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Goose: The buzzwig of

of Geese and ducks prepared everywhere earlier. Now citizens prefer the last - a duck on - Beijing, Donald Duck and other. But you should not forget that brothers Grimm chose a goose for a role of a gold bird .

the Goose - a bird first of all big and beautiful. It just also complicates its culinary use. It has strong heavy bones, thick skin, fat separately, meat separately. Selectors, unlike, say, turkey never mocked at a goose look especially. Therefore the modern gastronomic thought avoids it, excluding unless a hypertrophied liver. Everything that you can prepare from a goose, is thought up in immemorial times when plates heated coal, and behind a dining table twelve people took seat. But, when the holiday comes to the house, it is a high time to refresh memory. Most often the goose is stuffed. And it is correct. In a three-kilogram gander of meat in itself the maximum on four will be gathered. And these four not so will gorge on. And here that there were portions eight, on goose fat a garnish prepares and this garnish stuffs a bird.

Frankly speaking, fat at a goose - in general the most interesting fragment. It is possible to get it in two ways. The first, the most obvious, - to cut out it from a carcass before preparation. The second, obvious approximately in the same degree, - to withdraw fat during roasting of a goose. The benefit fat when roasting is very easy melted. It is necessary to merge all liquid from a baking sheet in one capacity, to allow to stand and remove a little a spoon fat from a surface. It is necessary to use both ways.

it is possible for

On the received product (and it is necessary!) to cook vegetables, chestnuts, rice and other garnishes. However it is possible to use it and for an exclusive dish by the name of “smalets“, or “shmalets“. It is necessary to take that fat which is cut out from depths of a goose organism nutryany, to cut it and on hardly noticeable fire to melt to cracklings. Put in slightly cooled down, but still hot frying pan there is a lot of cut onions. When onions partly lose the visible bacterial action, add all melted fat there. Season all this business I will merge also pepper to taste and let`s stiffen. There is smalets it is possible and just with bread, and, a warming up, as gas station for some grated radish.

we Will pass

, however, to the goose. Here we stuffed it. And now - the most ancient, probably, a way to prepare it. It is necessary to have two things: the gutted and stuffed with something goose and a fire it is more. The goose should be sewn up with thick cotton threads, and then to cover with a fat layer of clay. Then to rake coals, to slightly prikopat in them the covered bird, from above too to powder with coals and again to part on this very spot a kosterok. So, behind cheerful conversation the goose will also prepare. And there will be it rather, than in a gas or electric oven, - temperature of a flame of a fire is higher. In 1,5 - 2 hours, depending on the goose size.

If you bake everything - in an oven, the goose can be rubbed with marinade. To wet a goose in marinade, perhaps, it will not turn out - it what vessel is necessary? Mix a salt teaspoon, two - pepper and juice a floor - a lemon. Rub a carcass inside and outside. Let`s stand hour or so and then - stuff - fry.

Still a goose can be prepared for the future. At least earlier our rural ancestors acted this way. It is possible to salt, prokoptit a goose; it is possible to cook goose stewed meat.

the Main problem with salting of a goose - the same that with salting of cabbage: ware. It is possible to use the ten-liter enameled bucket. It is impossible to salt a goose in a bucket from plastic or a stainless steel at all. Brine such: on 7 l of water the half a kilo of the crude coarse salt, a handful of juniper berries, a handful undertakes or it is slightly less than peppercorn, bay leaf and spicy greens to taste - it is possible just to add a garna bouquet. Besides, it is necessary to take 200 g of brown sugar of a grade “dark muskovado“ and to slightly warm up it on fire, will not begin to melt yet, and too to add to a brine. All this a miracle - mix should be boiled and minutes 10 to boil, and then to cool and filter. To fill in a goose, to put under oppression and to put on cold on about two one or three days. The longer it will stay, the solony there will be a ready-made product. Then it is necessary to pull out a goose and for day to suspend - to be slightly dried. Actually salting on it comes to an end. If you solved a product also to prokoptit, within three hours soak it in water, and then you smoke hour two. For this purpose, naturally, you need the smoking shed that there is a subject of separate conversation.

Stewed meat from a goose - not a strategic stock on a war case, and the most classical French delicacy of “candies“. Before it prepared from one legs, now - from the whole carcass. The goose is cut on pieces, rubbed with mix of salt, a dry thyme, ground black and allspice. Put in suitable ware, densely cover and put on cold for 3 days. Then put in a big pan with a thick bottom 2 cut bulbs, 10 crude garlic gloves and 10 branches of a fresh thyme. Add 2,5 kg of melted fat to it. It is possible to use pork fat - goose it will be melted on the preparation course. Pieces of a goose wash out, dry and put in fat. The main thing - that it completely covered all bird. Then the pan is put on the smallest spark and extinguish two without cover of hour. Konfit when cooking should not boil. When the goose easily makes a mistake a knife edge, it is taken, and five boil fat of minutes on strong fire, then filter and fill in with it the pieces of a goose laid in a ceramic pot.

Before giving of a goose should be warmed on weak fire. Skin at a goose will become crackling, and any duck on - Beijing to us will be not the decree.