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The fir-tree market of

Together with a fir-tree comes to our house a holiday. Whatever fir-tree you chose - artificial or natural, it is very important that it was elegant still before we decorate it.

our poll What fir-tree is better than


- live or artificial?

our small poll showed that natural fir-trees enjoy bigger love and popularity (500 people are interrogated).

  • of 48% are preferred by natural fir-trees
  • of 37% decorate an artificial Christmas tree
  • of 8% decorate the house with compositions from fir-tree branches
  • of 7% have artificial fir-trees, but natural

the Curious facts

How to choose and keep a live fir-tree

of the Canadian fir-tree
Fragrant fluffy with thick short needles. Long remains fresh.

of the Danish fir-tree
Beautiful shining darkly - green needles. Long remains fresh.

of Pine
Long beautiful needles. Long remains fresh.

of the Blue spruce
Is on sale in tubs, in the spring it can be replaced in an open ground.

the Fir-tree ordinary

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

of the Fir-tree ordinary

of the Fir-tree in hoarfrost

of the Pine fluffy

  • for durability of a branch and needles. Run over soft needles a hand “against wool“, and rigid pull at needles. The needles have to finish and not be showered right there.
  • the Most convenient options of artificial Christmas trees (they the most expensive) those which are displayed as an umbrella. Others collect on branches.
  • Pay attention to material of which the fir-tree is made. There are fir-trees with needles from paper with impregnation - she looks not bad, but will live no more than three years. The most running material for artificial needles - PVC.
  • Consider
  • that low-quality fir-trees from synthetic materials can emit harmful chemicals. Under the influence of heat - bulbs and candles - this effect can amplify. Ask the certificate for the seller.
  • the Fir-tree has to be fire-resistant. Modern technologies allow to minimize a possibility of the fire - good artificial Christmas trees are usually made of polymers with addition of the special substances interfering ignition. Consider that fir-trees from paper perfectly burn.
can buy

an artificial Christmas tree of any kind, quality and even color Now. Fir-trees for every taste: Canadian and blue, pines, firs, with cones, snow-covered, color, with toys on branches. Fir-trees carry from Germany, Italy and Holland, Taiwan and Thailand and, of course, from China are the cheapest products. Peep of last season - a fir-tree with svetooptichesky fiber. Such tree shines “from within“ - branches and needles are poured by multi-colored fires.

History of a New Year tree

  • the Very first mention of a New Year tree belongs to 1500. Dressed up it in the German province of Alsace.
  • In the Middle Ages in Germany a fir-tree was considered as the life embodiment therefore the tree was usually not cut, and decorated directly in the wood.
  • Traditional Christmas decorations.
  • To Russia the custom came to decorate a Christmas tree in the 18th century. before in Russia ukrashalt the house pine, fir-tree and juniper branches.