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History of one birth

there Passed one year and four months since that moment as we with the husband helped our little son Danilke to be born. Here is how it was.

I needed to Give rise to

on August 2, but it was thought that I will give rise the third, to birthday of my friend or the fourth, on the fourth anniversary of a wedding, our with the husband. However the child decided that both of these dates are not suitable for his birth. Relatives began to joke that he probably, will present himself as a gift to the grandmother, my mother, for August 13. When on a calendar there was the thirteenth, I “perekhazhivat“ for eleven days, and the son all did not hurry to be born. There were no false contractions even though on 37 - 38 week they were frequent guests and forced all family to worry enough. Relatives did not joke any more, they with interest waited for an outcome.

on August 16, by agreement with the doctor, I had to be in maternity hospital and remain in office of pathology of pregnancy. Whether it is necessary to say how I did not want it...

I here came on August 15. Hours at nine in the morning, at me the stomach ached. There was no wish to get out of a warm bed also I, having been curtailed a ball, overslept still an hour. Pain returned again, having woken me is final. At that moment I thought that I any more will never eat at bedtime very much. It is remembered, on a habit I even took a medicine for normalization of activity of intestines and as seemed to me, it helped.

Ya quietly took seat to watch “Housing problem“ and it was extremely surprised with the come-back pain. Here that also dawned on me: “Fights!“. And further:“ Oh, mummies, so I give birth already“.

Having remembered all I was taught on courses of preparation for childbirth to and, having phoned to the gynecologist, I began to fix the frequency and duration of fights. Woke the husband joyful news. Together checked the bags collected in advance with things and began to wait for succession of events. I began panic which stopped at once as “stopper“ departed. Again having phoned to the gynecologist, made the decision to go to maternity hospital on “ambulance“, but not by the car as planned.

the Carriage of “Ambulance“ arrived quickly and, having filled in all documents, we went to “travel“. Carried us on old “Gazelle“, and I am sure that after such trip you want or not, and will give rise. On occupations said to us that it is necessary to go to maternity hospital slowly, and it is desirable to be on back sitting on all fours. It not to sit on the head of the child. And all road pobrasyvat me and threw in different directions...

we Reached maternity hospital by

. The crew of “ambulance“ transferred us to the doctor on duty. Fights at that time were already very strong, and it was necessary to fill in some documents again. In my card the instruction received on courses on preparation for childbirth lay. In it it was in detail described as it is necessary to behave during fights and attempts that at this time the husband has to do. Unfortunately, it is imperceptible for me this instruction was withdrawn by medical staff.

In an accident ward us was asked whether we will give birth together. Having answered in the affirmative, we with the husband went to the patrimonial hall. I could already go only in breaks between fights.

the Patrimonial chamber was designed by

for two women in labor and in it there was just given rise woman, and at it on hands the kid snuffled. When I saw them, understood, as I will be able nothing to give rise and be afraid to me. The nurse drew a curtain, having separated us from young mummy, and we began to prepare for process of childbirth. The husband placed all our things on a chair and a floor. No special conveniences existed and, despite August, in patrimonial it was cool. The husband changed clothes in specially bought set “For fathers“.

it became mute

B is suspiciously similar to the doctor. I very much was glad that we captured with ourselves the camera and, despite all amplifying fights, took a picture of it against posters.


For me prepared a special dress for women in labor too. But I decided to dress it closer by the time of attempts and remained to walk about in a dressing gown. So the husband also photographed me.

In the photo near me that maternity table on which our sonny was born. Right after “photoshoot“ I was twisted by strong fight.

the doctor Came, it was presented and told that she will observe me. It was necessary to check how disclosure progresses. I very much was afraid of this procedure, but it turned out that against fights I actually felt nothing. The doctor reported that process goes according to the classical scheme and, advised to go more. As right now there were enough persons interested to give rise, the doctor left us together with the husband. I should reel up circles under its supervision. During more and more long fights the husband did me massage as it was taught on courses. In breaks between fights I said that it would be quite good to begin actually process of the birth already.

the doctor came Again, this time together with the midwife and I got on “table“. Having conferred, they zabryakat some tools and, several seconds later I felt that on legs water flows. I assumed that to me punctured amniotic “bubble“ and asked them about it. I was answered nothing, but, exchanging words among themselves, noted to what now clever women in labor went.

I again we with the husband remained together. I do not represent, as if I remained one in patrimonial chamber (the given rise woman already took away). Somehow horribly there was and it is uncomfortable. The impressive sizes the room, with big as in the gym windows, the furniture minimum, but is a lot of medical devices, the guarding look a rug near maternity “table“. On walls at all posters which are not inspiring on a feat are hanging. But I could think of it less as fights became even more often more for a long time.

