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I expect a baby, or the Prenatal fever of

for anybody not a secret that with birth rate in our country the situation is worse than ever, and every year mortality exceeds birth rate.

So in what the reason? Here and ecology, here and various infectious - the venereal diseases influencing activity of sexual function, here both scanty grants of the state, and a number of other factors, including illiteracy and irresponsibility of our doctors.

As it is sad, but the fact - I was bypassed too by evil destiny. The first husband, the second, couple of lovers and - anything! In twenty four years doctors output the unfavourable diagnosis - infertility.

- the Darling, without surgical intervention your pregnancy is impossible! Unfortunately, without scalpel you will not be able to have children! - quite so the doctor MONIAGA dumbfounded me.

With Roman, the nice young man, we got acquainted at the end of winter at ski competitions. There were several transient appointments interrupted with spring session, and at the end of May I left to the sister to Turkey.

did not pass also two days as my rest was saddened by an exacerbation of pancreatitis - me literally turned inside out. Some time I inconsolably suffered, looking at the vacationer public - me had no time for fun, but the sister, however, did not despair - sbegav in a drugstore, it brought the test for pregnancy even for fifteen dollars!

- Tanya! You are pregnant! - it jumped up to a ceiling, having clapped the hands.
- It cannot be! I cannot fly just like that! Your test lies!
- Well cannot lie the test for twenty dollars moreover in your situation! You have an elementary toxicosis!
- Yes?. - I spoke, falling to a chair.
- You believe my recent experience...

Holiday was hopelessly spoiled by

, and already in few weeks I was at home. Surprisingly, but also our fifteen-ruble Russian test showed positive result...

to me now thirty two, age decent and chance such it is impossible to miss - I decide to give birth, and that absolutely I will be left without children on “an old age of years“!

only began

of the Charm of life, toxicosis and heartburn - only florets in comparison with what expected me in the future.

Thirteen weeks, and at me are on hands the book of the pregnant woman, plus the direction in MONIAG.

of Crowd of women rush on Moscow Regional Scientifically - to research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My God, as there is a lot of them! As there are a lot of absolutely young little girls of years to twenty five, is, of course, and is more senior, but, as always, it is preferred as young people.

- you Come, - the vocal murmur from - for doors was heard.
- the Woman, well and what you want?! - having examined me, the gynecologist continues. Here all with pathologies lie, and you have only testosterone 8,6 and a miopiya. All the rest is normal, the fruit develops so do not worry! In your case I recommend only Caesarian.
- And how testosterone? At such high rates the abortion is possible! My doctor told me that in ninety nine percent from hundred I will have an abortion, and tablets still wrote out a heap!
- Nonsense, what! Go and do not take me for a ride!

the Fifth month

- Tanya, you drink dexamethasone?
- Yes, of course, Stanislav Solomonovich, I drink, - I communicate by phone with the doctor.
- Well done! Drink as wrote out, on one, in the morning and in the evening, and the child you do not inform of that! The organism should be supported!

of the Tablet, having a side effect - an abortion, I threw in a far corner of a table long ago. They caused in me terrible heartburn, and only six white kruglyashka pleased my stomach.

it becomes heavier to p to go - passed two hundred days, and “Pushkin is absent everything!“ ... And where the promised abortion?! Correctly - no! At us in a family and five-months survive! However, it appears, not everything is so smooth as it seems...

On the next survey, directly in an office of the doctor to me becomes badly - I feel how the consciousness is stirred up. Minute - and I feel the body lying on a couch again. Sal ammoniac... anything better was thought up yet. Probably, here stuffy there is also no air - in the rooms not rich with oxygen, there was already something similar.

- I will go? there is no
- I already called to you an ambulance, - the sister answers. - We will put you on inspection in cardiology.
- But what for?
- And suddenly at you is heart?

December - a time of flu and SARS. I as the silly woman am afraid of each sneeze and I go along a corridor on the third floor. A tomography and doppler sonography - that`s it from - for it I here also roll, from time to time going out for a walk on frosty air.... What is it created with me? Few times tried to remove a tomography of vessels of a brain, but as soon as the equipment turned on, I fainted at once! Doctors are already afraid of me and do not risk to push luck for the third time.

it is simpler than

With doppler sonography - three days cannot simply deliver me the device - though every day say that they by all means will begin tomorrow. Is more visible to doctors - they have hundred various reasons, but why to promise? I understand that yesterday brought seriously sick granny - the device is necessary to her, at medical staff meeting today, and tomorrow Saturday... but how many it is possible to torment - really could not tell at once that to the device batteries are necessary! Bought, and again not so - batteries - that have to be sealed!.

- you what, you do not understand that it is pregnant? Why still did not make doppler sonography? Was not enough that caught flu! - the chief physician arranges in five days a scolding.

Doppler sonography, eventually, was made, everything appeared normally, and the reason of my faints was covered in banal hemoglobin.

Having beaten out at an extract the direction in MONIAG, I amuse myself with hope for childbirth in the best establishment of Russia again.

- Sorry, the girl, at us everything is crowded, there are no places, and it is not enough your sores that to us to put, - I hear the depressing answer, again having come to be in hospitable walls of institute.

Pregnancy takes its course, here and new year came! However communication with girlfriends affects me painfully - everything as one, advise to give birth in MONIAGE. Really, conditions there excellent: future mothers are surrounded with vigilant care, doctors and curl over them as if bees over a melliferous flower. Even at night in chamber the nurse is on duty! And the linen in vacuum packages is given, and a toothbrush... Eh, me there, here would heal!

- Tan, I talked to the familiar doctor: three hundred dollars, and you put in MONIAG! - younger sister presented me joyful news.
- is serious?
- Yes.

As they say, you will not pay - you will not go! To me already to be removed walls MONIAGA. The next visit and, having defended, in three-hour turn I, at last, am made out. Hurrah!

- you know, you will have a girl! - the doctor spoke, driving the sensor on a stomach.
- the Truth? - it is dumbfounded I question. (I already got used to thought of the boy.)
- Yes, pregnancy of 36 - 37 weeks.
- the Doctor and what else there is visible?
- Well, the girl at you will be with long legs, the umbilical cord, diffuzno a placenta is strongly thickened and the left kidney lokhanka is expanded. In general the child develops normally...

Business needed for small - to sign with

a card at the chief physician of a reception...

- So, who here Kalacheva? - the furious doctor jumped out of an office.
- I.
- you what here you do?! by
- I Am made out.
- We already gave you consultation! Go and give birth at the place of residence! Thought up here in a roundabout way to make the way... We have no place for you, and will not be!

the sister`s Girlfriend jammed a week more with the services, but business was reduced to groundless promises - tomorrow was postponed on the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow - in general for an indefinite term. MONIAG last time waved to me with the white handle...

It! Our Russian maternity hospital - the best maternity hospital in the area! It cannot be helped against urgent hospitalization.