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The iceberg from sour Russian cabbage soup

Once in Russia was frozen by Russian cabbage soup in the winter: prepared at once in large quantities and took out on a frost that then it was at any time possible to break away a piece and to warm in the furnace or to take with itself in long travel. Today there is it is unlikely an urgent need to take an iceberg from Russian cabbage soup in the road, let and distant as even on the ice-covered Russian route there will be a cozy cafe. But the idea is still interesting and actual (especially in the modern embodiment when ice cold January air is replaced with the freezer, the furnace Russian - microwave, and except national first course five more prepare or six).

Because during winter vacation would like to ski and snow-scooters, to play bowling and to walk in the silent snow-covered park. And least of all - to walk up and down on a supermarket, thinking, than to fill up the food basket and into what the dish is the food to be turned. And so, both a late January breakfast, and a lazy lunch, and it is even possible to make a nourishing dinner in advance - literally for the whole month when there did not come fussing holiday days yet and is a little free time.

By the way, that sour Russian cabbage soup froze also because considered: they from it only become more tasty. And suddenly it belongs also to other dishes?

It is possible for

or it is impossible?

having resolved to be prepared by

beforehand to rozhdestvensko - to New Year`s vacation, you do not hurry to fill, however, a deep freeze the first, second and third (by the way, better “to fill“ it because the chamber filled with products works more economically). Certainly, there is a mass of the ingredients with firmness transferring frosts, but also products which subzero temperature will just spoil meet.

Butter and margarine can be frozen for a period of up to three months. Grated cheese if only it not lowered fat content, lies even longer - to four. And here sauces on the basis of eggs, for example mayonnaise, on a frost you do not take out - they will be curtailed and will be stratified. In general you should not experiment with eggs: crude will increase in volume and will burst, and hard-boiled will become rubber (remember it when you are going to cook for emergency “Russian salad“).

the Vegetables containing a lot of water - a lettuce, a garden radish, cucumbers - do not freeze

: they will turn into something sluggish and tasteless. Same treats greens, only it also color will lose. You will always manage to decorate salad with fresh parsley or a basil.

Milk, as well as is necessary to liquid, reacts to a freezing normally (the main thing - to defreeze it in the refrigerator and before the use properly to shake up). What you will not tell about other dairy products: natural yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cream and low-fat cream cheeses. They from the similar address become watery.


, we have no family in which do not bake pies. Also it would be extremely unfair if we could not freeze crude dough. Fortunately, we can, and on whole half a year. And it is defrozen then only for an hour. It is worth thinking of it: one intense December day - and then literally till summer you feed friends with shanezhka and rasstegais. By the way, it is quite good to freeze also already ready pies. Or products from bread. Only do not take in head to put French baguette in a deep freeze - the last council does not treat the crackling types.

I you make thrifty use of desserts. Especially to as a part of what there are jams or jelly. You will defreeze such cake - and, quite perhaps, receive not esthetic “compote“.

of the Rule of Father Frost

the Rule first, and the main thing, has to be familiar to all. At least, or just bought by all that who though once did the frozen mixed vegetables casserole, baked a strudel from ready puff pastry ice cream. On packings it is usually written:“ not to freeze repeatedly defrozen product“. It is quite right written. And it belongs to our dishes too. Let`s tell more: just in case do not freeze the dishes prepared from frozen ingredients, - the result can not please you.

Second rule too known. But all of us equally continually break it - we try to put yet not cooled down dishes in the refrigerator. Meanwhile it cannot be done: you will send to the freezer still the smoking borsch - and all other products will be defrozen. Well, let us assume, not all. But also there will be enough one spoiled cake.

Rule third, generally, optional. At all will seem to someone that it is so tiresome - to paste labels. But you know, the frozen and carefully packed dishes (and careful packing - one more immutable rule) look not absolutely as freshly cooked. And easily it is possible to forget where what lies. Not to mention when it was frozen. Therefore find couple of markers (to attach labels - occupation the truth tiresome), say, blue color - for crude products and red - for already prepared, and put down the name of a dish (the first letter will approach too) and it is obligatory - date.

I, at last, about quantity. Freeze dishes a la carte. Why to warm ragout which can feed eight if two persons sit down at a dining table?




Chicken, stewed with red wine, ham and
pepper How to freeze: To cool, shift completely in the container for freezing, to close a cover and to freeze for a period of up to 2 months. Before giving on a table completely to defreeze in the refrigerator, having left for the night. To warm at 180 ° With within 45 min.

Soup with a smoked haddock
How to freeze: To pour soup in the rigid container for freezing and to allow to cool down. To cover and freeze for a period of up to 1 month. Before giving on a table to defreeze in the refrigerator during the night, then to pour in katryulyu and to warm carefully, without allowing soup to boil. If it is necessary, to season to taste.

Potato fritters with a parsnip
How to freeze: To allow fritters to cool down, then to shift a foil, to place in a cellophane package and to freeze for a period of up to 1 month. Before giving on a table to warm an oven to 190 ° S. S of the frozen fritters to remove packing and to spread out them on slightly oiled baking sheet. From above too slightly to oil and put in an oven for 15 min.

goat cheese and
potatoes Pie How to freeze: To allow pie to cool down completely in shape, then to place in a package for freezing. To close and freeze densely for a period of up to 1 month. Before giving on a table to unpack and defreeze at the room temperature during 4 h, then to warm in an oven at 180 ° With within 20 min.

Cakes with
cherries How to freeze: To place cold cakes in a package for freezing, to cork and freeze densely for a period of up to 1 month. Before giving on a table to defreeze about 2 p, without taking out from a package. Then to shift to a baking sheet and to warm up in an oven at 190 ° With within 5 - 8 min.