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Glen Doman. The genius on a stream of

Glen Doman`s Technique from the moment of its emergence caused the rough polemic among scientists, psychologists and teachers continuing still. Therefore my idea is not new. Nevertheless, there is a wish to pay attention of the parents who chose this technique on some details.

It is unconditional, each mother wants that her child was the cleverest and erudite, and, as a result, successful in life. And it is possible to play on the most pure parental feelings for the skilled seller of the developing techniques. Advertizing is published in one children`s magazine: “It cannot be! - there were my first words after 3 - summer Ania Smirnova read the unfamiliar text with a speed of reading the fifth class. Read with absolute retelling!“ .

let`s understand one after another Now. Why with absolute retelling, did not reflect? Yes because, most likely, the child did not understand the text. As it is known from linguistics, the word has the plan of contents and the plan of expression. Training the small child in reading by cards, we teach it to acquire the plan of expression, that is a graphic representation of the word while contents of the word, its sense, remains for the child secret behind seven seals.

Of course, process of training begins with reading familiar words, but as we deal with very small child whose lexicon is still very limited, sooner or later we come to a situation when the graphic representation advances figurative. “If the child asks: “Mummy and who such hippopotamus“ or “That means “to spin“?“ the word which is carefully written by printing letters which will successfully fill up a lexicon of your child will be the best answer to such questions immediately, but“ - Glen Doman writes.

Doman`s Technique yielded certain results during the work with sick children. Children, with damage of a brain, but at which ability to see and process visual information was kept. At the healthy child all five sense organs function. Overloading one of them, we do not give work for the others. And about any integrity of perception out of the question. We, of course, can acquaint the child with the word “fir-tree“, having shown a card, and we can go outside, approach a fir-tree, touch bark, smell needles, listen as from wind with a deaf sound cones fall to the firm ground, to lick a sharp needle, at last.

It is no secret that at Doman the kid is object of training. He remembers information in order that then to reproduce it. Any creativity, any riddle for inquisitive mind. Naked reproduction. In school and student`s days we called it cramming. By the way in the same advertizing article: “Your child will become a leader. Such people do not adapt to life, and manage it“. Are you sure? From where here to undertake to leadership! Daman has in this respect the explanation:“ Children who more than others know it is self-assured children. They have less reasons to complain and more reasons to smile“. And we that fondly believed that the self-assessment depends on many factors, beginning from style of education in a family and finishing with a social status in group.

Doman and his followers are convinced by

that they found a way fortunately.

“If you teach to read, consider by

the child and you will give it encyclopedic knowledge, then thereby:

Well and, at last, you will just make by

it happy“.

Here such American fairy tale. And in everyday sense something prompts that happiness consists not in encyclopedic knowledge. Needs of the baby are not settled by knowledge, the main thing that it is necessary for it - physical and emotional contact with mother. More often to take the kid on hands, to kiss, iron, nurse, praise, to play, talk, sing tender songs, it is simple to love.

I I cannot agree with Doman that:“ And nothing terrible would be in if the newborn carried out on a floor everything 24 hours a day. On the contrary, it would only be remarkable“. Any physical intelligence will never replace live emotional contact.

can Also not agree with Glen Doman that childish sports are a waste of time. The child lives in games. He loses many social roles, training itself(himself) for adulthood, gains skills of communication, investigates borders of possible, develops the imagination. It is difficult to overestimate value of game at children`s age. Real facts, dry knowledge will not teach the kid to the main thing - to adapt to surrounding reality.

I, at last, main issue. “Before the child will be 6 years old, - Doman writes, - it is easy to make him the genius“. WHAT FOR?“ If you organize systematic occupations by reading, mathematics, will give the chance for receiving encyclopedic knowledge, your child will reach 6 - summer level in 4 years, and its IQ will be equal to 150“. WHAT FOR? “If you are guided by this technique, it will achieve such result in 3 years, and there will be 200 its IQ and above“. WHAT FOR? All the same by 20 years he will become the ordinary average adult. Well, unless, will be able to win the first prize of the game “Who Wants to Become a Millionaire“.