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New year on family circumstances of

Talk on how to meet New year, begins long before the holiday. In November all reserve little tables at restaurants, tickets to the distant countries and places in country boarding houses around. And if this year circumstances do not allow you to go and celebrate New year in a big way anywhere? We hope that our ideas will help you to arrange unforgettable New year in actually house. As far as to us it will be cheerful, depends only on ourselves!

Acquaintances and colleagues plan in New to swim for a while odes by the ship, to move a round dance in a palm tree circle, to rise by the high mountain. And you represent the bored Russian salad and the same faces on the TV and already begin to miss. But there are circumstances when it is just impossible to arrange something grandiose: small children. Constraint in means, a strict operating schedule and a lot of things! But it does not mean at all that you cannot make to yourself a holiday which will be long remembered and about which you will tell with sincere and rough delight.

the Big secret for any company

the Main secret of a successful meeting of New year in a campaign: to arrange a holiday not as it is accepted and as there is a wish. But it is sometimes difficult to ourselves to understand what there is a wish for. In this case it is necessary to ask itself specific questions: whom do you want to see in New year nearby? What mood you want to catch in festive night? What do you want to receive as a result? With answers to these questions it will become much easier to think out a holiday.


Is possible

A if the desire does not coincide with opportunities? For example, there is a wish to roll about on the sun, but the administration will definitely not allocate week. Arrange the beach of the house! Descend on the eve of New year in a sunbed and the pool, and in night invite friends to the Hawaiian party with incendiary music, exotic fruit and beach suits! What if circumstances are that that you are limited not only in time, but also are under strained circumstances? Here several options of a meeting of New year in different life situations and councils for those who want to turn a conservative feast into the memorable holiday.

Theatre, restaurant and magic - houses

the Situation: In a family small children. There is no wish to leave posterity with grandmothers and nurses or not opportunities. It is unpleasant to take away on all night long to the unfamiliar, noisy, smoked place too. You need to move a round dance around a fir-tree, to meet tipsy Father Frost, to put the tired children to bed, sit an hour or so more and to go to lateral.

Exit: Of course if to approach children`s part it is formal, nothing, except boredom, it will cause. But all can put together a New Year`s performance and to shoot the movie on its motives. And next day to invite friends - relatives and to together see the turned-out masterpiece. If a month before New year every evening to allocate half an hour for preparation for a New Year`s performance (to think out the scenario of a performance, to make suits and scenery of make-shifts, to rehearse roles), a holiday both for you, and for children will become even more desired. It is possible to invite to participate in your action of close friends with children, only do not go too far: two - three families are quite enough.

If you like to walk, arrange a holiday on the street: in the wood, park, at a playground. Think up relays, outdoor and role-playing games. Nabegavshis in the fresh air, children will quickly and strong fall asleep, and adults will be able to continue celebration.

If you want

that the festive dinner was original, arrange houses restaurant! Let men lay the table, will light candles, having thrown a towel through a hand, will open wine, will bring festive dishes.


After a New Year`s dinner “a box of fortune-telling“. Put different objects in a box: small candles, books, flakonchik, Christmas tree decorations, souvenir figures, fruit, etc. Let everyone in turn get one subject from a box, and all other guests (or one representative) assume that it could mean. The humour and the kind relation to each other in this game are welcomed.

For all generations of a family and friends

the Situation: In a family can celebrate New year full structure: grandmothers, parents, adults and small children. All love each other, but interests, of course, different. How to keep family tradition and to make so that it was interesting to all?

Exit: your New year always begins with a meal? So arrange the Meal of Generations. Let each change of dishes - snack, is hotter also a dessert - will be from different generations of your family. It is difficult to present a table where Russian salad adjoins, Caesar and chips, but it is important to estimate an ingenuity of each generation and with humour to comment the neighbourhood on a table of incompatible dishes. On each of them there will be a hunter! After a feast make diversion: switch off the TV. And instead of viewing of New Year`s telecasts play. New year is the childhood, a miracle and the coming true dreams. And even the most adult are serious, solid people - on New Year`s Eve change in joyful, creative children. There is simple, but very cheerful game: one of players goes to the certain room, and all others think out for him an image which absolutely does not suit it. For example, to the solid bank employee an image of the seaman - the playboy. The anti-image needs to be guessed also from everything that is in the house, in common to make a suit for the hero.

is closer than

to morning for intergenerational New year very well to go for a walk on the street. For youth it is an opportunity to make a noise, splash out unspent forces, to shout, starting up petards, to sing. And for small children and elderly - an opportunity to take a walk and go to bed quietly.

