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Kitchen in New Year`s scenery of

If you want to meet New year solemnly and joyfully, it is necessary to decorate by all means the apartment so that in everything approach of a holiday was felt. However a New Year`s dinner - a thing not less important therefore the hostess of the house should spend the most part of time in kitchen. So why not to decorate it on - New Year`s? Even if very small by the size, you have it the mass of opportunities for creation of festive furniture.

the Fir-tree with options

Should recognize

that in kitchen you will not put a fir-tree, - it is too small for the forest beauty. But the narrowness is yet not an occasion to refuse a green New Year`s symbol. Will help to create the festive atmosphere also a small graceful bouquet or a wreath. Even in the smallest kitchen, among pans and frying pans, for them there will be a place.

the New Year`s bouquet

the Basis of such bouquet will be made by fluffy branches of a fir-tree (a pine, a thuja or a cypress), and as additions tapes, candles, cones, Christmas-tree decorations, the serpentine, tinsel - generally, everything that is near at hand, and everything that we consider as an obligatory sign of New year will serve.

Fir-tree branches should be shipped in water for days in advance. Water has to be and in a vase for a fir-tree bouquet, only do not forget to add to it 5 - 7 g of glucose (it especially important if fresh flowers are part of composition).

Krom of a usual vase in kitchen can use both a copper coffee pot, and a ceramic teapot, and a melkhiorovy konfetnitsa, and a glass glass... If the bouquet consists of sukhotsvet and does not demand water, will approach a wattled small basket and even a cardboard box (it is possible to hide a vessel with water in them). Anyway the improvised vase has to be steady as in economic vanity it is easy to touch and drop it.

How to fix branches and flowers? For this purpose use special adaptation - kenzan (a lead plate with brass carnations on which branches are pinned). But if you do not have it, it is possible to use a moss or plasticine. Wooden sticks - struts will be suitable for the same purposes: several sticks are fastened on a sample of anti-tank “hedgehogs“ who will not allow branches to bend. The hank of a thick soft wire placed in a vase also perfectly will hold the conceived composition. That the needles were not showered as long as possible, it is necessary to add water to a vessel regularly. It is very convenient to use a window plant in a pot - coniferous branches can just be thrust to the earth.

Of course, each New Year`s bouquet - unique. But drawing up such compositions has rules which should be considered. The bouquet can be symmetric and asymmetric, round or unilateral, but it is obligatory - with the expressed center not overloaded with details and containing no more than three main components.

In small kitchen the New Year`s bouquet should not be huge as its task - not to disturb, and to decorate.

the Wreath from needles

as a basis of a wreath take

the ring made of several rounds of a thick wire. Small branches (from 10 to 5 cm) are attached to a ring by means of a wire more thinly. It is necessary to fix them on a big ring very carefully, otherwise the wreath can be scattered. It is possible to decorate a wreath with tapes, toys, a beads, flowers. They not only will add originality, but also at the same time will disguise a thickening which surely will turn out in the place of an attachment of the last bunch of branches. All decorative elements have to be strongly fixed too. It is the best of all to hang up a wreath on big, anything else not the busy plane - on a wall or a door.


On the same technology, as a wreath, makes a garland. Only in this case the basis does not need to be turned in a ring, branches are attached in the direction from the ends of a garland to the middle. It is possible to decorate with such garland both a window, and a door, and the hinged shelf - the main thing, it is good to fix. The framework of a garland can be curved in the form of a fir-tree, having tied with its branches, then the flat fir-tree which, as well as a wreath, can be hung up on a door or on a wall will turn out. The term of life of a garland and wreath depends on freshness of fir-tree branches, but week they will serve precisely.

Salty hoarfrost

“Peep“ of fir-tree fashion is considered

effect of “zasnezhennost“: for this purpose it is enough to smear branches with office glue and to sprinkle with polished polyfoam. But more naturally hoarfrost from table salt which can be made as follows looks. Prepare strong solution of table salt (1 kg of salt on 1,5 l of water), bring it to boiling and on 5 - b of hours place in it branches. Then carefully take out, without shaking crystals, and let`s dry. It is for this purpose better to take salt a coarse grinding. Hoarfrost will better keep if to sprinkle a little a ready branch hairspray.

Can use

also special structure for creation of “hoarfrost“ which is on sale in departments of Christmas tree decorations of any shop today.

the New Year`s window

the Window in kitchen conceals in itself huge opportunities for creation of New Year`s surroundings. Think over what you want to see the window in New year and as it coincides with your opportunities. Jewelry should not be excessive, and is remarkable if all of them are stood in uniform style. So, what options are?

of the Curtain

the easiest and simple option of ornament - a light window with illusion of the falling snow. For this purpose it is necessary to clean all superfluous from a window, to leave only easy light curtains. On glass it is possible to paste several snowflakes - brilliant or white, and on a window sill to put a light vase with a New Year`s bouquet which coniferous branches are strewn lightly with artificial hoarfrost. The graceful candlestick with a high candle will approach. This the simple in general course will change kitchen.

we Will assume

, your kitchen window is issued in a romantic key and decorated with easy curtains which are picked symmetrically up by cords. Then to these cords it is possible to pin small New Year`s bouquets with cones - will look very gracefully. Only you should not tie up curtains brilliant tinsel - it will not add special beauty, and in kitchen will cheap look.

