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How to arrange a holiday

New Year`s holidays - time of miracles, magic, expectation when it seems that here - there will be something unusual, bright and unexpected... The main thing - not to forget that we, women, and are those wizards who make our families happy. We know better what to present to our relatives how to pack gifts and even to choose a fir-tree...

the Plastic box - the ideal container for storage and transportation of unbreakable toys and New Year`s scenery is better than a box for storage of Christmas-tree decorations


. It is possible to store it both under a bed, and on an attic. This translucent plastic box very practical and convenient - without opening it, all contents are visible.

For storage toys on mezzanines or in the storeroom can use any boxes, even from - under footwear. They can be pasted over with beautiful paper, on everyone to place a label, (it is better to list all contents). One box - for jewelry, another - for garlands and bulbs. Everything is all right!

the Hat box - the beautiful place for storage of Christmas glass balls, tinsel and a rain. Spheres need to be laid tapes of a fluffy rain or tinsel, to close a cover and to tie up a tape. Toys in a colourful box - ornament for any room even without fir-tree!

For family relics and especially valuable Christmas tree decorations the special container. It can be made of the unnecessary diplomat: lay it foam rubber from within, and outside paste over with bright gift paper. Toys will be preserved also for yours.