed with

a door and entered. The cat sat at a table before big cake, and tears were shed from his eyes in three streams.

- What is with you, a cat? Why you cry?
- Yes as to me not to cry? Nobody wants to be on friendly terms with me! - the Fly agaric complained. - Today I have a birthday, and nobody, nobody came to congratulate me!
- nobody wants to be on friendly terms With you because you offend all! You want, we will be on friendly terms with you? - the Car offered. - But under one condition: that you will not do muck any more!
- Eh! I already and itself am not glad. In the beginning to me it was so cheerful to misbehave, and then ceased to please... In general, I very much want to make friends!
- Hurrah! - was delighted Doggy. - Let`s get acquainted! I am a Doggy, and it is the Car!

right there joyfully tyafknut

- Wait for me, I now!

Doggy rushed off home, and in five minutes returned, holding a brand new collar in paws:
is a gift from us with Car! Same, as at me, only not red, but blue!

the Cat was simply happy


A then friends long drank tea with cake. And since then helped with everything each other.

About an angry crow

Once Doggy, the Car and the Fly agaric went to walk to a pond. There they tested the ship with remote control presented to Doggy on birthday. Doggy gave teams; The Car pressed the buttons, and the ship floated on all pond.

At last friends played enough, and were going to leave when from a lodge mother - a duck with five ducklings seemed ashore. They went to bathe.

- Let`s look at

! - Doggy offered. And friends agreed.

Suddenly from the next tree the crow rushed down, having spread wide the sharp-clawed paws. She obviously aimed in a duckling. But mother - a duck blocked the kid the wings. The crow pecked a duck in a wing, but the Fly agaric appeared in time here. Hissing, it seized to a crow a tail, and that hardly escaped, losing on the fly feathers. Here ran up also Doggy with Car.

- Ah, - the duck told. - Thank you that rescued my kids! But how to me now with them to walk? I am so hurt by a wing!
- Anything! - the Car consoled her. - you treat the wing, and we will walk with your kids.

Happy mother - the duck dug a plantain and started wandering to a lodge, and friends were accepted for good reason. Doggy sat down on the ship and floated; ducklings - behind it. The car pressed the panel buttons ashore, and the ship floated on all pond. And the Fly agaric dug claws the earth in search of worms at this time.

After walk ducklings were fed and sent to sleep to mother in a lodge. So several days proceeded while the duck was ill. Even at night somebody one remained to be on duty nearby.

ducklings were rather afraid of

of the Cat in the beginning, but then on the contrary very much fell in love with it.

A of a raven did not doze. She quite often rushed by and looked out whether there were left no ducklings without supervision.

Once when mother - the duck already almost recovered, the Fly agaric brought together ducklings on a grass and told:

- Now I will teach you to banish a crow. If it flies up too close, it is necessary chorus, loudly and stridently to shout “Meow!“. Well - tell “meow“!
- Kr! - ducklings told.
- Not so. Once again - “Meow!“
- Kryau! - kids very much tried.
- Almost! Once again - “Meow!“
- Meow!!! - at last ducklings cried out and were satisfied.

On the same day the Car with Doggy brought from a dump a bag with some stuff.

- What is it? - the duck was surprised.
- Now we will show!

I here, near a duck lodge friends thrust a long stick and tied to it one more. Then hanged out color rags, cans and stones on ropes. From above put on an old pan, and drew on it a terrible ugly face.

- Yes the same scarecrow! - clever ducklings started giggling.

this evening the Car, Doggy and the Fly agaric decided to hide behind a fence and to look whether the crow will fly.

I it is valid, only began to get dark, the predator jumped out of bushes and began to creep to a duck lodge. But she did not know that ducklings spy upon it. And, once it approached closer as from within loud terrible shouts were distributed: “Meow! Mya - and - hey!“

of the Raven in horror soared up up, but right there faced a scarecrow. She got confused in rags and hit against a pan. The roar of stones and cans was distributed. By miracle it departed from this awful place. They say that after that night it any more offends nobody. And still she absolutely turned gray, and she was invited to work in circus as the only black sheep in the world.

A the Car, Doggy and the Fly agaric quite often visit the duck company.