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Unbribable toys of

So symbolical name for article is chosen not incidentally. Quite so it is possible to call toys which the hands are created for children by their parents and tutors. The adult takes a rag of fabric and several movements turns it into a hare with leverets, into a squirrel, the boy, or the old woman, and then thinks out about them the most fascinating stories. It is also that mysterious moment when the children`s imagination animates a fabric rag, does it by the living being with the “character and manners“. Then thin communication between the kid and the adult to whom certain secrets of the world of children`s game and the imagination are revealed is born. And it has nothing in common with the market of toys and the world of business.

of Secret of rag dolls

Present adults (mothers and teachers - those with whom it happened to discuss a subject of children`s game at seminars and in private conversations), remembering the childhood, tell about the childish sports. And the brightest memoirs - about games on an attic in the grandmother`s house with different house utensils and rags which in games found new life, about the whole families of dolls from straw, about the cones and their surprising transformations found on walk in mother`s hands, about rag dolls and self-made tops.

What it is concealed in self-made toys? It is something thanks to what they stand independently among other toys, absolutely differ from produced in the industrial method. Having looked narrowly at process of creation of a rag doll, knitted ball or ship of a piece of bark, it is possible to notice one interesting feature. Namely that the adult is keen, absorbed by this thing, its creation. Instead of the heartless conveyor there are heat and care of human hands. Whether it be the simple nodular toy or a difficult rag doll in production - is enclosed in it part of soul, and experience in needlework does not matter here.

it is frequent on methodical occupations in group meet one - two participants who show activity during theoretical part, and at the beginning of practical spoken: “I in life sewed nothing, to knit - I am not able to make, at all nothing ever was impossible to me! I will try, I will make and I will leave to you here“. What their surprise when as a result there is fine, warm and already favourite toy happens. Darling as own child. And after a while it is possible to hear the following supervision:“ The Tyazhelenky, soft, warm doll awakened surprising attachment in my children. It was necessary to sew one more. As it is pleasant to see how they play, look after dolls and, comfortably having settled, fill up, strong pressing to themselves“.

When the child sees

how the toy is created or knows who made it, between it and the master arises special communication. Wool fabric, a tree - so simple materials that the kid has no desire to look that there inside. And if there was a breakage or the toy “ached“, then it is easy to cure it - to repair (unlike the majority of plastic toys). And it is so important - sincere attachment and an opportunity not to leave favourite toys.

Paradoxes of “love“

in the course of game often shortage of this or that character or a subject suddenly is found. And the care of presence of all necessary at the beloved child pushes parents to purchases of the next toys. But, maybe, it is worth reflecting for a minute? Whether the active love consists in it? To all of us in life situations when lack of necessary forced to belong creatively to process - to think up, invent missing, to make of make-shifts met more than once. Children often quite so also arrive if they are not disturbed by adults the hasty financial participation and promises.

Unfortunately, presently providing the child with toys contacts existence of means and unsystematic purchases all of new and new toys more and more. At the same time parents very often complain about short interest in, apparently, desired things, about their short life in good repair and need of new purchases. In what business? Whether in our sincere laziness? How the child will accept a toy what impulse what will channelize game, in many respects depends on parents. Main motive of behavior of adults: the toy to trifles has to repeat the real thing. And the child needs only to enjoy its perfection. “I such perfection am not able to reach and what for? Boots the shoemaker has to stitch, and pies the furnace - the pastry cook. Toys should be bought!“ . Here also it turns out that we provide the kid with toys in which human work is not felt and in which everything is thought already over and done for the child: the engine itself goes, music plays, the doll itself speaks and laughs, it has dresses, jewelry and all necessary trifles for the house, it does not need care and guardianship.