When noyushche - the pulling feelings became absolutely intolerable, I sat down on hunkers, holding the husband. And then was on all fours on the rug which is gone down to such darling and the family at all and tried to do “eights“ as showed on courses to kill pain. At some moment me began “to grieve“, and I decided that I already here - here will give rise. The husband went for the doctor, but one returned. He told that the doctor accepts other childbirth now. I remember the indignation also now: “What other childbirth?! I will give rise now! I need the doctor!!!“ .

But without doctor “exile“ of the kid did not begin

, as in other and at the doctor. Even during pregnancy my gynecologist made me the diagnosis: narrow basin, first degree. I very much worried about it, I did not want to do Caesarian. But all doctors who observed my pregnancy unanimously claimed that I have a medium-sized fruit. They looked at me and at my husband and said that to worry there is nothing at all, the child`s weight will hardly be more than three kilograms.

A meanwhile to me allowed “to make an effort“ what I was very glad to. Thought, here still a droplet to suffer also everything, I will have a kid on hands. We agreed with the husband so: it will be with me during fights and when attempts begin, can leave in a corridor and wait there. But he made the heroic decision to remain with me and helped to climb on “table“. I was very grateful to it because most “interesting“ only began...

Trying to breathe as we were taught on courses, I made all efforts to push out the son. The husband stood nearby and held me by a hand. But nothing was impossible. The midwife abused me, said that I do not want the child that I am afraid to hurt myself. Perhaps, those feelings were a little erased from memory, but it seems to me that pain was quite endured. I remember a burning resentment on this aunt at that moment, charges were absolutely undeserved.


Here me approached one more doctor and attached to a stomach sensors. It was neonatolog. Having taken readings from the device, she about something conferred with the midwife and the doctor. I think that if I was warned that want to do, then I so would not shout. And created over me an epiziotamiya, i.e. rassekl a crotch. I shouted: “Do not cut me - I - I!“ . My cry was carried on all floor. It was the strongest painful shock for all the time of childbirth. Not only for me, but also for the husband. But it ended in only a few seconds. On courses we were told about this procedure, and I understood its sense.

A meanwhile neonatolog rose near me and with a force pressed on a stomach. About it we were told too, and I expected wild pain. But did not feel anything. Though the husband told then everything that the doctor literally lay on me. Probably the head of my kid managed to be advanced. I responded to the following appeal of the midwife “to make an effort“ with huge inspiration. Literally for two attempts I pushed out the son. And here it, feeling of a boundless high. The body and a brain relaxed. I asked at once to whom I actually gave birth? The midwife answered that she of the son, and was surprised, really on ultrasonography did not speak? Of course, spoke, but suddenly...

of the Son was put to me on a breast at once. It was beautiful violet color, shortage of oxygen affected. But directly in the eyes color changed, and my handsome was soon, as well as it is necessary, “a small pink porosenochok“. The doctor asked: “Well mummy how you think, what weight at your son?“. “I think kilogram four“ - I answered. As showed weighing, I was almost not mistaken, weight - 3800 grams; height is 54 cm. Well and where the promised medium-sized baby?! On Apgara we 8 - 9 points were got.

of the Kid was carried away under a lamp, to be heated. The joyful daddy was carried away together with him. Me darned and wanted to stick oxytocin. Though on a card cover by largely red paste it was written: “The allergy to oxytocin is possible!“. Asked and whether I did the test? No, I speak, was afraid for the child therefore did not do. Doctors were ready nevertheless, to stick to me medicine: “So it is necessary!“ . Only thanks to the husband`s insistance, the doctor at first entered a small trial dose. When time to check reaction came, it did not appear. It appeared twice later the put term in the form of strongly blown up and reddened skin on the place of a prick. I represent, as if inflated me if made an injection of the put volume. As then it became clear, I did not need to put this prick at all.

here, after everything endured, me returned to

I my kid. It was wrapped in the terrible blanket which is tied up by bandage on which the label with data flaunted. The son slept and as it seemed to me, slightly smiled in a dream.

We were told that meanwhile we will stay all together in this patrimonial hall. The maternity hospital was crowded and free chambers were absent. I rang round all relatives and acquaintances and reported to them about the little man`s birth. My gynecologist was shocked, having heard, on how many kilogram our kid pulled.

Then I was visited by mother. It was passed directly in patrimonial office. I asked the husband to remain with me, there was already deep evening. As then it became clear, did absolutely right thing. Closer by the night we were moved from a patrimonial hall as there was a large number of persons interested to give rise. And all of us three together spent the night in a corridor. I on a sofa, the husband on a chair, and the kid in the broken device for premature children. The husband was still dressed under the doctor, and many daddies, taking him for the doctor, asked for suggestions. I could not move, the head was very much turned. And it was impossible to sit from - for seams. The husband gave me the child for feeding, fed me and in general differed in extreme degree of care and attention. In normal single chamber we were placed only in the morning and completely thanks to my mother-in-law who came to visit us.

I had

From our first labor quite radiant memoirs. Though the husband when at first told how we gave birth, surely rolled up eyes.