New year in the movement

the Situation: Sometimes such circumstances that you have no place for a meeting of New year happen. Restaurants became boring or all are already reserved, in the apartment repair or invasion of relatives from Mariupol, on a visit is, as a rule, boring and monotonous.

Exit: can be met New year also on wheels. Any “Zhiguli“ easily turns into “Zhiguli of happiness“. Only it is necessary to fasten a small fir-tree on a bumper, to ornament lateral glasses New Year`s patterns and to put a box with gifts in salon: candies, tangerines, plush animals, Christmas-tree decorations. And then to bring together the cheerful company and to travel about all night long on the city: to go round friends and relatives, to try entertainments from all tables, to please owners with surprises from a box. At daybreak it is possible to go on the highest point of the city to meet dawn. The biggest problem - to find the person who will agree to spend night driving.

Transition from old in new

the Situation: you met New year both at the dacha, and at restaurant, and on a visit, and at home, and in a bath, and in bowling. And you already just do not know how it is possible to meet him so that it was pleasant and remembered. The offered option is suitable also for the adult company, both for youth, and for families with uneven-age children.

Exit: Arrange the real ceremony of transition. Divide space in which there has to take place the holiday (the apartment, a cottage, the leased hall in hotel) into two parts: part “to“ (old) and part “later“ (new). In part “to“ everything it has to be extremely traditional: a holiday table with Russian salad, sprats and the Soviet champagne, a fir-tree with garlands and spheres, “Twist of fate“ on the TV. Let guests will help to fill salads, to finish laying, and the hostess doglazhivat a dress at this time.

At last guests sit down to a table and begin to see off the expiring year. But as soon as there comes midnight, all make transition to the future. The part “after“ is till midnight fenced off by a wall from a synthetic winterizer. It is simple to make such wall. It is enough to throw a cloth from a synthetic winterizer through a crossbeam - the simplest eaves for this purpose will be suitable for curtains. At midnight guests break through a white soft veil and appear in new space where all differently. The synthetic winterizer can help out and here - if to lay it on a floor, there will be a feeling that you are on a cloud. Here everything needs to be made differently, than in traditional part. To design a fir-tree from a foil, from lighting to leave only candles, to sit on a floor. And any table, any TV.

Try to begin with

year with game: sit down in a circle, and let everyone set a positive subject: pleasure, love, opening. Then everyone tells the story from life connected with a subject. Having begun year with stories which prove that in life there is a lot of good, you are loaded with good mood. And then it is possible to play snowballs, to sing, dance, give gifts and to believe in magic.


our councils for your party

How to do without restaurant?

you do not want to celebrate New year of the house because long ago dreamed to invite a large number of friends, and to go to restaurant there is no desire from - for the fact that there are a lot of strangers, is smoked, second-grade the priest - stars? Rent a conference - the hall in hotel: any strangers, and the festive dinner (on the person) will be cheaper, than at restaurant.

How to think up a subject for a holiday?

it is the simplest to strong to make a start from the patron of year according to the Chinese calendar. 2006 - é - year of the Fiery Dog so arrange a dog carnival. Ask guests to come in a self-made suit of a dog. Someone will buy a mask, someone will attach a tail, someone will draw moustaches. It is possible to arrange a make-up room directly on the place.

How to meet late?

Think up

for late special ritual, for example arrived it is possible to tie with a scarf eyes and to suggest to define to the touch who is who at a festive party.

How to put on?

the Clothes for New year have to be unusual: not just festive attire, and what you will not put on in usual day. For example, the linen ornamented manually under a translucent dress or a boa from fresh flowers. Be not afraid to dream!

How to unite guests?

Everyone puts a gift under a fir-tree - a wish, for example I shine, “that at heart it was warm“. Guests sort gifts and tell each other about by what in them the sense is put.