meanwhile the true participation meeting children`s latent expectation and deep sincere requirement consists in another. In manifestation by parents of own invention, ingenuity, and not in words, in the form of clever councils, and on the most practical business, here and now. When in the presence of the child toys which were required for game, such active participation in his children`s life are made the kid feels as care and participation on the attitude towards him. Ability to create missing from make-shifts is a most valuable feature of children`s activity. And children appreciate this ability to turn into adults most of all. whether

we Will choose by

a simple doll, an animal, the machine - the toy supplied with a minimum of details without unnecessary details and technical capabilities? Whether we will venture to make for the child the wind-driven generator - a revolving object or a doll, onions with arrows or a lamp? Most often not. As a result it turns out that the consumer relation to life, a divergence and laziness we put in the children. And also other approach is possible:“ Yes, the world is imperfect. But it can be done better, more convenient, cozier, and I will help you with it“. Being guided by this principle, moving small steps, we together with the child can create what else is not present. Creation of what else is not present, and is called creativity. Moving small steps, we together with the child can create something. Here not to do without imagination. There are not enough plateaus - nut skorlupk will be plates. The doll has to have “child“ - will make of a handkerchief or threads. The driver of the train needs the house - it does not matter that is not present ready, the opened book covered with a fabric rag, and a bed - one more rag curtailed into a roll will become it.

New adventures of a cover

Let`s take the first steps on the way to the new, interesting house life filled with the imagination already today.

The first: we suggest you to reconsider what your child plays with. You with surprise can notice that it can be also not toys, and something from house property or the seeming garbage. If it in the game uses nothing of that kind, then to you is over what to work! And it is remarkable! How many new and interesting to you will open! Think that you can allow the kid to take for game or to transfer to children`s use for ever.

So, everything that you intend to make or adapt for game, are toys though and you will not meet them on sale. Their more correct name, - game materials:

Add to this list a lot of things - many other things that can become toys at will of the imagination of the child. The branchy bough can become deer horns and if to throw with a brown or green rag it, then it will be the mountain. The piece of bark can be a ship, a plane, a pedal of the car or a roof of a lodge. The rag darkly - blue fabric becomes the lake and if to curtail it into a narrow strip, then a railroad cloth. And if it is a small rag, then it can become linen for a doll bed, a raincoat for a doll, and in skilled hands - a magic image to turn into a nodular doll or an animal. And it is some possible ideas.

The fact that these objects leave a scope for children`s imagination and are open for

for various a miracle - transformations, - their main sign and undoubted advantage as toys.

the List of advantages can be continued by

. The age of the child is almost not essential to game with such toys. And in how the child plays with them, becoming everything is more senior, just and his development is shown - toys grow and develop together with it, finding more and more perfect game images. Tables, chairs and screens, covers and rags, snags and churbachka - all of them give immense opportunities for designing in large and small volume.

Various trifles at will or as necessary, as if in itself, without directions of the adult, exercise the kid in a seriation 1 and classifications 2 . For example, wooden columns at construction of constructions are stood from the lowest to the highest, and at daily cleaning by will - bondage it is necessary to sort on groups and to display in places the mixed-up nuts, chestnuts, cockleshells, skorlupk and so forth. The same objects can play a role of inserts for boxes of the 3 forms as which mixed boxes with covers are used. A huge variety and difficult nuances of movements which the child continuously carries out at the treatment of such various material exercise large and small motility as many specialized techniques directed to it cannot do it.

the hands

In wealth and a variety of experience of perception no industry will be compared by

to the nature. Color, the invoice, weight, ease and many other properties can be experienced by the child and are mastered on own experience, but not theoretically.

the Majority of necessary things can be found

on walk in a garden, in the wood, by the sea, or in a grandmother`s chest, and sometimes even behind a dining table. Thus, emergence of toys in the house does not demand considerable material inputs and keeps the house from domination of toy stuff.

it is very healthy

In addition to all this if the child receives the toys created by warm native hands of mother or father. In our century of deficiency of heat of the human relations it becomes especially actual.