It is possible, you have monophonic curtains (color is not important), and you prefer to close a window from eyes of neighbors. It can be beaten too. You will need long tinsel or a rain of green color (at least one and a half meters) and pieces of 20 safety pins. Having attached tinsel to a curtain by means of pins, create a fir-tree contour. At first make a top, having fixed by a pin the middle of tinsel, then - a branch (they are kidding for corners). Periodically you step aside to estimate the work. Try that the fir-tree turned out symmetric and not too pointed, and with smoothly curved branches. All process will take no more than 15 minutes. And now it is possible to leave everything as it is, and it is possible, again - on a contour or in the middle, to pin Christmas tree decorations - it is desirable to take small and easy that the curtain was not delayed, and it continued to be draped freely.

Drawings on glass

New year - the excellent occasion to draw is much at windows! Only consider that at the ornamented window it is better to move apart curtains that they did not block drawing and did not distract attention to themselves.

the Water color on glass is almost therefore it is the best of all to use gouache not visible to

. It is also possible to mix a water color with gouache, it is desirable white. Paint will turn out more pale, but not such transparent as a water color in pure form. It is not obligatory to draw Father Frost with the Snow Maiden or, say, the hare under a fir-tree at all. Try to make a stained-glass window, but do not occupy with it all window, one shutter (except window it is possible to ornament glass of a kitchen door) suffices.

Though it and not the real stained-glass window to look it it will be very beautiful and effective. Think over drawing, it has to be plane, that is in it not has to be prospects in the form of the road leaving afar, fir-trees on a background and so forth. At first make the sketch on paper well to imagine the work purpose. Use three - four colors, no more, then the stained-glass window will be integral and clear for the viewer. When the main drawing on glass is made and paint dried, take black gouache and a thin brush. Lead round all details on a contour the thin black line. Each subject or a figure can be broken into smaller parts by means of the same lines. In the real stained-glass windows on these lines there pass joints of multi-colored pieces of glass. They are only necessary to you as decorative elements for imitation of equipment of a stained-glass window.

Pleasant details

Kitchen can decorate

with decorative objects, only they should not be too much - otherwise there will be an effect of congestion and the room will decrease in sizes.

In kitchen natural materials organically look: the dried-up segments of a lemon, a cinnamon stick, nuts, vegetables, fruit and so forth. They can be used differently: for aromatization, for ornament and even for lighting.

the Winter potpourri

Is ornament it is possible to place on any horizontal surface - a dining table or the shelf. For its creation it is possible to use the most different dried plants - grenades and hips, segments of orange or apple, flowers of an anturium or a rose, a branch of a jasmine and leaves of a holly, - and also stones from avocado, the cones covered with a gold varnish, spices (bark of a brown tree and a carnation)... All this in any order can be placed in a beautiful faience dish or in a drinking bowl - depending on where you assume to put the potpourri, - and in the middle it is possible to place the fragrant candle which is in harmony on color with other parts of composition. Aroma of a candle with a combination to a smell of spices will add the warming winter stroke to this composition. It is possible to take a low glass vase with a wide neck, but already without candle. For maintenance of aroma it is convenient to use aromatic oil (for example, orange), periodically sprinkling it the potpourri. Only it is necessary to do it carefully since some elements can lose color in those places where oil will get.

Elegant candles

the easiest way to create the special festive atmosphere at home - to light candles. They will add heat and a cosiness. At the same time it is not obligatory to take the real candlestick - as that both the ashtray, and a wine glass, and the socket will be suitable for jam. Here several interesting and easy performed by ideas.

the “Disposable“ candlestick
can be made

, having cut out an opening in a core of toasted apple, in a strong yellow turnip or in a quince.

For small candles can use a shell of walnuts as candlesticks. The empty half of a shell is filled with plasticine, fix a small candle in it, and around it - the dried-up flowers. The received candlestick by means of the same plasticine or glue is attached to a piece of dense paper for stability.

Composition from candles can be placed in a small clay pan. For this purpose small candles as uniform tone, and multi-colored are good. At first on several drops of the melted paraffin fix 1 - 3 candles, then pour cold water in a bowl and fill space around candles in the live or dried flowers on short stalks.

the Warm fluctuating flame of candles will replace with

bright light of a chandelier. Do not forget only that the candle is a naked flame which always has to be under control. And candlesticks have to be the steadiest.

Festive spheres

of VAZ with toys. If all these preparations with candles and dried fruit seem to you too difficult, without philosophizing crafty pick up several Christmas balls, various for color and the size, put them in a big glass glass or any transparent vase. Such ornament can be put to any place.

the Sphere from a liana. Any curling houseplant in the cache-pot attached to a wall, a ceiling, etc. can be changed in original ornament only by means of a tape and a hand bell. For this purpose it is necessary, having united the hanging-down lashes, to issue them in the form of a sphere and to wind with a tape a cross - crosswise - as if you tie up a gift or cake, but not hardly. And in the bottom of the turned-out sphere it is necessary to attach a hand bell. The plant is more magnificent, the more will be beaten out from - under tapes green branches, the sphere will be more beautiful to look.

Decoration of the house by Christmas and New year helps to plunge into the atmosphere of the coming holidays. This pleasant and fascinating occupation. It does not demand any special skills or abilities. The most important here - not to limit the imagination and an ingenuity. Of course, in shops it is possible to buy any jewelry already ready, but to realize own idea much more pleasantly and to create something unique the hands.