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The fairy from a cracker of

As minutes of expectation of New year are fine. Adults will bring a coniferous tree to the house. Will get a box with brilliant toys. In the necessary hour will hide under a fir-tree of a box and packages. New Year`s “protocol“ developed historically. But it is possible to execute its points differently.


Together with mother


Festive impressions are available to children from the earliest age. The unusual situation around themselves is perceived even by babies. Babies respond to unusual emotions and high spirits of adults, rejoice to new toys and are surprised to strange lighting of the room.

the Children`s psychologist Anna Boyarintseva advises

not to invite many guests to the house where there is a small child. At the age of one - two years for a holiday there is quite enough society of the closest: parents, grandmother with the grandfather, elder sister or brother. Three - chetyrekhletka feel in more numerous children`s collective already more freely - as at home, and on fir-tree representations. But at any age the most fascinating experiences of a holiday are connected with its preparation. One-year-old and two-year-old children can decorate a Christmas tree together with adults. Before hanging up beautiful toys on branches, it is good to consider them together with the kid, to talk about them, to create the mysterious atmosphere. But it is just in case better to choose safe plastic, paper or wadded toys, and glass to place above.

Can include sparks together with the kid, having said magic “Time - two - three! A fir-tree, be lit!“ Simple songs and the movements - horovodik, jumpings up will lighten mood, and small presents will fix a holiday in children`s emotional memory.

can be

of It quite enough for a meeting of the first or second New year in life. It is important not to overstrain kids - better to celebrate a holiday when they are still vigorous and cheerful.

C of three - four years children are already capable to participate in competitions, masquerades, small concerts and representations. They help adults to prepare a holiday table: decorate dishes, display napkins. It is very important to photograph children during the holiday, to film, record with audio cassettes. It is good to look and listen to all this together with children in a year, before preparation by next New year. By means of such memoirs kids will acquire concepts about time, last, future, about change of years.

Father Frost on a visit

the Most impressionable children in New year not only celebrate

together with adults, receive gifts, jump near a fir-tree and eat too much sweets, but also endure magic events. “When I was small, before each New year to us the real Father Frost always came, - the ballet dancer and the producer of New Year`s balls in Gostiny dvor Andris Liepa tells. - We with the sister Ilze read verses, prepared gifts. And were always upset that there is no father with us. He spoke to us that he is engaged in a concert or a performance“.

Actually outstanding dancer Maris Liepa went on December 31 to the Bolshoi Theatre, put on make-up, changed clothes in Father Frost and went to the children.“ The feeling of a miracle was full. Till seven years I did not recognize the father. But once he presented me a small lamp, and I highlighted his face, having seen a dense theatrical make-up. Suspected something wrong, the whole year shouted that I from this Father Frost will break a beard. The next year parents gave this role to our neighbor, the actor of the Moscow Art Theatre, but it failed the first minutes. Perhaps, badly pasted moustaches. But most likely, we already just grew up. And my daughter Ksenia at all never believed in Father Frost. She the modern child, perceives fairy tale characters as disguised actors“.

But not each father or the grandfather possesses the necessary data for a role of the winter magician. As a rule, parents prefer to address professionals. Of course, anyone to the child cannot be called at all. The firm has to be checked and worthy.“ One-year-old and two-year-old are still frightened Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, clowns. To three - chetyrekhletka can already invite actors, but after preliminary preparation - children do not meet Father Frost in usual life. To avoid a stress, it is better to show pictures with “prototypes“ of future guests in advance, to tell who will come.

Procession of gnomes

In different fantastic beings with pleasure also children reincarnate. To begin to participate in a house masquerade it is possible since one and a half years. And in three, three and a half it is time to come to fancy-dress fir-trees in children`s clubs, gardens, the museums etc. It is better to begin with chamber, with a small amount of actors and publics.

By itself, fantastic dresses prepare under the leadership of adults. But even the most small children can take part in their registration. The famous theatrical artist Maria Rybasova suggests to make simple caps of a color cardboard and in advance to prepare details from bright paper, a foil, cotton wool.“ Butterflies, flowers, balls, snowflakes. The more details - the better. The child himself will choose that to him to paste on the cap. Young gnomes will look more interestingly if at first to paste detalk on a paper strip, and then to attach to a hat or a cap. Then the butterfly will “fly“, and a dandelion or a camomile “grow“ on a long small stalk. It is simpler to arrange masquerades in the mixed company of children where seniors help younger. It is easy to start parade of masks by means of cardboard cylinders and packages. On them it is possible to paste anything (without having forgotten about cuts for eyes and a mouth). Parents have to guess which of children disappears under this or that mask. Not recognized kids need a prize.

If more serious action is expected, then important letters with the offer to prepare an unusual New Year`s suit are distributed to all children invited to a holiday“.

A that can be more fascinating than game - an adventure - to look for the treasures “buried“ in a corridor, to open the new countries in the neighboring room.

For the daughter Maria Rybasova thought out every year something original. Built a fantastic lodge under a fir-tree. By means of fabric, cords and a fringe turned the room into a cave. Friends of the artist played house performances, and once together with children staged the present Christmas opera “Genzel and Gretel“. Holidays expanded, transferred to Maria Yermolova`s museum. It were the best-known fir-trees of Moscow.