Now, with approach of New Year`s and Christmas holidays, the pleasure to relatives is a high time to present

. You want to create a miracle? We offer you several ideas which can be added and developed independently. These wonderful bagatelles will become an unforgettable gift not only to your child, but also his friends, and also your relatives and acquaintances. Try! You will not regret!

the Hare family

the White fluffy Doe hare with leverets or a couple of hares it will be pleasant to the kid of any age: both one-year-old, and to the preschool child, and even to the younger school student. It will be required by

to p:

  • a wool yarn - natural sheep wool, a mohair without synthetic additives or rabbit down (about 10 - 15 g of white color on each small animal);
  • of a spoke No. 2,5;
  • nepryadeny sheep wool or cotton wool (wool holds a form, and the toys filled with it much better, it is possible to erase, on sale is available in the form of pillows and blankets with a woolen filler); 4) a needle shtopalny with a big ear.
will be required to connect

For each figure only a square - to cope with it absolutely easily.

Having gathered 16, 20 or 24 loops on spokes, connect a square (all loops provyazyvay front). In the last number of a loop we do not close, and we string on a thread freely, yet without pulling together. Two next, remained free from a string of a corner form ears. For this purpose each corner is put on diagonal and we stitch (the same thread which we knitted), to that place where two ears will meet in one point. Ears are ready.

Further we continue by

a seam towards edge with a thread to the bottom “along a backbone“. Then a nametochny seam we separate ears from the head. We fill the head and part of a trunk with nepryadeny wool or cotton wool. The Nametochny seam on a circle of a neck we separate the head, pulling together a thread and forming a neck. We fill densely a trunk, we pull together a thread with the loops gathered on it, we tie and we fix. It was necessary to give the massage movements to a hare the necessary form and to allocate a tail from a trunk. For this purpose we will imagine on what place there will be this round lump, we will define its borders and on them (on a circle) we will lay a nametochny seam. Now the thread should be pulled together - here and a tail.

such tape serves as a festive Christmas calendar In many European countries. Cutting off from it daily on one nutlet with the surprise hidden in it, celebrate days till the coming Christmas. You can fill its nutlets with syurprizika that to each member of your family or the guest got on one.

the Gold nut

It will be necessary for p:

  1. pair skorlupk from enough large walnuts;
  2. gold paint - an aerosol in a barrel;
  3. old newspapers;
  4. Moment glue
  5. a tape - satin or silk bordovo go, saturated blue or golden color 3,5 - 4 cm wide

we Will paint with gold paint nuts. For this purpose we will spread newspapers (in order to avoid a strong pungent smell in the room better to do it on a loggia) and we will spread out skorlupk convex part up, we will coat and we will leave for 3 - 4 hours for drying.

the Tape and glue will be useful to


Now in confidence from all house we will prepare for

surprises which will be located in gold nutlets.

the little fairy

It will be necessary for p:

  1. of cutting of fine monophonic silk of beautiful pastel tones;
  2. color threads in tone of fabric and a gold thread;
  3. a lump of cotton wool or nepryadeny sheep wool (it is better color).

needs to cut out a circle From silk (approximately) of about 3 - 4 cm in the diameter. To cut off a color thread 30 - 40 cm long for a perevyazyvaniye of a neck and to put it before itself. From a piece of wool or cotton wool to pinch off so much to create a dense ball with a diameter of 4 - 5 mm. This ball is placed in the center of a circle and we fit it silk - the head turned out. Now we will densely tie up the place of a neck the prepared thread.

In the same way we will make by

tiny handles - cams which arrangement we will measure by eye by method of tests. The fairy in a cloak is ready.

needs to make by

hair Now of the thinnest cloudlet of color wool which we will sew small stitches to the head. And, of course, the fairy needs the shining rim on the head - it is embroidered with a gold thread. Also for our fairy it is necessary to prepare a cozy bed - we will lay a small rag or the fluffed-up color wool in a skorlupka.

This tiny fairy can become for the kid the magician, the baby at small dolls or even an independent doll.

the Ship - a sailing vessel

It will be necessary for p:

is larger than
  1. of a skorlupka from pistachios;
  2. beeswax or plasticine;
  3. several toothpicks;
  4. of cutting of fine monophonic silk of beautiful pastel tones;
  5. several features of beads and gold spangles - asterisks.
For a start to us needs to prepare for

ship components: a pistachio skorlupka - the boat, from - to ache the pointed part of a toothpick - it will be a mast. That the ship did not turn over, height of a mast has to be the same, as at the ship case, or slightly more. Do not forget to prepare a small rag - steammustache on which in core it is possible to paste a gold asterisk.


On a bottom of a skorlupka densely pasted the small piece of wax or plasticine which is warmed up in hands so that it was below boards. On a mast we lift a sail, puncturing a rag in two places, and top of a mast we crown with a biserinka, fixing it glue that did not break a sail “wind of wanderings“. Now the mast with a sail can be established, having fixed it in wax (plasticine). The sailing vessel is ready!

Special mistresses can make by

also tiny captain just like a feechka. By such ship it is possible to go to a way on a blue silk rag or on the real river into which the spring streamlet will turn.

I, truly, it not only a toy for your child, is also a toy for his own doll children.

the Surprise. Perhaps, you will be visited by some own ideas.

the Hand bell

It will be absolutely unique

if to make for it an eyelet of a gold ribbon and to decorate it with several color beads or asterisks. In such look it will be able to decorate a fir-tree, to call doll or real children for festive lunch, to serve as a doorbell in subject game or to ring the song for the company which started cheerful game in a circle. And song such:

U me in hands a hand bell -
a cheerful hand bell. Lily`s
- Dili - Don, Dili - Dili - Don,
I Will give a hand bell to Ira.
At Irishka in hands a hand bell -
a cheerful hand bell.
of Dili - Dili - Don, Dili - Dili - Don,
I Will give a hand bell to the Subject.
At the Subject in hands a hand bell etc.

the Song simple, is sung on any repeating motive which you can compose.

the Pebble - treasure


Game in a pebble

Is remarkable game just for a pebble. Play it three together and even ten together. Driving squats on crusts in the center and, covering knees, it is turned in roundish “stone“. On his back the palms of all participants opened up settle down. If plays to many people, everyone puts on one palm if it is not enough players, then on two. The pebble - treasure (or any other small subject, even the piece of paper curtailed into a lump) is at driving. Holding it in shchepot from three fingers, the liver driving under words densely shakes each palm one after another this pebble as - as if displays, but leaves it only on a final syllable.

It was played Iva - well - ush - by
Near white KA - mu - ush-.

Then all burn out the palms in cams and call a liver “stone“ goes to the center and turns into “stone“ to rise and guess who has a pebble:

Who laughs - at that, at that? Show
- on it, on it!!!

Treasure of a gold nut both the pebble from the scattered mother`s beads, and the minerals bought specially can become em>. For example, at an exhibition of stones it is possible to buy a so-called galtovka (it is the special way of processing giving to a stone rounded shape).


Such pebble - the real doll treasure or detsko - doll ornament on a thread and in childish sports need.

If a stone on a tesemochka, the size can be any - from 1 cm if without it, then from 2,5 - 3 cm for 2 - 3 - and to 1,5 cm for preschool children and is more senior than summer children. But the main thing that the stone was really beautiful and something it is remarkable - color, a form, drawing, transparency, - then the reverent attitude of the child to it guarantees against undesirable incidents which happen when children play with small objects.

So, surprises are prepared. Let`s return to gold nuts. You already understand how valuable can become the secret found in each of them. It will be remarkable if you think up something special.

our skorlupk already dried. Let`s spread out them in pairs so that two halves formed the whole nut. The secret is accurately put in one half of a nut. Try that he did not support edge of a skorlupka - it is possible to incline a mast of a ship a little. We smear edges of both halves with Moment glue and we allow to dry up slightly. On one half we impose a tape and it is pressed, then from above we impose a pair skorlupka and it is densely fixed in hands for 1 min. The following nut settles down at distance not less “one nut“ from previous.

Length of a tape is defined by you and quantity of gold nuts on it which, of course, has to be not less, than number of participants of a holiday. And the surprises, the more interestingly are more various. You are convinced that nut surprises will fill up your family moneybox of games, and the cheerful festive atmosphere will scatter as balloons, filling with itself and weekdays.


with children more often! With an invention and hobby!